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    As well as providing an online repository of information, the Education Department also offers classes on various subjects, as well as teachers to assist students in learning psionics. Currently, there is a shortage of teachers. As a result, student applications will be accepted but we cannot guarantee that a teacher will be immediately available.

    Student Application

    To be considered for a student position, applicants are encouraged to write a research paper on a topic relating to psionics. This paper is to be researched formally. ┬áThe paper’s recommended length is 5 pages, double spaced, in 12pt Times New Roman font. Some teachers may choose to waive this requirement, but it is considered good form that a student complete at least one such paper during the term of their membership.

    Simply para-phrasing the information is not acceptable. One must draw their own conclusions.

    All sources must be cited. Transcripts of interviews must be included in bibliography. Well-written papers may be considered for publication on the Psion Guild website.