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    Basics Class 8: Scanning

    Teacher: Amaya
    Date: 4/5/2009

    <amaya> Tonight’s class will be on scanning. As usual I open with the question: What do you already know about scanning, what can be scanned and what can scans tell us?

    * Jeffro raises hand

    <amaya> jeffro?

    <Jeffro> I know you can use it to look around for psi, you can scan about anything except if it’s properly shielded against scanning. Scans can tell us if our shield is okay and can look for other energies in the surroundings.

    <amaya> Can anyone else add to that?

    * Solem raises hand

    <amaya> Solem?

    <Solem> Scans can be used to determine what abilities a person has, like birth switches, and I may be wrong, but can’t it also be used to find out the programming of a construct?

    <amaya> Depends on the scanner and how the construct was programmed. But you’ve brought up a point worth noting

    * Pourcheto raises hand

    <Pourcheto> obtaining information about any place, person, object, concept, or generally anything that exists?

    <amaya> BIRTH SWITCHES are a HYPOTHESIS. They are not researched well enough for anyone to place a lot of value in them. A person’s NORMAL energy field fluctuation can cause them to look to a scanner as a partial one moment, a phoenix the next, and a switcher the day after that. It is based off the idea that there are things that psions have in common. It is NOT at this time worth much in what it can tell you and none of us really like doing birth switch scans. The only good they can do is that we know certain groups of psions have certain things in common, including certain problems. If we note the TENDENCIES we might scan to see if you have the same signature as everyone else in that group, to see if the same types of things can help you cope. If you are coming to us asking for a birth switch scan, the results will only hinder you, because you’ll choose to focus your training where the birth switch scan suggests, and ignore the rest. We’ve seen this over and over again but other than that, yes, scanning can tell us a lot about a person; the health of their field, if there is outside influences, damage, the amount of shielding they have. For empaths, it can tell you emotional state, it can HELP alert you if you are about to walk into danger, though, PLEASE don’t depend entirely on scanning to say if a situation is dangerous, use your common sense too.

    <amaya> BUT if something SHOULDN’T be dangerous, and a scan tells you it is more dangerous than it should be, be on guard.

    <amaya> It helps guide healing, and all other kinds of energy work with other people, it can be used by a teacher to monitor your progress and about a thousand other things. It can tell if an object contains latent or psionic energy, it can tell how many people are in a room but most of these are things that come with practice, but to get to that point, we need to back up and look at the bare boned basics.

    <amaya> The first thing we’re going to practice is a mundane technique that is used in scanning. It is called averted vision. Astronomers use it all the time when they are looking at stars, both just in the sky and in telescopes

    <amaya> It is the art of watching something from your peripheral visions, (sides, top and bottom) without directing your vision on it once you catch a glimpse.

    <amaya> This is FAR more difficult than it sounds, because people will instinctively turn their full gaze onto something once they catch a glimpse, and it takes practice and training not to do it.

    <amaya> before I start teaching you how, is anyone here from the southern hemisphere?

    <amaya> No one? good. that makes it easier. (I don’t know the southern hemisphere star charts well)

    <amaya> The example I’m going to use is Orion. can everyone find Orion in the sky? maybe not now, but in general, do you guys know Orion?


    <amaya> THAT link has a picture of Orion on the side, please bring it up in your browser

    <amaya> Ok. the three across in the center, those are Orion’s belt stars. They are REALLY bright, and that’s how most people find Orion. Below, you’ll see a line of stars that looks like the sheath of a sword hanging down from the belt

    <amaya> That’s how you get good orientation or Orion.. the sword hangs DOWN towards the feet.

    <amaya> Beetlejuice is that one that looks to be “bigger”

    <amaya> on the black and white.. it’s on the upper left

    <amaya> That star, in the night sky, has a red tint, and down on the lower right corner, you’ll see a blue one (also bigger black in that picture) THAT is Rigel.

    <amaya> Rigel is the star we will be using for this exercise (which you will have to do on your own time, as we are not all standing outside, or even all after dark right now)

    <amaya> Almost directly up from Rigel, kinda angled left, but really close to Rigel, the one that looks like a speck of dust on the monitor.. that’s the star you will be looking for using averted vision.

    <amaya> Let your eyes adjust to the night sky, it takes 5- minutes depending on the person. Then look to Rigel, and stare JUST AT RIGEL. After a few moments, you’ll see stars pop in around Rigel that you didn’t see before.. right there in the peripheral of your vision, but if you try to look directly at them, they will disappear again.

    <amaya> This is NOT an optical illusion, the reason this works is because your night vision eye thingies are called rods, your color vision is from cones. Rods are black and white, but allow you to see in the dark.. Cones are located on the center of your retina.. and the rods are concentrated on the edges. Your goal in this exercise is to be able to keep staring at Rigel, without trying to focus on the fainter stars.. YET, you have to be able to make observations on this fainter star. (this works on most parts of the sky, zeta geminorum in the Gemini twins can be found by scanning rapidly between Pollux and the foot star, focusing on those to bright stars, and quickly gazing past zeta, which is about half way between, and a thousand other places where there is a bright star.)

    * Jeremy_NoMad raises hand

    <amaya> Jeremy?

    <Jeremy_NoMad> So this exercise isn’t the scanning, but more on how to get into the correct mindset for scanning?

    * Pourcheto raise hand

    <amaya> The correct visual technique for beginner basic scanning, MOST people eventually outgrow the need for it and can get what they need looking head on, but should still use averted vision to see if there’s anything faint they missed in the basic scan

    <amaya> Pourcheto?

