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    Basics Class 1: Introduction

    Teacher: Amaya
    Date: 2/15/2009

    <amaya> OK TODAY is an intro class, Ill be telling you about the different types of psionics, giving a brief description, telling you what future classes will be run, asking what you want to be taught, introducing the guild, telling a little bit about it, its organization, and its future.

    <amaya> Once we start getting into more specific topics, we’ll have practice sessions afterward.

    <amaya> For starters: Psionics: what is it? we’re going to start with what you guys think it is. If you want to answer that question, please send your answer to Drazak, Nevyn, Soleeet, or Zhala, and they will post your response to the guild classroom.

    <amaya> *gives a few moments for those answers to start coming in*

    <amaya> While you guys are answering what Psionics IS, I’ll tell you what it’s NOT.

    <amaya> its NOT dragonballz, naruto, or any other anime superpower you see.

    <amaya> it is not waggling your fingers and mysteriously having a million dollars float down to you from the skies.

    <amaya> it is nothing you’ve seen on Harry Potter.

    <amaya> It is also not reiki, magic, or other forms of energy and energy use, though they do also exist

    <amaya> did any of you get anything?

    <Nevyn> psychokinetic’s answer is “mind over matter”, Taka’s is “the practice of using psi to do stuff with psi being from the human energy system”

    <zhala> or anything from Dungeons and Dragons (thank you echo)

    <amaya> Thank you for that “its not” that’s correct it is also not game system magic. Nothing from white wolf, d&d, ETC

    <zhala> Amaterasu’s answer is “psionics is training your nerves to produce psi and thus train yourself in mastering different abilities like telepathy, empathy, PK, etc. it requires a long time (decades) to master. psionics is manipulating the electromagnetic energy that comes from the body (i.e. from the nerves)”

    <drazak> (01:08:02) (Wicked) Psionics is the use of the mind to use our psychic abilities accidentally or purposely.

    <drazak> (01:05:34) (FxChiP) Psionics is the affecting of bioplasmic energy and manipulation of such to an end; it’s also a study on the extended, “paranormal” parts of the human mind that facilitate things like telepathy, empathy, etc.

    <amaya> Thank you all

    <amaya> Psionics is using psionic energy to affect things both within and out of your person. It covers everything from object manipulation, constructs, forms of healing, empathy, telepathy, changes in the environment itself.

    <amaya> There are a quite a few different definitions for psionics. They all vary slightly, but revolve around that same theme.

    <amaya> This class is starting on the premise that psionics DOES exist. There are doubters out there, and we have a place on the forums to carry on that big “proof or disprove” question. That is NOT here. If we don’t start on the basis of its existence, we won’t get anywhere.

    <amaya> There is a lot of disbelief out there, we encounter it all the time. People are afraid to believe what they don’t understand, or haven’t seen for themselves, and often their culture, religion, and upbringing speak out against psionics. We are setting all of that aside here to learn more about it.

    <amaya> Opening up for questions

    <Nevyn> Wicked asked about the differences between psionics, reiki, and magicks. I would like to point out that while we won’t be teaching other energies we will at least explain them in upcoming classes.

    <zhala> Amaterasu wants to know the difference between psi and core.

    <amaya> Psionic energy is the energy we use when we are practicing psionics. it can be easily manipulated by ones self, increased, used, formed into things, sent away from ourselves, gathered to ourselves from others.

    <amaya> Core energy is a “deeper” form of energy if you will. The term is occasionally used interchangeably with life energy. It represents the core of your being. It, too can be manipulated, but not in the same manner, and manipulating it has a much more permanent lasting effect, depending on what is done.

    <drazak> Messing with core energy without knowing what you’re doing will fuck you up

    <amaya> Healers (of energy systems) are often affecting core, but use of psycchokinesis, psi ball making, psi wheel practice, and advanced forms of those things only touches psi.

    <amaya> We will not be doing anything affecting core energy in general guild classes.

    <amaya> anyone else?

    <Nevyn> psychokinetic asked about emotions changing results

    <amaya> can I get a clarification on what is being asked?

