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    Defense & Combat

    • Elementary Psionic Shieldingby Vladimir
      An introduction to elementary psionic shields.
    • Shieldingby Winged Wolf, Anka
      Explanation of shielding, how to create various shield types, and listing of common shield variations.
    • Some Basics of Shieldingby Daimon
      Ideas on how to create effective shielding.
    • How Shielding Worksby Winged Wolf
      An explanation of how shields function and what is actually important in a good shield.
    • How To Check Shieldingby Winged Wolf
      How to test the effectiveness of basic shielding.
    • Wardsby Anka
      Explanation of warding, and examples.
    • Basic Psychic Attack Recognition and Defenseby Winged Wolf
      A beginners’ guide to recognizing the most common types of psychic attacks, and defending yourself against them.
    • Overload Attacks and Defensesby Winged Wolf
      How to conduct and defend against energy-overload attacks.
    • Shots and Blastsby Anka
      A variety of different forms of pure-energy attacks.
    • Vamp Attacks and Defensesby Winged Wolf
      Information on energy-drain attacks, defenses against those attacks, and on psychic vampirism and its effects in general.