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    Basics Class 3: Charging and Basic Q & A

    Teacher: Amaya
    Date: 3/1/2009

    Current topic: Charging. Questions welcome (raise your hand), but keep random chatter out of this channel.

    <amaya> And because this evening’s class will involve practicing, I recommend everyone have some sort of snack with them.

    <amaya> We’re ready to begin, we’ll start by taking 5 minutes for everyone to get their snacks together, next week I’ll expect you to come prepared with one. As I said before class, bananas are best, or Orange juice, pb and j is good too. The reason for this is that psi use SEEMS to lower blood sugar and potassium levels int he blood, both of which are not healthy for our psions.

    <amaya> Low potassium causes heart arrhythmia’s, and a small part of the electronic signal to disappear. Low blood sugar.. well sugar is what your body uses to make ATP (your cellular energy)

    <amaya> Today’s topic is Charging. Does anyone have any preconceived ideas of what charging is, and why we would want to do it? Indicate you wish to comment by raising a hand, per nevyn’s instructions

    * Solem raises hand

    <amaya> Solem

    <Solem> I think charging is making a certain area of your body produce more psi than usual, and you do it to practice energy manipulation and get ready for using it.

    * EverLearning raises hand

    <amaya> Very good Solem.

    <amaya> Everlearning?

    * Austin raises hand

    <EverLearning> Charging is consciously generating more psi to increase general production of psi and/or to use in some psionic capacity

    <amaya> Good

    <amaya> Charging is NOT making a psiball, charging is just bringing raw energy to the site being charged. This is GENERALLY one’s hands, or fingertips, but can also be an object if you REALLY REALLY want to.

    * drazak raises hand

    <amaya> Draz?

    <drazak> charging can also be done to other places on the body for certain specific things, (detailed on the site), but generally the solar plexus for PK, the temples for telepathy, etc

    * lakotajames raises hand

    <amaya> *nods* And energy tends to naturally gather at the solar plexus too, for some people.

    * Solem raises hand

    * Austin raises hand

    <amaya> For TODAY’S practice we’re going to be using hands, just to streamline things a bit, but after class, feel free to experiment with solar plexus, temple, big toe if you want.

    <amaya> Lakota?

    <lakotajames> PK means what now?

    <amaya> Psychokinesis, psionically affecting physical objects

    <amaya> Solem?

    <Solem> Where on the body is the solar plexus located?

    <amaya> Nevyn, can you search for an Internet picture to link here to give him an exact view…. Solem, its just below the chest, kinda at the bottom of your sternum

    <Nevyn>…/manyellow.jpg <–solar plexus shown on Vitruvian man

    <Nevyn> Solem: wishbone

    <amaya> Austin?

    <Austin> When is the best time of the day to practice PK?

    <amaya> The time of day when you can sit down without interruptions when you feel more awake. For some people, early morning is best, for others, the middle of the night. You’ll have to get to know you’re own body and you’re own lifestyle to determine that. It DOES matter more when dealing with earth magic, or other forms of magic, but for our purposes, we’re dealing with psi, so whenever is good for you

    <Marky> raises hand

    <Austin> ok

    <amaya> marky?

    <Marky> soo, is psi magic? or more a type of scientific type of thing?

    <Austin> mind over mater

    <amaya> echo: I’m grateful that you have a store of knowledge, please raise your hand if you wish to contribute though

    <Nevyn> For now please let amaya answer the questions. She will announce if there will be a discussion period during each class.

    <amaya> Psi is not magic, but can be used similarly to magic in many ways, including the charging exercises we will practice. We don’t know 100% sure what exactly psi is, from a scientific standpoint, but we know that in some ways it is similar to electromagnetic energy, but not entirely, we know that it has similarities to magic, and that our bodies produce it naturally, for the most part, and that we can use it to affect the physical realm, and each other, as well as just pure energy manipulation for its own sake

    <amaya> Anyone else?

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    * Solem Raises hand

    * Austin raises hand

    <amaya> benji?

