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    Thought Input Ability

    By Winged Wolf

    In order to practice thought input ability, it’s first wise to have basic energy control techniques down–charging, shielding, and moving energy. Ideally, a person should complete Anka’s training manual, Robert Bruce’s NEW, or a similar energy development system before concentrating on specific applications of mental abilities such as this one.

    This ability is best practiced with a partner, but if a partner is not available, there are other ways to practice it, though some may raise ethical concerns. If you are not comfortable with perceiving another person’s thoughts without their knowledge or consent, then stick to practicing this ability with a partner.

    Practice with a partner
    Create a link (if your partner is not with you physically). Have your partner hold a concept, an image, or a word or other thought in mind. Charge your ‘third eye’ area, and use your chosen system to send a beam of energy from the center of your forehead to their forehead. As you do this, clear your mind, and relax, and write down or state whatever thoughts come to mind, without second-guessing yourself.

    This should be done 5 to 10 times each practice session. It’s difficult to rate the chance a person would have to come up with a given thought that another is thinking on their own, but several successes is probably an indicator that you are succeeding in using the ability. Start with simple images (shapes, colors), or concepts (animals, machines). As you progress, have your partner think of more complex images, concepts, and words.

    Practice without a partner
    Go to a public location, such as a mall, and sit in an out of the way location. As people pass you, try to see if you can determine where they will go–into a store, or exit, etc. See if you can tell what items they are considering purchasing. Write down your successes and failures in a notebook.