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    Basics Class 13: Basic PK

    Teacher: Amaya
    Date: 5/31/2009

    <amaya> The topic for the day is Psychokinesis, which will be referred to as PK for the rest of the lecture (and as you will most commonly hear it online)

    <amaya> So, for starters, what do you guys already know about PK?

    <Taka> pk is the use of the mind to physically effect the world

    <Solet> <— it looks like this

    <amaya> take a chance to watch the video if you guys want

    <amaya> ok, if you guys are REALLY REALLY good, and practice REALLY REALLY hard you’ll be like Absie some day

    <Solet> (but you have to make your bed every night and eat all your green vegetables)

    <amaya> Absolon, would you like to share what method you used to get those results?

    <Absolon> the Nike method

    <amaya> Maybe you can explain that for everyone else? I’m sure you can explain it better than I can.

    <Absolon> just do it

    * Redregon raises hand

    <amaya> Redregon

    <Redregon> before you could “just do it” what methods did you use to practice?

    <amaya> Absolon, you can answer that for them please

    <Solet> when I first taught him TK like 5- years ago I taught mental extension technique

    <Solet> where you reach out with your presence and “become one with” your target, then you can move it same as you would flexing your arm

    <amaya> It looks like he was doing a bit of that with his fingertips in the video

    <amaya> Does anyone else have any experience with pk, either by accident, or intentionally.

    * Redregon raises hand.

    <Redregon> well, there were some balsa wood airplane models that used to hang from the ceiling in my old room. When I was bored, I would try and make them spin (which they sometimes did, very faintly). though, someone was telling me that was a spirit and not me (and I believed them at the time. now, I don’t quite know.)

    <amaya> if you were trying to make them spin while they were spinning it was likely you.

    <amaya> Anyways, a good number of psions have accidental incidents with PK, usually in their childhoods, or during times of strong emotions. Flickering light bulbs, radios turning up and down ETC. These things are not uncommon to psions. More impressive are those, like Absolon or RainSong who gain a measure of control over it

    <amaya> So the first thing we’re going to look at is what objects make good beginner objects, or “how to make a psi wheel”

    <amaya> One form of psi wheel is what you saw under the glass in Absie’s video. The glass was there to prevent his own breathing, and other airflow from affecting the psiwheel

    <amaya> You can see just by watching Absie’s movie how that was constructed.

    <amaya> You can also use one of those pinwheel things that kids get, or make something like that yourself. A super high bounce ball and a smooth surface is another good non-psiwheel thing.

    * Absolon raises hand

    <Absolon> a psiwheel made of tin foil is good for beginners. less resistance

    <amaya> is that what you used in the video?

    <Absolon> yes

    <Solet> just a side note. the tin foil wheels are VERY light weight and tend to bounce around with ANY air movement. gotta find a place in the house where the air doesn’t move much and make sure you’re not breathing on it

    <amaya> VERY good point Solet

    * EverLearning raises hand

    <amaya> EL?

    <EverLearning> Heat is supposed to affect a psiwheel too (like from hands), so it tends to not be the most reliable tool without many precautions

    <amaya> the glass jar over it does a pretty good job of it. it gives enough distance that there’s not a lot of heat problems, and prevents airflow. from the other side of a window, is also a good idea.

    <amaya> So the first method we’re going to use was briefly mentioned by Solet

    <amaya> but before we start, many people are more easily tired by trying PK than by other psionic practice, so be careful until you figure out if that’s you or not. Those stronger in mental abilities tend to be more tired by PK, just like most stronger with physical abilities are more tired by mental practice

    <Nevyn> (IE. have a snack ready)

    <amaya> and be prepared to need a nap after

    <amaya> Basically, as Solet said, focus on the object, allow a measure of your consciousness to sink into it. (don’t use things like bones, trees, really sentimental objects, or things of great emotional importance to you, just in case you have a gift with picking up latent energies)

    <amaya> so you let yourself sink a bit, mentally, consciousness wise, into the object, allow it to bee an extension of yourself, visualize yourself connected to it, and then, move it, as if it is no more than an extension of your hands or arms.

    <amaya> does anyone have an object handy for a quick practice session?

    <amaya> so take a few moments to focus, remembering our previous lessons on centering and focusing our thoughts, then give it a go. we’ll regather in about 10 minutes.

    <amaya> alright start coming back together. say something when you’re back

    <amaya> tell me what you experienced, if anything, (nothing is an acceptable answer) let me know if you felt anything, even if there was no physical movement, anything.

    <amaya> Thais

    <thais> felt a connection, experienced a brief hallucination. looked like it moved, but I had marked the location in pencil so I would know if there was real movement

    <amaya> *nods* you can use that “hallucination” and make it visualization for future practice. take what you saw, give it some more psi -oomph

    <amaya> red?

    <Redregon> same as it’s always been. when I would focus and my hands are near, it would move. yet, when I would move my hands away or isolate it with a glass bowl/mug/cup/etc. not a peep. (which is whyI’m thinking that it’s just convection of body heat.)

    <amaya> it happens, try with a more insulating material to prevent heat transfer and go back to practicing.

    <amaya> Jeffro?

    <Jeffro> I had the same sensation as creating a construct but felt a little more aware of it. Even though I couldn’t get it to move. :(

    <amaya> You got a start then, keep trying, tweak things just a bit until it feels right, you’ll get it.

    <amaya> anyone else?

    <FDJustin> No success for what I was doing. Sensation wise, trying to move the tiny speck of paper feels like trying to push a house.

    <amaya> yeah, it’s like that in the beginning

    <amaya> So, Another method: Use your hands, Extend energy tendrils from your hands, and use that to connect to the object, or to push it.

    <amaya> Another on top of that one is affecting the air around the object rather than the object itself.

    <amaya> would you guys like to give those a try now, or on your own time?

    <amaya> anyone else with a preference?

    <amaya> well in that case, we have one more video a la Absolon.


    <amaya> take a look at that one, enjoy, keep up practicing, and we’ll see you all next week, same time same place

    <Jeffro> Wow

    <amaya> Absie’s pretty amazing

    <Absolon> I have my moments

    <amaya> class is over, scoot