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    IRC Chat

    by ShadowRain

    Port: between 6660 and 6669
    Channels: #psion_guild (main channel)
    #pg_practice (practice channel)
    #psion_guild_classroom (where classes are held)

    Don’t forget to follow the Guild IRC Channel Rules.

    Note: Most people in the channel idle there while doing other things. If you have a question, feel free to ask, but please be prepared to wait for at least 10-15 minutes for an answer. It takes a while for people to check back and notice someone said something. If you’re asking for support/healing/defense, ask in channel or PM one of the staff, but again, be prepared to wait for a bit. Please don’t ask a question and then sign off after 30 seconds (it gets really annoying).

    There have been a lot of questions on how to connect to the Guild IRC channel, so I’ve written step-by-step instructions for the popular clients. If there is another one that you would like to see on this list, please let me know and I’ll do a write-up for it. If you find errors, or have problems with connecting after reading these instructions, feel free to PM me (ShadowRain) and I’ll help with troubleshooting.

    Note: The in-browser applications are the fastest ways to get into the channel, but the downside is there are very few options you can customize, and there are no logging capabilities. For an actual client with more options, logging, etc., most people seem to like mIRC. Personally, I like XChat and irssi.

    The installation instructions assume you have windows for the most part. If you have a mac or linux, install the program however you normally install stuff.

    Mibbit AJAX Interface (in browser)

    Go to

    Type the username you would like in the box
    Click “Go”
    You’re in!

    PJIRC Java Interface (in browser)

    Go to

    Type the username you would like in the top box
    Click “Login”
    You’re in!

    mIRC (free for 30 days, but can still be used for free after that. Registering it costs $20) – Windows

    Download and install mIRC (
    If the mIRC Options window is not already open, go to Tools -> Options
    Under Category, click the + to expand “Connect” and select “Servers”
    In the list of IRC Servers, scroll down until you see “OtherWorlders”, then double click
    Select “Random server”

    Back under Connect, select “Options”

    If you want to connect automatically when you start mIRC, check the first check box

    Go back under Category and select “Connect”
    Type in something for your Full Name, Email, and Username
    Click the Connect button

    A window will pop up with a list of channels
    Click the Add button
    A window will pop up
    Type “#psion_guild” in the Channel box (without the quotes)

    Check the Join on Connect box
    Click OK

    Make sure the #psion_guild channel is selected
    Click Join
    You’re in!

    Pidgin (free) – Windows, Mac (though Adium is recommended instead), Linux

    Download and install Pidgin (
    Open Pidgin
    Go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add

    Then select “IRC” from the Protocol pull-down menu
    Enter in the nickname you’d like to use in the Username box
    Enter “” in the Server box (without the quotes)
    Leave the password box blank
    Click Save

    See if it connects

    If it doesn’t, that port may be blocked
    Select the account you just created and click Modify

    On the advanced tab, you can choose a different port (but it needs to be between 6660 and 6669)
    If none of the ports in that range work, then you’ll probably have to take it up with whoever is managing your firewall

    If it does connect, then on the buddy list go to Buddies -> Add Chat
    Make sure your IRC account that you just created is selected
    Type “#psion_guild” in the Channel box (without the quotes)
    Leave password blank
    If you want it to automatically join the chat when you open Pidgin, then check the “Autojoin when account becomes online” box

    Click Add
    Double click on #psion_guild in the buddy list to enter the channel
    You’re in!

    Trillian (Basic version is free) – Windows

    Download and install Trillian (
    Open Trillian
    Go to Trillian -> Trillian Preferences
    Click Plugins
    Make sure the IRC plugin is checked
    Go to “Identities & Connections”

    Click “Add a new connection” and select IRC
    In the Server Alias box, type Psion Guild
    In the box below that, type “″ (without the quotes)
    In the Nickname and Username boxes, type whatever name you want to be known as
    If you want it to automatically join the chat when you open Trillian, then check the box labeled “Automatically connect to this account at start up”
    Click the Connect button, then close the preferences window.

    On the main buddy list window, there should be a silver dot that will say “IRC” if you hover the mouse over it.
    Click the silver dot and select “Join a Channel”

    Type “#psion_guild” (without the quotes) and click OK
    You’re in!

    XChat (free) – Windows, Mac (XChat Aqua), Linux

    Download and install XChat (

    Open XChat
    Network list should pop up (if it doesn’t, go to Xchat -> Network List)
    Under “User Information” type the nickname you would like
    Click Add button
    Type “Otherworlders” (without the quotes)
    Click Edit button
    Select the server and click Edit
    Type “″ (without the quotes)

    Check the “Auto connect to this network at startup”
    In “Favorite channels”, type “#psion_guild” (without the quotes)
    Click Close
    Check the “Skip network list on startup” box
    Click Connect
    You’re in!