    <Nevyn> “Can your emotions change the results in using Telekinesis?” I told him that emotions can change the results in almost anything, psionics included. not sure if you would like to elaborate on that

    <amaya> Yes, it can. Strong emotion can hinder or help telekinetic use. Passion for what you’re doing affects your success rate, stress can reduce your abilities, anger can often cause undesired results, and in strong psychokinetics, often without them actively trying to cause something to happen.

    <amaya> So. Types of abilities: we lump them basically into two categories, physical and mental.

    <amaya> mental covers telepathy, empathy (and a few other -pathy’s)

    <amaya> Physical covers psychokinetics, things affecting objects, and things affecting energy itself (psiballs ETC)

    <amaya> SOME talents are affected by both mental and physical, or are affected by one or the other depending on who it is. Remote viewing, precog, healing, defensive abilities, and defensive abilities can often be found on both sides, depending on what and how it is being done.

    <amaya> We’ll start with telepathy: basically it is the ability to project thoughts (whether in word or sensory form) and to receive thoughts (again: word or sensory form) On the receiving end, it is both receiving projected, and picking up on stray thoughts

    <amaya> Empathy is similar to telepathy, but is based entirely on emotion. It is the sending and receiving, or the “picking up on” emotions.

    <amaya> Both of these talents can be very hard on those that have them naturally, rather than intentionally developed, because the received input can be extremely overwhelming. Furthermore: normal shielding tends to not affect empathic input.

    <amaya> A lesser known -pathy is primal-pathy. this has more to do with base sensations. those that can pick up on sensory input from animals have primal path abilities. It also can deal with the most basal, primal of human sensation. The feeling of fear.. or being safe… even hunger would fall in here.

    <amaya> Precognition: basically, through a variety of means, the ability to foresee the future as it appears on the path one is currently one. This can received through premonitions or dreams, and can vary in strength from “something bad is about to happen” on through a detailed knowledge of what is about to happen.

    <amaya> dejavu is often considered to be related to precognition. the sense that its already happened, though for precogs, it tends to be that they SAW that it was to happen, but do not recollect seeing it until just as it’s happening. This is a fairly common experience

    <amaya> Remote Viewing, in the “official” sense has a very specific method. The remote viewer is given coordinates, then shares, (usually via drawing or writing) what impressions they received given the coordinates. They are not usually told WHAT the object is, or why it is missing, or what it is being sought for.

    <amaya> Related to that are those that, given the information of what is being sought, just know where it is. For example: if I can’t find my glasses, I call (specific chatter who probably doesn’t want inundation with these requests) and he/she tells me roughly where they are.

    <amaya> Healing is well, using energy to repair physical or energy system damage, cure illness or disease.

    <amaya> There are many different methods of healing. Some work WITH modern medicine, some work independently thereof.

    <amaya> Questions but handled differently this time. We’re demoderating, if you have something to ask, a simple msg to the classroom of “question” will suffice. Anything more will be considered disruptive.

    <amaya> Before I open though: psionic healing should NEVER. EVER. replace a trip to the doctor.

    <amaya> if you have strep throat, you get the DOCTOR to give you antibiotics. If you get in an accident and break your spine, your DOCTOR fixes that. When you get home from the doctor and want some help in healing faster, feeling better sooner, or making that health care more effective, that’s a different story.

    <amaya> so questions so far?

    <Hollings> Yeah

    <amaya> Ok hollings?

    <Hollings> When you were talking about remote viewing, I didn’t quite understand the coordinates, what are they

    <amaya> its a series of letters and numbers that are given to the remote viewer.

    <Hollings> Ok

    <amaya> They don’t represent location, if that’s what you’re asking.

    <Hollings> Yeah, I understand now

    <amaya> anyone else?

    <Dekasutu> What do they represent? The object or whatnot?

