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    Basics Class 5: Shielding

    Teacher: Amaya
    Date: 3/15/2009

    <amaya> I’m going to ask a few questions to start with… so I’ll need us unmoderated for a bit.

    <amaya> So, I’d like to open with this question, remember, raise a hand to indicate you would like to answer, and wait to be called on, it helps keep things orderly.

    <amaya> the question: What would you use shields for?

    * EverLearning raises hand

    <amaya> EL?

    <EverLearning> for blocking incoming and outgoing thoughts, emotions, and energy, and for defense against attacks. Depends on the programming of the shield.

    <amaya> Very good EL, especially note his “it depends on the programming”. Anyone else care to add to that?

    <amaya> Today’s topic is shielding, and EL nailed it’s purpose on the head. There are also reports of people that have been able to put their shields at a frequency that keeps mosquitoes away. Rain Turtle though, is one of the strongest psions most of us know.

    <amaya> You can also shield rooms, small areas, other people, entire houses, property, segments of land, they can be used to keep things out, keep things in, or diffuse incoming things to a point of insignificance

    <amaya> As I did with charging, I will be introducing a type of shielding, then we’ll have a quick practice with that type, and move on. With only a few people, this should go fairly quickly

    <amaya> Any (SHIELD RELATED) question before we begin?

    <Solem> How reliable can we expect our own beginner shields to be?

    <amaya> As beginners, you would do better to check your own shields every few days to see how they’re holding, just to make sure the energy doesn’t dissipate.

    * sindan raises hand

    <amaya> The first shield we’re going to look at is the bubble shield. This can be done in two styles, a bubble around you, or “form fitted” and moving with your skin. the bubble is easier to build, has a definite shape to visualize, but comes with the risk of and attack “rattling” it around you, which can be disconcerting. The form fitted requires more precise visualization but is more “flexible” and moves better with you

    <amaya> IN essence, this style is also a basic construct. what you are going to do is to gather some psionic energy in your hand (as we did when we practice charging), then when you have a “handful” or so of it, you are going to visualize the exact purpose you want, and visualize that energy forming a bubble around you. The exact purpose is going to be along the lines of keeping random energy out, preventing attacks from getting through them, ETC.

    <amaya> THEN you’re going to take that energy, continuing to “program” it through visualization, and make a bubble around yourself with it, and if you have the focus, shrink it until it’s form fitted.

    <amaya> If you have never shielded before, it CAN be a bit disconcerting, but you’ll get used to it, and in the long run, be more protected from stray energy for it.

    <amaya> If you guys would take a few moments to give it a try, then raise a hand if you want to be checked by Nevyn or Zhala, this is the time.

    <Nevyn> sindan, you had a question as well?

    <sindan> can my own shield get in the way of my telepathy?

    <DraconicNinja> only if you let them..(my opinion)

    <amaya> (btw, you can add to the programming, with practice, to make it dissipate after only a few hours, or you can program it to be manually taken down, or you can just regather and ground the energy

    * EverLearning thinks his has already dissipated some

    <amaya> Most empaths and telepaths have issues fine tuning their shields to their abilities. Its VERY common for empaths never to be 100% comfortable with shields. I’ll work with empaths and telepaths in a separate class on shielding for empaths and telepaths.

    <amaya> EL that happens at first, don’t worry about it.. that’s actually good for tonight because we’ll be playing with a couple of different kinds

    <amaya> SO… NOW, dissipate the ones you have, and get ready for the next kind. a “marshmallow” shield, as its been affectionately named.

    <amaya> The purpose of THIS shield is to simple absorb and diffuse attacks, they tend to be used if someone is expecting an attack, or if they are a beginner just getting into sparring

    <amaya> Think: stay puffed marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters BEFORE the explosion of goo. You’re going to gather the energy in the same way, but when you program it, you’re going to tell it to absorb and diffuse energy throughout itself into insignificant amounts, and you’re going to make it thick around yourself.

    <amaya> So lets give that one a try real fast. take your time, and keep your visualizations precise.