    HydraIRC (free) – Windows

    Download and install HydraIRC (
    Open HydraIRC
    If it says “You have no configured identities, would you like to create one now?” click Yes. If it doesn’t, go to Options -> Prefs…

    Go to User Identities and click New
    Type the nickname that you want in the Nick box, fill in whatever you want for the other boxes (note: some of this will be visible online), and click OK
    Click OK to exit Preferences

    Go to File -> New Server
    In the URI box, type “IRC://” (without the quotes)
    Make sure your User Identity is selected
    Click OK

    You’re in!

    So you don’t have to type it every time, once you are in the channel, go to Favorites -> Add to Favorites. This channel will now appear at the bottom of the Favorites menu, just click to join after opening the program.

    Chatzilla (free) – Windows, Mac, & Linux (Firefox addon)

    These instructions assume you have Firefox 3.

    Open Firefox
    Go to Tools -> Add-ons
    Go to the Get Add-ons tab, and search for “Chatzilla”
    Find Chatzilla in the list that comes up and click the “Add to Firefox” button
    When it finishes installing, close all your browser windows

    Reopen Firefox
    Go to Tools -> Chatzilla
    In the window that pops up, go to Chatzilla -> Preferences
    On the General tab, under Identification, enter the username you want in the “Nickname” box (it defaults to “Owner”)
    On the Startup tab, under “Auto-connect URLs”, click the Add button
    In the box that comes up, type “irc://” (without the quotes)
    Click OK

    Close Chatzilla (you don’t have to completely close Firefox, just the Chatzilla window)
    Reopen Chatzilla (Tools -> Chatzilla)
    It should connect automatically–you’re in!

    IRSSI (free) – Windows, Mac, Linux

    Download IRSSI (

    This client is really designed for linux. So if you’re in linux, just install it.
    If you’re in windows, the installer basically extracts a bunch of files and directories to wherever you tell it to. If you download it to your desktop and run it, it will throw up files all over your desktop. So, if you are on Windows, go to your main “Program Files” directory (usually on your C: drive) and create a folder called “IRSSI” then move the installer to that directory and run it.

    Find the file that is called “irssi.cmd” and double-click. This should open a command prompt (aka terminal). If it doesn’t work, try one of the other files that says something about irssi, cmd, or bat.

    I’m going to use #psion_guild on Otherworlders as an example. Substitute the info for the community you want. Without the quotes, type:

    “/NETWORK ADD -nick yournickhere -user yourusenamehere -realname yourrealnamehere ” (hit enter. NOTE: all this info will be public, so only put what you want others to see)

    “/SERVER ADD -auto -network otherworlders 6667″ (hit enter. If you don’t want to automatically connect to this server when you start irssi, type this command without the “-auto” part.)

    “/SET autolog ON” (hit enter. This turns logging on)

    “/CONNECT otherworlders” (hit enter)

    “/JOIN #psion_guild” (hit enter)

    You’re in!

    Use alt+1, alt+2, etc to switch between channels.
    Use PageUp and PageDn keys to scroll within the channel.
    Use /n to view a list of users in the channel.

    For advanced users:
    If you have a linux server that you can ssh into, you can sign into your irssi session from anywhere using PuTTy (just remember to put irssi in a new screen so you can detatch it when you’re done. That way your logs are all in one place, and you don’t have to sign out of IRC).
    If you love irssi and wish you could use it for instant messaging too, check out bitlbee.

    There are a lot of nifty things you can do with this program (see: documentation, and google searches turn up useful info as well).

    Colloquy App ($1.99) – iPhone/iPod Touch

    Please, please, PLEASE don’t try to use mibbit on your iPhone. Trust me, it’s really not worth the frustration. This app made all the difference for me, and it’s totally worth the two bucks.

    Download Colloquy from the App Store
    Run Colloquy
    On the Connections tab, tap the “+” in the upper left and select “IRC Connection”
    Under Description type a name for the server you want to connect to (for example: “Otherworders”)
    Under Address type the server you’re connecting to (for example: “”)
    Under Nickname type the nickname you want. Since I sometimes connect from my phone when I can’t get to my regular client on my computer, I sometimes use “Shadow_Phone” instead of my usual nick “ShadowRain” to let people know I’m connecting from my phone (and why I’m typing slower than usual).
    Under Real Name type whatever you want (remember this is public).
    If you want to connect as soon as you open the app, toggle this option to “On”

    Select “Join Rooms” and tap the “+” next to Add chat room
    Type the channel you want to join when you sign on (for example: #psion_guild)
    Go back to the New Connection page
    If you want to identify with nickserv automatically, go down to “Advanced” and then put your nickname and password in the Authentication setting (this saves having to type furiously to identify fast enough when you sign online).
    Go back to the New Connection page and in the upper right, tap “Connect”.
    You’re in!

    The channels you are in will be listed on the Colloquies tab. To add another channel, click the “+” in the upper left of the Colloquies tab.
    When you’re in a channel, tap the little person symbol in the upper right to see who else is in the channel.

    Note: no logging is available unless you have a BNC connection.