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    Basic Construct Design and Programming

    By Anayan

    The first thing I want to point out, is that even something as simple as a Psi Ball is a construct. A construct of your energy. It just lacks the programming to do something specific more then what you tell it at the time. And, even command the Psi Ball to say, heat up, that’s simple programming. So, many of you reading about constructs have already been using simple constructs and some of you used simple programming.

    However, I know there are going to be some that have never even made a Psi Ball, which is fine and dandy because I am going to tell you how right now. First off, you need to be able to feel your energy. To do this, simply just relax, you don’t have to still your mind, but try and turn down the volume just a little. Pay attention to the feelings inside of you at the time, go through them in your mind one at a time until you find that ‘one’ that is your energy. Now, close your eyes and picture the energy. It doesn’t have to be any specific color, it can be any color you want. Some people see it as little blotches of *random color* in them, or a certain part of their body that is *random color*, whatever visualization matches the feeling you get from your energy will work fine, there is no set-in-stone visualization. We all have different perceptions.

    Now, before we go into moving the energy, you need to keep one thing in mind – FOCUS. Focus is the key to any form of energy work. So, I need to focus on that feeling, see that ‘color’ wherever it’s at. Now, use your thoughts – just like you move your arm which is made up of energy with nothing but thoughts – move the energy down and into your hands. See and feel the energy move. Sometimes it takes awhile to get the hang of and if you don’t get it the first try DON’T be disgruntled, just focus and try again. Maybe take a break then try again, perhaps your mind was over-cluttered, there’s no telling.

    Okay, onto creating the Psi Ball. You need to focus once more like you did before and imagine slowly pushing the energy you’ve built up into your hands out into the air. Don’t just disconnect it from your hands, just push it out and feel/watch it form into a spherical shape. Don’t collide the energy, no need to try and ram them together like you did with toy cars as a child, they’re all the same energy, just coming from different hands. Once you have formed the sphere I’d say it’s fine to disconnect the stream of energy connecting you and the sphere. While this can seem scary like first learning to walk, remember, it’s still your energy, in or out of your body. All you need to do is focus. Now, onto the CONSTRUCT.

    Turning Your Psi Ball into a Programmed Construct
    Okay, now this is where some of you start getting nervous. I can see you now, gulping, grabbing the neck of your shirt, “Programming?! But I didn’t take Computer Science in school!” Well, you’re in luck, you didn’t have to. All the programming knowledge you need is four things: Feeling, thought, imagination and focus – notice how focus pops up in just about every paragraph at least once, that’s due to it’s importance. Now, to carry away the dead horse before you ravage it with your beating sticks… when I say imagination, I don’t mean that this is fake and you must trick yourself with all of this. You just need to be able to imagine and see what’s happening. Obviously, not all energy can be seen with those two birth-right eyes you have, so you have to see it somehow. So really, imagination here is a mixture of TWO things: Your mind’s eye and the ability to think up WHAT your construct will do.

    Now, hopefully you kept the Psi Ball from earlier, if not, move your energy into your hands, then form the ball again. Now, once we have a Psi Ball that you can feel – maybe you can even see it, there’s no telling – in between your hands, the next step is deciding what to do with it. Luckily, I am going to tell you what your first construct is going to do because I want you to get a general idea and stay on the same page as me. Now close your eyes once more, see the Psi Ball floating there in between your hands. Focus on the feeling of it, that feeling is the ‘language’ of the energy you might say. Notice though, it’s only a feeling, and while it’s new to you, you still already know it because this energy has been with you forever.

    Now, this first construct is going to be so simple, we’re going to make it heat up, first. Imagine in your head how a flame feels, even picture a flame inside of your Psi Ball. Feel the heat begin pushing out from the Psi Ball. Spread the flame larger and larger, making the Psi Ball noticeably warm between your hands. If it’s not working too well, that’s okay, keep trying and focus a little more. Don’t like strain, grunt and pop a blood vessel. That’s not focus, that’s lack of oxygen. FOCUS on the flame and the heat it is putting out inside of your Psi Ball.

    Once you have felt that, congratulations, that is a simple program for a construct. However, it’s a little too simple for you to really see where you can take this. Now, here’s where I enjoy doing constructs. Remember that heated construct before you is YOUR energy. So I need you to focus once more, and allow yourself to slip into the Psi Ball, some might say “Become the Ball.” Feel how you are inside of that heat, you are right there, floating between your hands. Now, using Focus and Thought again, will yourself(the Ball) to float upwards.

    See how it feels? Get a feeling of actually moving around as the construct. Now, most of you are definitely wondering what this has to do with PROGRAMMING it. Well, remember, the construct speaks through feelings, like you had to use the feeling of heat to make it a hot Psi Ball, well, you have to know how it feels to float around to float, heh. I want you to float around in general, different directions for awhile. Don’t try and see anything, unless you want to, just focus on the feeling.

    Here is where you use the feeling to program it. Return to your normal body, keeping your eyes closed, and focus more, giving it the programming that it will circle your body in whatever pattern you like for two days. Now remember, don’t just tell it to do it – it’s fine to tell it in your head to do that – but ALSO be pushing the feeling of floating, and how it would feel to travel in that certain pattern.

    Tada, now you have your first construct that on it’s own will exist for two days with the energy you used just then, travel around you and be hot. Won’t that come in handy if the Earth freezes over in those two days? Anyways, if you enjoyed this yet, then I will teach you a more advanced technique just to keep you busy.

    Advanced Construct Programming
    This is one of my favorite constructs to do, so I hope you enjoy it as well. I need you to first make another Psi Ball. This time, truly pay attention how it feels to have energy in you and moving and how it feels as the energy leaves you. Now, this is advanced because it requires some thinking on it’s own.

    I want you to tell this Psi Ball that if you ever become exhausted or your energy hits below 50% of it’s normal, that it instantly gives you energy. Remember, I said to pay attention to the energy feeling in you, and how it felt to have it leave you to form the Psi Ball. Most programming will think for itself, but why take chances?

    So, tell it to replenish your energy when you run out, which will of course destroy the construct – unless you are advanced enough to do clones and energy self-replenish, but I won’t go into that, yet – but will give you the energy you needed. After it is programmed to replenish your energy, tell it to float beside your head. Don’t give it a time duration, it just lasts until it gives you it’s energy.

    Congratulations, you stuck around to the end and learned how to make both simple heating constructs, a heating construct that moves around you and a construct that will float beside your head until you need energy, then it automatically gives you energy. I hope you enjoyed learning and reading this as I did writing it. Expect future, more advanced articles from me about constructs if you enjoyed programming them.