    <amaya> Please keep questions and comments relative to the topic at hand: Charging: I’ll be available for ore generalized questions afterward

    <Benjiboy87> my understanding is that psi is using energy made by the body while magic is using energy from some other source, with the common point of both using some form of energy to effect a change

    <Amaterasu> charging is encouraging your nerves to produce more psi

    <amaya> Yes, but psi CAN be acquired externally as well. (ie: someone else sending you psionic energy, or taking it out of an object when someone else has put it in)

    <amaya> That is still psi, not magic, but it was not created by your own body, but in general, yes, psi is created internally

    <amaya> Solem?

    * psi_seeker raises hand

    <Solem> What are the main, important differences between properties and usage of Psi and Magick?

    <Nevyn> Ok, we’re drifting off topic here. Please keep the questions related to charging as amaya asked.

    <amaya> Magick tends to be more dependent on rituals, is gathered independently of the body (though most mages also use psi without distinguishing it from magic) Psi is just.. well used directly, methods of which will be covered in these classes

    <Solem> Ok, sorry.

    <amaya> Austin, if its not about charging, ask later

    <Austin> How does someone charge psi into their hands?

    <amaya> That’s the point of today’s lecture Austin, when I’m done taking questions, we’ll start

    <Austin> lol ok sorry I’m new

    <amaya> psi_seeker?

    <psi_seeker> right

    <psi_seeker> what about other internal energies

    <psi_seeker> are they guild sanctioned?

    <amaya> A question for another time psi_seeker, but yes, other energies to exist.. and though we focus on PSI, we acknowledge that the others exist, and I will devote an entire lecture to at least describing the others. Most of them, its DUMB to use them.

    <psi_seeker> k

    <amaya> The guild’s focus is on understanding, and learning psionic energy. There are other groups that are more generalized, and/or devoted to other things

    <amaya> Unlike previously run classes, which were focused entirely on Anka’s methods (and taught by winged wolf) We will cover Anka’s, but Anka’s method is not the only method, and just like any other style of learning, and every other skill out there, not any one thing will work on every person

    <amaya> Anka’s methods are GOOD methods, but I prefer taking a broader more inclusive approach to things.

    <amaya> Again: we’ll be focusing on the hand, because it’s there, and streamlines it for everyone. We’ll be using our dominant hands, that is the one you write and do almost all fine motor tasks with

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    <amaya> If you are ambidextrous, use whichever, if you have arthritis in one, or a major injury active in your dominant, use the other, if you’re paralysed on one side, use the other.

    <amaya> Benji?

    <Benjiboy87> would having rings or watches on affect the process?

    <amaya> Its best to take them off until you have more practice at focusing, if you surprise yourself with your output your watch might not be happy, and metals tend to happily willingly store psionic energy

    <Benjiboy87> k

    * sindan raises hand

    <amaya> Sindan

    <sindan> so if I have a ring on my finger and I charge…the ring will automatically absorb some energy taking away from the feeling

    <amaya> It won’t take away from the feeling, but you might not want to be walk around with a psionically charged ring

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    <amaya> Benji?

    <Benjiboy87> why not?

    <amaya> to put simply, not everything out there that uses psi is nice, and we haven’t covered shielding yet, and using energy and walking around with charged items is carrying a sign that says HI PSI HERE RIGHT HERE

    <Benjiboy87> so if I were to say charge my ring and shield it, it would be fine and I would have a ready reserve of psi?

    <amaya> It wouldn’t be a lot.. and I wouldn’t call it a reserve, but it will be a bit of energy there for you. Most often, rings and such can have a shielding construct programmed, which can be set to certain triggers.

    <Benjiboy87> okay

    * Amaterasu raises hand

    <amaya> Just a reminder that questions need to relate directly to charging, and preferably to information that has just been given.

    <amaya> Ama?

    <Amaterasu> would it also apply to the body as a whole? I mean if we do general skin charging, would it be wise to just remove all pieces of jewelry attached to you?

    <Amaterasu> like earrings and necklaces

    <amaya> If you have a piercing, I wouldn’t remove it at the risk of healing and closing and such. Once you get practiced enough to focus charge on your hands easily, and not risk spilling into jewelry, it won’t be a problem at all even for rings

    <Amaterasu> okay

    <amaya> Lakota, did you still have your question from before you dropped?

    <Amaterasu> thank you

    <Dekasutu> Oh, as to a remark Amaya said, yeah, don’t go around with a bunch of charged stuff if you don’t want to attract attention.

