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    ANKA’s School of Thought

    ANKA is a master psion, and one of the Founders of the Psion Guild. His school of thought is based on the concept that psi energy is distinct from other subtle energy types, and is a physical energy of a type that simply has not yet been scientifically measured. This energy type is believed to be the ‘fuel’ used to do work, and to be involved in the use of all psi abilities. This fundamental concept is inherent in the idea of the Psion Guild and its Code of Conduct. This school of thought’s premises are based on years of collected observations, and trial and error repeated many times over.

    Winged Wolf’s school of thought is a derivitive of ANKA’s school of thought, and articles and documents related to her school of thought are also listed in this area. Winged Wolf is also a Founder of the Psion Guild.

    Social Documents

    Mechanics of Psionics

    • Psi Energy Frequency Graphby ANKA
      A graph which demonstrates in a simple way why some abilities are more challenging to use than others.
    • Psi Energy Frequency Graphby Anka
      A graph representing the frequency ranges used by various psi abilities.
    • Psionic Abilities Chartsby Anka & Winged Wolf
      Charts which map the relationships of various psi abilities. Includes descriptions of each aspect and ability.
    • Energy Level Graphby Anka
      A graph representing the energy levels of various birth-switches.
    • Psychic Energy Typesby Winged Wolf
      A description of the properties of several internal and external energy types.
    • Birth-Switchesby Anka and Winged Wolf
      Information on observations of the phenomena of birth-switches.
    • Psi Genetics Hypothesisby Winged Wolf
      Information about the hypothesis, what the next step would need to be to further research it, and duplicate information on observed birth-switches.

    Basic Training Documents

    Mental Abilities Training Articles

    • Thought Input Abilityby Winged Wolf
      Learning and training thought input ability (receptive telepathy).
    • Thought Output Abilityby Winged Wolf
      Basics of telepathic projection. How to project your thoughts to another, or influence their thoughts.
    • Emotion Input Abilityby Winged Wolf
      Basics of emotion-sensing ability, aka empathy or receptive empathy.

    Construct Abilities Articles

    • Construct Creationby Winged Wolf
      Detailed article on construct creation.
    • Shopping Mall Energy Nodeby Winged Wolf
      Create a construct to gather and store shed energy from public places.
    • Transmutationby Winged Wolf
      Copying auric characteristics/patterns from one individual onto another in order to confer the pattern of psi abilities or other traits such as sanguinarian vampirism and therianthropy, via instinctively-created construct overlays.

    Energy Abilities, Shielding, Defenses, and Attacks

    • Shieldingby Winged Wolf, Anka
      Explanation of shielding, how to create various shield types, and listing of common shield variations.
    • How Shielding Worksby Winged Wolf
      An explanation of how shields function and what is actually important in a good shield.
    • How To Check Shieldingby Winged Wolf
      How to test the effectiveness of basic shielding.
    • Wardsby Anka
      Explanation of warding, and examples.
    • Basic Psychic Attack Recognition and Defenseby Winged Wolf
      A beginners’ guide to recognizing the most common types of psychic attacks, and defending yourself against them.
    • Overload Attacks and Defensesby Winged Wolf
      How to conduct and defend against energy-overload attacks.
    • Shots and Blastsby Anka
      A variety of different forms of pure-energy attacks.
    • Vamp Attacks and Defensesby Winged Wolf
      Information on energy-drain attacks, defenses against those attacks, and on psychic vampirism and its effects in general.