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    Basics Class 12: Questions and Answers

    Teacher: Nevyn
    Date: 5/17/2009

    <Nevyn> Alright, might as well get started. Questions should be related to the topics we’ve already covered. If we have time we can broaden that a bit.

    <Nevyn> As usual, raise your hand if you have a question and wait to be called upon

    <thais> could you quickly review/list the meditation techniques covered?

    <zhala> I don’t believe any techniques for meditation were covered. It was mentioned in passing in the Centering class though. There were breathing techniques used. Such as counting and inhaling on one number, while exhaling on another

    <EverLearning> How often should one center?

    <Nevyn> that really varies as people uncenter at different rates. mainly it’s if you feel you need to, do so. but that really starts after you’re actually centered so you know what it feels like so will also know when you’re not

    <Nevyn> however, if everyone has been practicing as they should, they’re already at that point

    <EverLearning> Would working on skills such as energy manipulation–general psi practice–be the best way to increase sensitivity to energy, or are there other ways that are helpful?

    <Nevyn> practice is the best, but it doesn’t have to be energy manipulation. for example, try to identify people as they enter a room before looking. even basic stuff like that will help you out

    <EverLearning> How much practice is advised per day/week? Does it vary from person to person?

    <Nevyn> think of it on par with weight training. start out small and build up as you can handle more

    <EverLearning> How big of an issue are parasites / can parasites be?

    <Nevyn> small. mostly when people think they have a parasite they just need to ground and center because their field is nasty. a few can be a large issue, but most people won’t encounter them

    <ShadowRain> Has psi related healing methods been covered? For example how to get rid of blockages?

    <Nevyn> no. not sure if they’re going to be in the general classes either

    <ShadowRain> If that were something I wanted to learn, how would I go about it then?

    <amaya> shadow: I do not intend on doing a healing segment for quite some time. you can do a lot of harm with unskilled healing attempts and I don’t think this class is generally ready for that

    <EverLearning> Any other recommended snacks besides orange juice and bananas?

    <Nevyn> potassium rich foods are good, as well as simple sugars. beyond that, healthy snacks

    <zhala> ok. what other topics, that we haven’t covered, would you like to learn?

    * ShadowRain re-requests psi-healing

    <thais> RV, RP, astral projection, dreamwalking. I know there is a lot of interest in PK