    <lakotajames> yeah, can we get on with it? its been like an hour and we haven’t really gotten anywhere beyond discussing Jewelry and magic vs psi

    <lakotajames> Sorry if that comes across impatient

    <amaya> Lakota: most of the people here are new to psi, and I would rather them be well informed and sure of what they are about to try rather than walk into a practice session full of doubt. today, I’m expecting a lot of questions, the level of questions will decrease as people become experienced enough to answer their own questions.

    <lakotajames> Alright, thanks

    <amaya> Moving on: The first method we will work with is encouraging your hand to produce more psionic energy. The easiest visualization is to visualize the nerves firing and producing more energy. For those with advanced biology knowledge, visualizing your cells producing more ATP works just as well. Hold your hand out where you can see it, but not to where you will be uncomfortable for

    <amaya> keeping it there for periods of time, and as your looking at it, visualize your nerves (or cells) increasing energy output. For this method, we’ll be focusing on our hand as a whole, not any one part of it.

    <amaya> You can go on and try that now, and if you want to share your results with the class, raise a chat hand and wait to be called on. Feeling NOTHING is also a legitimate response, and either you just need to practice more, or one of the other methods taught will work better.

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    * EverLearning raises hand

    * Solem raises hand

    <amaya> If you want someone to look you over and see if you’re doing it right, or if you just don’t trust your senses quite yet, a simple /me wants to be checked will do, and zhala, and Nevyn will look you over. Drazak: if you have the time to help look over people send me a PM.

    <amaya> Benji?

    <Benjiboy87> what should it feel like if/when it works?

    * sindan raises hand

    <Benjiboy87> cause I get a kinda tingly sensation just from holding my hand up and doing nothing to it.

    <amaya> Different than it feels like normally… for some, it’s heat, for some it tingles, or feels “fuzzy” its a personalized experience

    <psi_seeker> I have a repulsing magnet feeling

    * Solem wants to add something

    <amaya> Everlearning?

    <EverLearning> Almost a sort of warmness/pressure not just on the hand, but around it, and a tiny bit of twitching. Hard to describe the sensation, really.

    <amaya> Everlearning thank you for following procedures, psi, did you see how he waited to be called on. If people can’t do this, as it helps with crowd control, I will start having Nevyn devoice you so we can continue

    <amaya> Solem?

    * lakotajames wants to be checked

    <Solem> A definite tingling. Also, everyone, if you wish then hold out both hands. Charge in only one, and compare the feelings.

    <amaya> Solem, that’s a very good idea, if that will help you, go on and try it folks

    <amaya> Sindan?

    * Benjiboy87 wants to be checked.

    <sindan> that method worked for me…my hand is charged (tingly and twitchy) and is different from my other hand

    <amaya> Zhala, nev, can you check Benji and Lakota.

    <zhala> on it already :)

    <Nevyn> doing so

    <amaya> FX, do you want to help with class or just be here watching your girlfriend teach?

    * Solem would appreciate being checked

    <FxChiP> Second one, unless you have some way for me to assist.

    <amaya> ok you can just watch *LOL*

    <Nevyn> You can check Solem :)

    <amaya> or you can do what nevyn tells you to

    <FxChiP> Checking for what?

    <amaya> Go.. check to see if solem has charged his hand

    <FxChiP> Seems to be holding a charge, yeah

    <psi_seeker> solem is charging btw

    <Solem> Thank you.

    <amaya> OK, Moving on. You guys can work on this any time you want, and on your own time, matter of fact, it is GOOD to spend a few moments every day practicing.

    <amaya> The NEXT method will be focusing energy from the rest of our bodies into our hand. For this, the visualization you want to work with is picturing psionic energy flowing from other parts of your body and into your hand. For THIS ONE, you can choose whole hand, palm, or even down into your fingertips.

    <amaya> Why don’t you all go on and give that one a try, same as before.

    * EverLearning would like to be checked

    * Amaterasu raises hand

    * sindan would also liked to be checked

    <amaya> Amaterasu?

    * DemonIncubus raises hand

    <Amaterasu> comparing it to the process we had before this, my hand kind of felt like “heavier” in way.

    <Amaterasu> do different methods really produce different “feelings”?

