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    Psionics as Bioplasma

    By KMiller

    The following is an excerpt from an interview with General Vladimir Vasiliev of Russian Special Operations (Ret.) developed a method of using Psionics in martial arts, discussed on a Russian Martial Arts site [no longer online]. Excuse the typestry, it’s translated from Russian.

    “Dr. Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in Russia has done extensive research with the human energy field since the 1950s. Using the results of these experiments, he suggests the existence of bioplasmic energy field composed of ions, free protons and free electrons. Since this is a state distinct from the four known states of matter solid, liquid, gases and plasma (by the way Liquid Crystal Diodes fall into this new category as they are neither solid nor liquid). Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy field is a fifth state of matter.

    His observations showed the bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion. There appears to be a balance of positive and negative particles within the bioplasma that is relatively stable. If there is a severe shift in this balance the healthy of the organism is affected.

    In spite of the normal stability of bioplasma, Inyushin has found that a significant amount of this energy is radiated into space. Streams of bioplasmic particles which have broken away from the organism can be measured moving through the air. It is these streams or strings of the unseen human form that the practitioner of the System manipulate and that in turn manipulate the opponent. Thus, we have plunged into a world of life energy fields and bioplasmic forms moving about and streaming off the body.

    If we look into the literature, this is not new, people have known about this phenomenon since the dawn of time, it is just that in our time the phenomenon is being rediscovered. As this knowledge has developed, and Newtonian physics has given way to relativity, electromagnetic and particle theories, we are more and more able to see connections between scientific objective descriptions of our world and the world of subjective human experience.

    So what does this energy feel like? Well, the best description Ive been given so far was from my three and a half year old son, Dominic, who said it felt like fluff when I was, err, testing it on him, he was giggling and being pushed back against a wall with the pressure.

    Personally I don’t expect anyone to just believe in this energy until they have experienced it for themselves, and everyone has a certain degree of ability with this energy.

    My first real experience of this energy was in 1995 when I took my 5th dan blackbelt test in Ninjutsu. This test involved avoiding a sword strike to the top of my head while I was kneeling, with my eyes closed, and facing away from my Japanese Grandmaster, whose eyes were also closed (probably so he didn’t stop if I didn’t move!). As he brought down the sword to my head, intending to kill me with it (mentally I hope?), the object of the test is to see if you can pick up the force of the killers intention. I passed first time, thank God, there is no trick. If you wait to hear the sword it would have already hit you, your body feels the attackers intention and your body throw you out of harms way. Why this does not work for everybody is because people consciously override the body’s reaction to escape until they reach a certain level. You must get rid of self (activity/introspection) so the body can hear the threat.”

    New studies and information have proven that Psi energy is capable of passing through solid objects. Scientists can only think of one possible reason. Psi is capable of shifting from a Particle to a Wave.

    Here is a list of documents in existence on Psi Energy/Bioplasma. NOTE: Do not ask me how to acquire copies of these documents, I’m still looking to get my hands on most of them myself.

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    (It is true that the Russians believe they are dealing with the same stuff)

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    Here’s a very good one:

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