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    Basic Psychic Attack Recognition and Defense

    By Winged Wolf

    The most common type of psychic attack is the overload attack–the attacker projects energy into the system of the victim, overloading their nervous system. The symptoms of this form of attack are usually dizziness, confusion, headache, and sometimes numbness. The first step in dealing with this attack is to get rid of the excess energy–this is done most easily by grabbing something metal which is grounded, and projecting the energy into it. Once the confusion has abated enough for concentration, re-establish shields immediately. If you are unable to keep shields up due to the strength of the attack, seek out a more experienced psion to help you.

    The second most common attack is the drain attack–the attacker simply takes your energy. The symptoms of this include sudden increasing weakness and fatigue. There are a number of methods of dealing with this–if you believe the attack is expedient, rather than directed at you personally, drawing the energy back to yourself from them sometimes works in stopping the attack, as they aren’t intending to get into a fight. If this does not work, and you are unable to establish shields that stop the drain, then seek out the help of another psion with greater experience.

    Other attacks may seek to cause pain or raise blood pressure via nervous system ability. Reinforce shielding, and if the attack is not blocked, seek help immediately, as this can be potentially quite dangerous. Use of physical abilities in psychic attack is relatively rare, but of course very dangerous if the aggressor is able to pull it off…yell for help immediately, and never be embarrassed about doing so.

    Don’t play with psychic attacks, and don’t provoke others into attacking you. Psi is not a game, and your health could be at serious risk.