    <amaya> basically, but not with a rhyme or reason. Its not a “if we’re looking for a people, we give them a coordinate with THIS SYMBOL in it”

    <Amaterasu> I have a question

    <amaya> ie: I’m looking for a missing child. I will say c345l (or whatever) instead of front loading the remote viewer with information such as “I am looking for a child that looks like this with this last known location, in this vehicle with this suspect”

    <amaya> Amaterasu?

    <Dekasutu> Is it kind-of like a signature?

    <Amaterasu> will we be taught healing basics? how basic is basic? like what topics would we cover?

    <amaya> deka: yes and no. Its a focal point

    <amaya> Soleeet: elaborate: I’m not a RVer, my knowledge is theoretical

    <SolEeet> ok, the coordinates are generated randomly

    <SolEeet> it’s unknown how it relates to the target, but the working theory is that the association is made in the head of the person who makes the coordinates and passed to the viewers he tells the coordinates to

    <Wicked> so they don’t have to be real coordinates or what?

    <SolEeet> no, for example 993-ke8

    <Hollings> They just represent the object in the persons head?

    <Wicked> how the heck would you find that? lol

    <SolEeet> look up crv. it’s a complicated process but it works

    <SolEeet> the govts been doing it since what… wwii?

    <Nevyn> before I think

    <SolEeet> crv is all about a set of rules and procedures

    <SolEeet> there are other ways of finding things that are a little easier to understand. but alas they’re harder to do

    <SolEeet> dowsing, drop and drift, remote presence

    <SolEeet> and then a few that only a couple people I know can do… that doesn’t make any since at all… you say an object, they tell you where it is… it’s creepy

    <amaya> It is kind of creepy, Ive seen one student in special ed who couldn’t even recognize her name in writing butt could find ANYTHING. ANYTHING. I’d be searching for (any random object) in the classroom, and be looking for it, and she would come in and walk right over to it, not even with me asking, and get it for me.

    <Dekasutu> Awesome.

    <amaya> yeah. It was amazing.

    <Echo> I’ve seen people who find things without me even asking

    <amaya> Ok Ama, restate your question please

    <Nevyn> Amaterasu: will we be taught healing basics? how basic is basic? like what topics would we cover?

    <Amaterasu> thank you nevyn

    <Amaterasu> those are my questions

    <amaya> We will be doing a class that introduces healing and basic “headache relieving” level. In the general guild class, we won’t be getting to any deeper level than that, but I WILL be running a series on healing. This will be a limited space class though, not general attendance open to everyone.

    <Amaterasu> I see. thanks.

    <amaya> anyone else?

    <amaya> ok.

    <amaya> moving on to physical abilities. base energy manipulation: psi balls, shielding, basic sparring, using, forming, transferring energy itself.

    <amaya> and psychokinetics: manipulation of the physical world. moving objects, spinning dials, psiwheels, ETC. Affecting temperature pyrokinetics and cryokinetics can be lumped under the general psychokinetic lump. Telekinesis is usually just referred to as Psychokinetics for our purposes.

    <amaya> Those are the most basic talents. Does anyone have questions on those or any I did not mention?

    * thais raises hand

    <amaya> Thais?

    <thais> don’t know what remote presence is…or astral projection.

    <amaya> Ah yes, I did completely overlook that one.

    <Wicked> can I attend the healing class?

    <Hollings> Did I miss the question?

    <amaya> its the ability to project one’s consciousness outside of their body, with astral projection, to the astral realm, with remote presencing, to a specific location

    <Dekasutu> I’d like to learn a bit about astral projection, personally.

    <amaya> wicked: priority spots go to junior staff and to those on support and defense, then to students of staff members, then if there’s general openings left after that, it will depend on one’s basic psionic progress..

    <Dekasutu> “I’d like to learn a bit about astral projection, personally.”

    <amaya> we’ll run a class on it.

    <amaya> OK I’m going to start wrapping up. I was a bit ambitious when I decided what I would accomplish in this session, my fault for not adequately accounting for the time delay of an electronically based classroom.

    <amaya> We’re going to delay introducing you to the guild and it’s functions, and outlining the different classes we’re going to run until next week, same time, same place.