    <amaya> *nods* This way is more efficient, but its good to know multiple methods.

    <amaya> They do produce different methods, and different energy feels

    <Amaterasu> I see.

    <amaya> DemonIncubus?

    <DemonIncubus> You keep mentioning visualization as the method for charging

    <amaya> Yes…

    <DemonIncubus> For me that doesn’t work so well; I instead “feel” the energy (tactile?)… so is this bad? or going to affect how I learn?

    * Amaterasu raises hand

    <amaya> Not at all, matter of fact, I have a blind student in one of my face to face classes that “feels” it tactily. it’ll affect certain things, and we’ll have to translate visualizations into appropriate feelings, but it is a very valid method.

    <amaya> Ama?

    <Amaterasu> what accounts for these different manifestations? I mean, the differences in “feel”

    <amaya> The levels of energy, the places where it originated, the person themselves, you can compare it to how your living room light looks different between day and night.

    <Amaterasu> I see, thank you

    <amaya> Ok, moving on. For this next one, we will be using both hands. Hold them both in front of you, touching, palm to palm, fingers together, palms and fingers flat against each other, then draw them apart, visualizing (or feeling) energy pushing between them. You can go in either direction, most people find it easier to produce it in their dominant and move it to their other hand.

    <amaya> You can also send and receive with both hands at the same time, or switch it up. Start with just a fraction of space, and try to hold it as you draw your hands slowly apart, to a maximum (for today) of about 6 inches. If you can’t manage a whole six, stay where you feel comfortable.

    * psi_seeker wants to add some things

    * Benjiboy87 wants to be checked

    <amaya> go on psi (and yes, do try this out)

    <psi_seeker> try moving one hand and sensing with the still one then sense with the moving one then switch hands

    * Solem wants to be checked

    * Solem also has something to add

    * sindan raises hand

    <amaya> Not at all, its just a matter of pulling up the sites again its not a big deal

    * Amaterasu wants to be checked

    * sindan raises hand

    * Solem wishes to give a suggestion to the class

    <amaya> What psi recommended, feel free to do on your own, you are encouraged to both practice as is on your own time, and to change it and experiment with it, but please be careful and take care of yourself while doing so. Healthier people tend to have better energy levels.

    <amaya> Solem, you had your hand up before the madness, go on.

    <amaya> sindan, I’ll call on you next

    <Solem> Imagine a circle.

    <Solem> It helps to imagine the energy travelling in a circuit.

    * psi_seeker nods

    <amaya> If that helps you, go for it, but the further your hands go, elliptical might work better. For some “roads” for each direction can help too.

    <amaya> Sindan?

    <sindan> well…using this method I had a different result

    <sindan> there was a distinct warmness between my hands (for obvious reasons) but there was a wall of psi…it was almost tangible. it was weird

    <amaya> That’s normal, its a slightly different thing. This is getting us ready to charge outside of our bodies rather than just ON our bodies. This is kind of “the next step” on the way to psi balls, energy healing, and making constructs

    <Solem> cool.

    <jammer854> raises hand

    <amaya> Sindan, mind if I have nevyn scan that?

    <sindan> sure…let me do it again

    <amaya> Jammer, what’s your question?

    <jammer854> well I used the technique and all the energy just sort of stays in my legs it is really weird

    * psi_seeker raises hand

    <amaya> jammer, try to draw the energy up through your body and into your hands, just visualize it flowing towards your hands then try again. Practice will help things like that sort themselves out.

    <amaya> seeker?

    <psi_seeker> I can feel my hands from a foot apart

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    <amaya> Awesome, good for you

    <amaya> Benji?

    <Benjiboy87> I can feel them from like five foot apart for brief periods, but also I find that its easier for me to just try making constructs and the charging kinda happens on its own.

    <amaya> (for all my advanced students that are here because they’re excited about classes being back, or if you already have a few basics and are waiting for this to become more advanced, feel free to dork around and do things like holding your hands at your sides, and having the energy arch over your head to get to the other hand, ETC

    <amaya> or make loops in between your hands , or other creative endeavors. I expect my more advanced students to take the basics and expand on them independently, as that’s one of the qualifiers of being advanced, using psi as YOU need rather than just doing something someone else outlines for you. If you want checking, feel free to ask, and if we see our old timers and more advanced doing

    * Benjiboy87 agrees

    <amaya> such things, we might end up using you for an example for others to see what can be done

    * Solem enjoys making energy loop in the air around him

    <Nevyn> Any more questions?

