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    General & Editorial (14)

      Articles dealing with general psionic issues, as well as opinion pieces.

    Foundation (15)

      Basic skills that serve as the foundation of more advanced abilities.

    Mental Abilities (4)

      Articles concerning mental abilities, including telepathy, empathy, primal, and nervous system ability.

    Physical Abilities (1)

      Articles about affecting and perceiving physical objects, including psychokinesis and remote viewing.

    Constructs (8)

      Psionic constructs, how to program them, and what to do with them.

    Defense & Combat (10)

      Shields and other methods of defending yourself against psionic overload or attack, as well as launching attacks on others.

    History & Theory (11)

      The history of psionics, educational materials used by Guild teachers, and theories and hypotheses.

    Schools of Thought(2)

      Educational materials, working theories, and documents related to functional schools of thought within psionics.