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    Some Basics of Shielding

    By Daimon

    To start with, think outside the box. Yes, I know its a widely used term, but it applies here. Don’t stick to what you’ve read or what your teacher has taught you: for example, you can learn a lot from the military industry, military tactics in combat, etc. Also, never rely on one protective spell or one shield, spells can be altered and/or broken, and it’s the same with a shield.

    Use multiple shields, layered, hidden, different in function. For everyday use you don’t need much really, however, you should have at least one stronger shield ready for immediate use should the shit hit the fan and you don’t have time for a ritual, spell, or construct making.

    Personally, I tend to use shields designed to either intercept and remove, or intercept and retaliate, depending on the situation. (Of course there’s more, but this is a general example).

    Intercept and remove is fairly straightforward, it intercepts anything aimed at me that would harm me and tries to break down the attack before it reaches me.

    The second one is more active, it intercepts attacks and breaks it down and at the same time attacks the caster/creator of the attack. This kind of shield has to be used with care, since it attacks any attacker. Its not a good idea in every case to retaliate against someone who is, A. Much stronger and just playing around, or, B. Much weaker and doesn’t actually pose a threat. With the second type of shield up, you need to pay more or less constant attention to your surroundings so you know what the shield does, etc.

    Military tactics, like I said earlier, can be used in energy-work as well. Look at the way a unit of soldiers attack a position, for example. You can find information about this by reading books, online info, watching Discovery channel, and many other sources.

    I think thats it for now, I’ll write more in-depth some time somewhat soon in the future.
    Please feel free to comment on what I write.