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    Basic Psionic Etiquette

    By KMiller

    As in any community, there are basic dos and don’ts within the psychic community. For instance, in America, extending your middle finger upwards while looking at someone and gesturing towards them is considered extremely offensive. However, in Italy, that means absolutely nothing. While in Italy, holding your pointer and pinky finger erect, in the manner that the followers of Mary Manson or whoever that silly cult singer thing is do means that you’ve slept with a persons wife, or that their wife is unfaithful, and is extremely offensive.

    The same way, the psychic community has it’s own language, culture, and therefore, etiquette. And as in Sicily, where you piss someone off and get sold some quick-dry footwear for it, the more advanced members of the psychic community (meaning all psychics, not just this little corner of the world) are not desirable to mess with.

    Now, the immediate concern of the psychic world and its differences is that thoughts are considered fair game for offensive. While amongst “normal” folks, thoughts are private, and only verbally or physically expressed can offend someone. Not so in the psychic world. It’s important to shield ones own thoughts from being loudly broadcast, because mentally yelling can be picked up from very long distances (a Friend of mine has alerted me of annoyance or displeasure from several miles away…).

    Another thing to be careful about for the beginning psion is Scanning. Scanning, as you’ll learn through your studies with telepathy, is “barging in” to someone’s mind, seeking information. Nons won’t give a damn if you do this, but it should generally be avoided, in the off chance that you accidentally do so to a psychic, as it is considered an attack, and is often met with extreme hostility.

    Energetic interchanges are common, so it’s unwise to get defensive about them. It’s also unwise to get aggressive about them. Poking energy at someone constantly could be taken multiple ways, while shielding someone out entirely or counterattacking a show of affection could have less than desirable effects.

    Because this article is so broad, I’m just going to say use common sense when dealing with the psychic community.