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    Universal Psychic Hazard Symbol

    It’s long been known that there are psychic phenomena and entities which can be hurtful or harmful. For other things which pose a danger, a universal hazard symbol has been created. We therefore decided that there was a need for a universal psychic hazard symbol, which would function to serve as a warning to exercise caution where it is posted. We encourage others to download this symbol by right-clicking, and use it where and when it is appropriate. We also give permission to (and encourage) other web sites to post this symbol, so long as they post a complete explanation of its proper use.

    We have also created a ratings system, similar to the one used for flammable materials and radiation, to denote the level of danger involved. We have done our best to be complete. We suggest that if the ratings system is used, the hazard symbol should be placed on the top half of a diamond-shaped placard, separated from the bottom half by a line. Below the line, the word “Hazard” or “Hazardous Psychic Effect” should be printed, and below that, a number denoting the danger level. It is not necessary to use a rating when posting the symbol, and if the rating is at all unknown, it is suggested that the rating be left out.

    The following is a listing of the hazard levels:

    Level 1: Denotes a very minor level of danger. This could cause someone who is sensitive some minor distress and distraction.

    Level 2: Slightly higher level of danger. This can cause moderate distress, vertigo, or headaches to someone who is sensitive.

    Level 3: This can cause harm on a psychic level, which could result in temporary dampening or loss of ability, as well as severe headaches and associated symptoms.

    Level 4: This can cause permanent minor psychic damage to unprotected persons, as well as associated symptoms such as severe headaches and vertigo.

    Level 5: This can cause psychological effects. This may include manipulation of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

    Level 6: This is capable of causing severe psychological damage to a person and/or severe psychic damage to unprotected persons.

    Level 7: This is capable of causing permanent psychological changes and/or minor physical effects.

    Level 8: This is capable of causing serious damage on psychic and psychological levels, as well as noticeable physical effects.

    Level 9: This is capable of causing permanent physical, psychic, and/or psychological disability.

    Level 10: This represents the most extreme level of danger. A phenomenon or entity at this level is capable of directly killing an unprotected person.