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    Psychic Energy Types

    Internal Energy Types

    These types of energy are generated or originate within humans and in some cases other living things as well.

      Life energy: This energy has unique properties, and doesn’t seem to have any associations with electromagnetism or with quantum. It is present in all living things, and in humans seems to originate from an energy center located just below the navel. This energy type is the one most often used by martial artists and Eastern style energy workers.

      Psi energy: This energy seems to be produced by or is associated with nervous system activity, and is present in all animals which have a nervous system, and some plants which have similar structures. It has properties similar to energies in the electromagnetic spectrum. Nerve clusters which seem to be particularly associated with producing this energy include several areas of the brain, the solar plexus, and the nerves in the skin. The spinal cord also produces a great deal of energy, but doesn’t seem to be associated with any specific psychic functions.

      Faith energy: This energy seems to be produced in the brain, and seems to have some properties similar to electromagnetic energy. It also seems to be able to affect probability alteration, so may have quantum effects. Not all persons produce this energy, and faith does not necessarily imply production of Faith energy.

    External Energy Types

    These types of energy appear to originate outside of living things, and are not normally found within them. Persons who work with these energies may take them in and use them.

      Regnant energy: Also called Collective Unconscious energy, this energy is the result of decay of Psi and Faith energy which has been shed by living things. It seems to have electromagnetic properties.

      Earth energy: This energy is produced by the planet, and seems to have electromagnetic properties. It is found in most places in the earth, and is particularly concentrated in electromagnetic force lines which are commonly called ley lines.

      Quantum (Pattern, Anti-Pattern, and Neutral) energies: These types of energy seem to be quantum in nature, and are most commonly used by ceremonial magickians.

      Veil energy: This is another unknown energy type, and also the most difficult to understand. This energy originates from within or beyond a Menger-sponge-like barrier between this reality that we know, and somewhere else.