    <amaya> the NEXT type of shield we are going to work with is mirror shields, so named because of their purpose. They are what they say, the reflect incoming energy. The BEST way to program this is so that it is reflected back at its sender, NOT just a “random deflection” because if it’s used in an attack, random deflection CAN hurt innocent bystanders. So again, you’re going to gather energy as you did before, but this time, you will be programming it to reflect incoming energy back to its sender.

    <amaya> Take a few moments to play with it, and raise your hand when you would like to be checked.

    <amaya> The FINAL kind of shield we’re going to work with is my favorite. It’s been called a cloak shield, or a hedge shield. Think Harry Potters invisibility cloak, or romulan bird of prey cloaking technology. It does NOT physically make you less visible, but it makes you less noticeable. Its partially a telepathic thing, partially shield programming. You are going to program it one of two ways– You’re either going to program it to be inconspicuous, for the energy to be “beneath notice”, a “nothing here to see” programming. The OTHER way is camouflage, this way is fun for playing hide and go seek. You’re going to program your shield to mimic your surroundings, blending you into them. The FIRST is great for people that tend to have higher energy levels, and find themselves being hit by random attacks of opportunity just because someone notices their energy.

    <amaya> It’s also good for things like sneaking in from a break at work late, showing up to class a minute or two late, walking by parents unnoticed and things like that

    <amaya> It is about being UNNOTICED… it will NOT render you invisible if you do something STUPID like walking up and slapping someone and expecting not to be seen. That defeats the purpose entirely. Just like birds of prey were BRIEFLY visible when they shot a photon torpedo…. you can’t hit something without being noticed

    <amaya> OK.. play with that for a few minutes, and please, enjoy your next game of hide and go seek.. remember; you are never too old to play! it only gets more complex over time… raise your hand if you want to be checked, and if Nevyn or Zhala can’t find you, you’re doing great!

    <Solem> heh-heh… paintball should be interesting

    <amaya> Solem: good thinking, that’s how I manage to do so well with paintball. I actually got SAT ON by someone from the opposing team when they just didn’t notice me there.. they got shot….

    <amaya> I hardly ever even get shot at, I play the sniper role

    <amaya> Of course, remembering when I said the point is to NOT be noticed… shooting someone draws attention and takes away from the “don’t see me” affect, because you are interfering with them.

    <Solem> and again. Could you redirect attention?

    <Solem> Do something from afar and make it seem like it came from another direction entirely?

    <amaya> If you are doing physical things that are designed to affect another being or their property in their presence, you WILL be noticed.

    <Solem> So distractions won’t work?

    <amaya> Not likely, not with paintball especially, physics applies. if you get hit on the right side of your body, the gun is to the right

    <amaya> (for the record, hedge shielding is less effective on highly logical thinkers)

    <Nevyn> Got a quick comment as well

    <Nevyn> Hedging works well when mixed with skin shaping. pull your field in as much as possible as wrap it with the shield

    <amaya> *nods* thank you for adding that Nevyn

    <Nevyn> I did this at a fair that was supposed to be abounding with psychics and I almost got ran over a few times :P

    <amaya> LMAO good going

    <amaya> (hedge shielding has many other applications, but in my effort NOT to be a bad influence on young psis, you guys are on your own to figure it out

    <amaya> Those are the BASIC four. Now, we’re going to go with a different origination type. Rather than taking a pile of psi, and putting it around you, we’re going to use our other kind of charging, where you charged your hand itself, and expand that to grand scale: you will be charging the skin of your full body, then visualize it raising to about a half inch to an inch above your skin, and program as before.

    <amaya> so, we’ll go back to the basic bubble/form fit shield and try the new forming method. This will be the only one we’re checking using this formation method, the rest, you can practice on your own. So go on, give it a try and raise your hands to be checked

    <amaya> The last thing I’d like to introduce you to is the concept of layering shields… you can take the different types, and layer them on top of each other, OR take ONE type, program them with SLIGHT differences, and layer them…

    <amaya> You want think about this, and plan this carefully though… things like putting mirror shields INSIDE other shields isn’t exactly effective.