    <amaya> anyways, I do NOT want this to get boring for the advanced students, everyone can use refreshers, but my advanced students can modify practice (unless I specifically say “don’t modify this”)

    <psi_seeker> k

    <Solem> understood

    * Nevyn raises hand

    <amaya> The last thing we’re going to work on is not STRICTLY charging, but its a fun thing to do along side charging, and Rain usually teaches it in the same lecture she teaches charging with, so we’ll play with it. (its an advancement on moving it between your hands)

    <amaya> Ok nevyn, go on

    <Nevyn> One thing I’ve noticed is that almost all methods work on some level for everyone because they know what it’s supposed to do, so can still give you a tiny charge. It’s always a good idea to try other methods in cases like this because something else will likely work better for you.

    * Solem raises hand

    <Nevyn> It’s really like finding the right dialect to communicate to your subconscious with. Some methods give you basic communication, but once you find the right one it’s a lot easier

    <amaya> Very well said Nevyn (see why I make him help me!) I couldn’t have said that better myself

    <amaya> Solem?

    <Solem> And I’d like to add that once you are familiar with visualization, you tend to make your own methods from scratch.

    <Solem> So, once you master a basic method, feel free to experiment.

    <jammer854> raises hand

    <amaya> so its been said solem

    <amaya> Jammer?

    <jammer854> yeah , I just wanted to say that your advice worked ( although I really had a hard time feeling the energy in my abs)

    <amaya> You’ll get better at tracing it through your body with time.

    <amaya> OK.. now back to the last method… Its more of an advancement on the third method, rather than its own. Rain teaches it alongside charging, I add it because its a bit more fun than just charging, and it gives you an idea of how things can be modified. THIS ONE can be done by a beginner though

    <jammer854> well I have been trying to do this for a while and generally failed until now

    <amaya> I’m glad we can help you, stick around there’s a lot more to come in the following weeks!

    * psi_seeker raises hand

    <amaya> Anyways, for this method, were using both hands again, but with this, you’ll take your sending hand, and either just have one finger extended, or you’ll keep it flat, using your palm. Whichever you choose, that is where you will be sending energy FROM. Your other hand (for starters) will be your receiving hand.. but you will be focusing the energy to a beam, rather than just a bunch of energy flowing, and use that beam to “draw” shapes on your other hand, triangles, hearts, diamonds (of for my artists, bunny rabbits and dragons)

    <amaya> Go on and give it a try.

    <amaya> Psi?

    * Solem wants to be checked

    <jammer854> wants to be checked

    <psi_seeker> Nevermind, I was going to ask if psi balls were next

    * Benjiboy87 wants checked

    <amaya> Psi, we’re going to be devoting an ENTIRE session just for psi balls after we cover the essentials of charging, grounding, shielding, basic partner send and receive, and scanning

    * psi_seeker raises hand again

    <amaya> psi?

    <psi_seeker> when do you hold more advanced classes?

    * Solem raises hand

    <amaya> The guild hasn’t ran classes in about 3-4 years, so we’re covering basics, and after we get through them, we’ll start running more advanced topics.

    <amaya> Solem?

    <Solem> focusing the beam to a really small diameter is difficult

    <amaya> yes.

    <amaya> that’s why this is an advancement of moving energy between hands, and will give you something to practice

    <Solem> ok

    * Amaterasu wants to be checked

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    * Benjiboy87 waves upraised hand

    <Nevyn> Give her a moment

    <amaya> OK Benji

    <Benjiboy87> could this work as a partner exercise, with one person tracing shapes on the other person’s hand and the second person telling them what the shape was to make sure they were doing it right?

    <amaya> Yes, and we’ll be expanding this in such a way when we work more on partner practice skills

    <amaya> Ok, we went over today, but a lot, because of all the questions, so I’m wrapping this up, but feel free to stay for questions. Next week, we’ll cover grounding, and the week after, shielding. And NEXT WEEK, we’re going to be more strict about interruptions, off topic, and disturbances.