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    Basic Psiballs

    By Ally

    Righto. A psi ball is merely a ball of energy, widely known as the first step for newbies in energy manipulation. Like you should start any psionics exercise, the best thing to get started is to ground and center (see Tetra’s article).

    Alright, good, now we can get started.

    The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a visualization method. I’ll personally describe two for you. It’s suggested that you try both, then choose the technique that works best for you. Or you could just practice both. Hell, you can even come up with your own method. Have a field day with it.

    Method 1: “Use a Source” Visualization
    Now, you may be familiar with this method from Psipog.
    To start off, pick a natural “source”. Some examples of such would be the sun, the moon, or the Earth.

    The next thing you’ll want to do is visualize yourself empty, then being filled with the energy from your “source”. You can imagine this coming through the toes of your feet, the crown of your head, or even absorbing it. Doesn’t really matter, so long as you’re visualizing the energy filling you up.

    So, you’ve got this energy bottled up in you. Now you should cup your hands (any way works) and force the energy into them. How will we do this, you ask? Why, visualization sounds neato! Bring the energy together in your chest/abs area. From there, force the energy through your chest, past your shoulders, and down your arms into your hands.

    Wheee! You now have a glob of psi in your hands! Form it into a ball, a cone, a cube, whatever the heck you want. Basic shapes are good to start with, before moving on to more complicated structures.

    When you were gathering your energy, did you get a tingling, warm, or cold sensation? These are the most popular results, but what are your personal experiences?

    Please bear in mind that you’re not really draining energy from the sun, moon, earth, etc. This is simply a visualization technique that gets a person to generate the energy themselves.

    Method 2: Water and Light and Sound, Oh my!
    Right, this is kinda sorta the same type of method, but it seems to work better for some people. Now, instead of drawing from a “source”, you’re going to imagine yourself as an empty glass person. Visualize one of the following filling you up (head, toes, absorption, etc. Again, doesn’t matter) – a liquid, a color or light, or even a sound/vibration. Again, pool it and send it to your hands, then form into any shape you like (commonly a ball).

    Now, that’s great Ally, but what do I do with this thing?

    Well, right now you’re programming it. You’re telling it to “sit in the shape of ____”. Basic programming. You can also try “sit on top of my head”, “go sit on the coffee table”, etc. This will get you used to sensing energy, and (therefore) increase your sensitivity. Congrats! Eventually, though, we must let go of our pretty little psi ball. Yup, just let it fade.

    Have fun!