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    • Biofeedback and Psi Manipulationby KMiller
      An old article by KMiller from his former website, the Legitimate Psion’s Social Club, on biofeedback and psi manipulation.
    • Basic Psiballsby Ally
      A discussion of the ever-popular practice construct, the psi ball.
    • Construct Creationby Winged Wolf
      Detailed article on construct creation.
    • Basic Construct Design and Programmingby Anayan
      An introduction to making simply constructs and energetic programs.
    • Psionic Construct Applicationsby KMiller
      An introduction to construct applications beyond beginner’s tools.
    • Shopping Mall Energy Nodeby Winged Wolf
      Create a construct to gather and store shed energy from public places.
    • Scanning Constructs and Energyby Vladimir
      An introduction to sensing energy and constructs.
    • Transmutationby Winged Wolf
      Copying auric characteristics/patterns from one individual onto another in order to confer the pattern of psi abilities or other traits such as sanguinarian vampirism and therianthropy, via instinctively-created construct overlays.