    <amaya> Here are a few other mental notes: it can be uncomfortable at first, if you are unaccustomed to being shielded, but most people do get used to it. Telepaths and empaths have additional issues, which we will cover in a separate class

    <amaya> if you are unaccustomed to shielding, it will take getting used to

    <amaya> MOST psions recommend leaving shields on all the time, but when you get more advanced, you can create “reactive” shields, there, ready, waiting, and activated as soon as they feel a certain type or level of energy.

    <amaya> This will be covered at a later date. when you practice layers, you can also have each layer slightly different.. one just for stray energy, used when you’re in crowds, one for attacks. specialized one for sparring specific people ETC

    <amaya> Other than that, does anyone have any questions?

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    <Dwiibulon> are fish sensitive to psi enough so that you can make them be more attracted to a fishing lure?

    <DraconicNinja> anyway, when ethereal projecting, what would be a good shield to protect from the sensitivity?

    <amaya> Fish are dumb, pure psi wouldn’t work, but making a lure seem more real like would

    <DraconicNinja> what about core? xP

    <amaya> Filters rather than shields, draconic

    <Benjiboy87> I’m a bit empathetic… how much of a problem do ya think that is gonna be with getting used to shields?

    <amaya> “allow this through, but not this” type thing

    <amaya> Shields tend to interfere with empathy for NATURAL empaths (taught empaths don’t have this problem) and it makes them feel blinded our out of sorts.

    <amaya> Headaches: practice more, let yourself accommodate

    <amaya> see this is why I like hand raising.. because now I’m trying to field 4 questions or so at once

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    * Thais raises hand

    <amaya> Thais

    <Thais> is there a good way to shield so that empaths don’t feel isolated?

    <amaya> Thais: I’ve been an empath my entire life, and I haven’t found a PERFECT one that is both fully protecting and not isolating yet. There are some that work better than others. Filters rather than shields seem to be the best option for empaths.. its LESS isolating, but not perfect

    <amaya> Benji?

    <Benjiboy87> what kind of adverse effects can shielding have on empaths?

    <Benjiboy87> I’m starting to feel claustrophobic… is that normal for a first-timer?

    <amaya> it is Benji. claustrophobia is common for first timers, thinner shields help with that.

    <Benjiboy87> the claustrophobia? and if its skin-tight, am I supposed to feel like I’m covered in saran wrap?

    <amaya> You can loosen them a bit.. an inch above your flesh will help with that rather than skin tight

    <amaya> as for adverse effects; it makes empaths feel blinded, and isolated

    <Benjiboy87> pros-cons of skin-tight vs an inch away?

    * EverLearning raises hand

    <amaya> less claustrophobia and warmth.. personal preference *shrugs*

    <amaya> Everlearning?

    <EverLearning> would one’s field need to be _within_ aforementioned shields? or kinda be part-in, part overflowing?

    <amaya> some put their shields outside, some just kinda let their own field free flow through their shields

    <amaya> its personal preference and ability for the psion

    * DraconicNinja raises hand

    <EverLearning> any disadvantages to having field outside of a shield?

    <amaya> if someone whacks your shield, it can rattle you a bit, disconcert you as it rattles around you

    <amaya> Draconicninja?

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    <amaya> Benji will be the last question I have an even I need to head out for

    <DraconicNinja> I know that in person energy is 5 to 10 times stronger than distance…but what of ethereal projecting. I projected to a vamp friend of mine and I felt the slight tug of her very lightly and innately feeding

    <amaya> What do you mean my ethereal projecting?

    <Nevyn> astral projection

    <amaya> Astral.. you reform shields once you’re in the astral realm

    <DraconicNinja> no, not exactly astral. I mean as in I’m technically there, right there with her and I could to a limited degree physically affect her.

    <Nevyn> remote presence then?

    <DraconicNinja> yes

    <amaya> you can program your shields for whatever you want them to stop or allow, it just takes practice and experience

    <DraconicNinja> but to a stronger degree

    <amaya> ok Benji. then I REALLY need to head out

    <amaya> NEXT WEEK will be centering, and if we have time, visualization partner practice

    <Benjiboy87> I think this was covered earlier, but I missed it. what would the effect of pulling my field in super-tight

    then shielding be?

    <Thais> thanks, amaya

    <amaya> the claustrophobia feeling that was discussed a minute ago. it can make you feel hot as well. stuff like that.