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    The Psion Guild provides three ways for members to interact with each other online:

    The first is a forum, with areas for discussing the various psionic abilities, areas to ask “newbie” questions and request help, as well as areas for off-topic socializing.

    The second are IRC channels where members can chat with each other in real-time, ask questions, attend classes, and practice.

    The third is a directory of links to other psionic-related communities and sites to facilitate networking, information exchange, and cooperation.

    Please review the rules for choosing a username, as well as the rules for behavior on the forum and IRC. Also note that the views expressed on the forums and IRC do not necessarily reflect those of the Psion Guild. While both places are moderated by staff, we cannot completely control the content, so by entering you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. The Psion Guild accepts no liability for any problems you may have when you choose to contact other people on a personal basis (whether online or in person). Please exercise common sense and be safe.

    Occasionally the Psion Guild sponsors offline, in-real-life meetings, for example, a roughly-yearly camping trip (Eye in the Sky). Details will be posted on the forum if and when such an event is organized.