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    Elementary Psionic Shielding

    By Vladimir

    Psionic shields are used to protect things, usually from psionic threats/annoyances.
    They’re not particularly hard to make. If you can move energy, then logically you can move energy into the shape of a shield around you. So I’d advise you practice with smaller constructs first, like psiballs.
    Programming them is a different story. Some people struggle with programming. But right now you should probably just worry (yes, worry. Insomnia-inducing worry) about casting a shield that will completely cover the outside of your field. (Again, I’d suggest learning to make psiballs/small constructs first).

    Shields are just an energetic construct, like a psiball. Like you’d move energy into a ball shape for a psiball, you’d move energy into a shield-shape for a shield. Simple concept. Energetic constructs can be “programmed” to behave in certain ways. I’ll be explaining how to do all this in this article.

    Moving energy is relatively simple. It is explained well here:
    The idea is to affirm to yourself that you want the energy to move from somewhere, to another place. Visualization is a way of conveying instructions on what you want to happen. So visualize something that means “psionic energy” to you (some people like to visualize water), flowing from yourself, to the outer rim of your field, and taking the shape of a shell/cocoon around you.
    There’s no real set way of how to do this. You could make a skin-tight shield if you wanted. Or a shield with polkadots on it. You could even imagine energy as doughnuts if that’s what your subconscious understands (warning: using doughnuts as a visualization will leave you subject to being made fun of, so keep it quiet).

    When the energy is in the desired location and shape, imagine it solidifying, in a very “permanent” way. Whatever makes it feel like it’ll last a long time. This is called shelling in a number of psionic communities.

    Hopefully, you’ll have a shield now. Perhaps not even doing anything other than sit there.

    How can you tell it’s up? You could use a psychic sense, or for the less sensitive among us: stick your hand out and feel it.
    I’ll not describe how it might feel, because that differs with the programming. But I will say that you might not feel anything, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t.

    Remember, shields can be programmed with visualization or intent to be any shape, texture, temperature (within reason) or color (you’ll probably not see them at this stage, you’ll need to flare it for that, which I’m not terribly good at, so I won’t be covering that, but the color will show up in a psionic scan).

    The main function of a shield is to block something. Telepathic signals, attacks, etc. They can also be used to block your outward projections, such as scans, telepathic projections, unintentional psychokinesis. There are a myriad of other functions that don’t immediately come to mind. Following is a list of basic shield outlines to give you an idea of shield design (note: these are not my ideas, they are common shield-types among psionic communities):

    1) Arguably the most simple shield, generally referred to as “the bubble shield”, is a good shield for starting off. Just make a thin veil around you and program it (using intent, or visualization) to block whatever, telepathic messages, messages from certain people…it’s mostly a newbie telepath’s shield.

    2) Marshmallow shield. This shield has quite a few applications that it can be adapted for. Just make a thick, marshmallow type consistency shield, and program it to absorb incoming energy. Think of an amoeba, it absorbs everything it touches.
    The good thing about this shield is that it gains strength and integrity while doing its job at the same time. The absorption property of this shield would serve well if added to combat shielding.

    3) Reflective shield. A good visualization would be to visualize yourself surrounded by a round mirror, and things that represent energy (to you) bouncing off it and back the way it came.
    Simply, it reflects energy. Careful where the projections are reflected to.

    4) Cloaking shield. As with all constructs, shields can do whatever you can psionically. If you’re competent with telepathic projection, you can program a shield to send this same message out. So you could program it to “suggest” you’re not there, or that you’re a really uninteresting object. I’ll let you come up with ideas for it’s usage.
    (Note, I’m personally not very good with cloaking shields, not to the extent where I can walk up to somebody and slap them without being noticed anyway…wouldn’t advise trying, either). As a defense application, cloaking shields can simply make you invisible to scanning.

    That’s all. Remember, you’re not limited to what I’ve mentioned here. These are just outlines, ideas to spark your imagination.