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    Energy Sensing

    By Winged Wolf

    Energy sensing ability appears to be seated in the back of the brain, and transmitted by all of the nerves in the body. Many people distinguish between clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and so on, but in reality, they are all the same thing…the only difference is in how the individual brain decides to interpret the information. Perhaps because psi abilities most often emerge later in life than the other senses, the brain may has some trouble deciding what to do with the new input. As a result, it tends to engage in synaeasthesia–input from one sense seems to come instead from another. This is how people are able to “see” psychic energy, when in reality their eyes are not capable of picking it up. For some, they simply “know” the information, without translating it synaesthetically.

    Many “subtle” energy types (psychic energies) can directly stimulate the nerves, creating a genuine tactile response. But apart from this, energy sensing is a separate and distinct sense–a different ability. Because of this, input received this way must be interpreted on an individual basis–to one person, the color green may mean ‘nature’, while to another it means ‘illness’….these two people would not see the color green in a person’s field under the same circumstances. Aura color guides are, therefore, useless. You must work out on your own what specific colors mean to you, if you see them–the same is true of sounds, odors, tastes, and tactile sensations.

    Developing energy sensing ability seems problematic at first, but it’s actually like developing any other sense. First, your energy sensing ability is probably better than you realize it is. Due to conditioning, and continued exposure, most of us have learned to ignore certain types of input. If you hear a monotonous sound over a long period of time, eventually you learn to stop hearing it, and may even find it difficult to tune back into the sound. Many people do the same with psi-input, early on, because there is no reinforcement to pay attention to it. So in the beginning, developing energy sensing ability is really simply learning how to pay attention to what you have been long ignoring.

    Once you pass the point of what you CAN already sense, and have learned to pay conscious attention to it again, you can still develop your sensing ability further. The key, as with most abilities, is practice. In this case, when you are around other people, pay attention to what you can sense from them….once you have all that you usually can get, then try to take it one step further, and find out some finer detail–gauge the pattern in their field, its size, its density, its intensity–all things you might overlook or take for granted if you did not focus on them specifically. Don’t bother trying to pick up thoughts, emotions, or other such things–those require the use of other psi abilities, and your goal is to learn to sense energy more effectively. Be careful that you do not REACH for the information. Reaching for it requires active scanning, and this is, at best, extremely rude–at worst, it may be taken for an attack, and the offended individual may attack you back.

    However, you can and should practice active scanning with a willing partner. Active scanning involves sending your energy to the target, and creating a return flow, so that you are reading the bounce-back…similar to sonar. If you link to or reach out to a person, most likely you will automatically actively scan them. Even for partials, the mechanics of active scanning are usually instinctive. Working with a partner over a distance is a good way to develop your sensing abilities, and to learn scaling and pattern recognition. By sorting through each possible thing you might pick up from their field, one by one, and then attempting to find if there is any additional thing you can tell, you can systematically improve your energy sensing ability. You can also practicing energy sensing by “ghosthunting”….using your abilities to attempt to locate spirit entities, and learn more information about them. Be aware that this can be hazardous. You should have good shielding, and a great deal of prudence–know when to leave, and leave hostile entities alone. By “viewing” entities, you can also learn to distinguish different types of energy. Compare what you perceive in them to energy you can perceive in other locations, to determine its type. Entities made up of more than one type of energy also arrange their energy in specific patterns, so you can attempt to determine the pattern they have their energy laid out in.

    In public areas, see if you can determine where energy is concentrated, how much of it is psi, how much is decayed (collective unconscious stuff), how much if any is other types….see which materials and objects tend to concentrate more energy. Among friends, see if you can recognize them before you see them, simply by their pattern. The more your practice this, the sharper your senses will become. Pattern recognition requires a lot of attention to detail. Engaging in shield-checking with a partner is another good way to practice energy sensing. The more you use this ability, and the finer the detail you demand of it, the sharper you can make your senses. The key is simply practice, and the complexity of that practice.