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    The mentality of learning Psionics

    by Daimon

    Repeat after me: “There are no shortcuts“.

    Got it?


    People approach me asking how to get better at certain abilities, and in most cases I have a very simple answer: Train.
    I see learning Psionics as learning a martial art, it takes time, self controlf, and a butt load of practice.

    Forget about “dream training”, forget about meditating your abilities better, forget about repeating the same thing over and over again.

    Just like using your skill in martial arts improves it, it is also true for Psionic exercises.
    To become really good at something, you will have to do it a lot, and you will have to push yourself harder and harder to get better and better.

    It will take you a year plus to get a decent foundation in Psionics properly, if you practice a few hours every other day for that whole year and push yourself.

    Once you are already proficient in something is when you should look at ways to improve it, but not before the point where you are already good at it.

    Take two martial arts students.
    One trains only in the dojo, two times a week and he works hard when he’s there.
    The other trains in the dojo as well as at home and after school, he doesn’t work quite as hard but he puts in 5 times as much effort over time compared to student one, which do you think will have progressed most after a year? (Assuming they have the same potential)
    That’s right, student number two.

    Training also happens in steps, where you will improve rapidly and then plateu, just keep at it and you *will* improve even if it doesn’t feel that way.
    You need self control and perseverance when learning a new skill, and Psionics is no different.

    Copyright 2011 – Daimon