    <Pourcheto> So this exercise cannot work in the day, right?

    <amaya> If you’re using stars, no. But you’re jumping just a bit ahead to what we are going to practice today

    <amaya> NOW we are going to do a basic preliminary to scanning exercise on ourselves.

    <amaya> Stare straight ahead on the text and hold your dominant hand out to the side. As far to the side as you can and still see it.

    <amaya> Now with your hand there, go back to your charging lessons, and charge your hand. You should see something with the peripheral that wasn’t there before charging and that isn’t obvious when you stare at your hand

    <amaya> Do I have anyone here that is blind, or uses a screen reader? (not just wears glasses, but is legally blind to the point where vision is NOT their primary sense)

    * Pourcheto raises hand

    * Nevyn raises hand

    <amaya> pourcheto?

    <Pourcheto> What should you see? I saw like a dark figure beside my hand.

    <amaya> if that’s what you charged, that’s what you will see.

    * DemonIncubus raises hand

    <amaya> Nevyn?

    <Nevyn> quick comment: IF you have glasses and are having trouble, take them off. sometimes even contacts can mess it up

    <amaya> Thank you Nevyn, yes. If you have issues take off your glasses. I can barely see without my glasses, but I take mine off when I’m scanning.

    * Solem raises hand

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    * sindan raises hand

    <amaya> demon?

    <DemonIncubus> Is there supposed to be any type of particular color surrounded the charged part (hand)? I kind of “see” a blackish-blue fog around my hand

    <amaya> Ok demon: ignore the blackish blue fog. THAT is an optical illusion, and was there even before you charged. what you’re looking for is change between when you weren’t charging, and when you were. the blackish blue haze is the optical illusion that exists at the edge of your peripheral vision

    <amaya> Solem was next?

    <Solem> I’m not getting anything at all. It looks like my hand is turning red, but then it’s just the bad light.

    * Jeffro raises hand

    <amaya> It takes practice. You can try this with other people too.. walking down the halls of your school.. keep your gaze forward.. can you notice things about your schoolmates? do some of them seem brighter to you? do some of them have an odd feel?

    <amaya> OK Benji

    <Benjiboy87> I noticed that black-blue haze, but then as I kept looking at the screen and simultaneously focusing on my hand, I developed a blind spot around my hand and when the vision came back my hand was that really dense blackish-blue color. The whole thing was that color. That was after charging a little.

    <Benjiboy87> just buggy eyes or something?

    <amaya> yeah likely, unless you charge with the visualization of that black blue. try charging to a different color. electric blue and bright green are pretty easy to spot

    <amaya> Sindan?

    <sindan> I don’t really see anything in my peripheral vision but when I look at my hand I see the aura around my hand and psi coming off of it

    <amaya> Then congratulations, you can see it, but work on your averted vision anyway. It’s useful when you start working with other people

    <amaya> Nomad?

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    <Jeremy_NoMad> First, what tips do you have for preventing an Analytical Overlay (where you think you’re charging therefore you see a charge when it’s not there.)

    <amaya> Jeremy: with this, you make sure you already know how to charge and you trust yourself. its just to get the idea, it’s not overly important

    <amaya> Jeffro?

    <Jeffro> I am actually having trouble seeing something but there was something beside my hand trying to get my attention and my right eye sort of noticed it but then again, I don’t see anything.

    <amaya> *nods* pretty common as you start Jeffro

    <amaya> OK I’m going to take Benji then we’re moving on.

    <Benjiboy87> I think I got it, I tried using a really really bright blue and saw a HINT of that color all over my hand. Not got it, starting to get it.

    <amaya> GOOD, keep practicing

    <amaya> NOW this you MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be able to do so we’re not going to try today, but the next step is taking it to those around you; family, friends, crowded halls. just see what you see on the edges of your peripheral vision- bright spots, slimy people, can you see something different when people are upset than when they’re comfortable

    <amaya> Now for the next step that we can do TOGETHER. We’re going to span the distance.

    <amaya> I’m going to do a demo example of what were going to do and all of you are going to “look” at me. You’re going to close your eyes, because they get in the way when you’re spanning distance and you are just going to reach out to me. To help you with a first look, I have an EEEpc about two feet from a silver and black microwave, with a two liter of dew and two banana peels on my desk

    <amaya> I’m going to charge my right hand a fairly bright obnoxious color, and you’re going to reach out to what you know and what you feel about me and see if you can tell what color.

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand?

    * sindan raises hand

    <amaya> Close your eyes, think “amaya” and trust. I’m leaving just enough feelers out there for you guys to see.. you KNOW what you’re looking for this time which is cheating and in the long run not good practice. Which I will explain later but for beginners it helps in getting the basics.

    <amaya> Benji

    <Benjiboy87> Did you do it yet? or is my imagination running away with itself? Because I think I found you and saw a bright light green..

    * DemonIncubus raises hand

    * Solem raises hand

    <amaya> Sindan?

    <amaya> (I’ll announce what I did after I get every ones answer)

    * Jeremy_NoMad raises hand to give answer

    * Redregon raises hand to guess

    <sindan> I reached out and saw the desk, dew, etc. and I saw your hand as a bright green or yellow

    <amaya> Demon, Nomad and Red

    * EverLearning raises hand

    <amaya> all three of you can go and EL

    <Jeremy_NoMad> Same thing, bright yellow greenish tint

    <DemonIncubus> I got a bright-orange w/ a little red

    <Redregon> felt like a lime green, but yellowy.. kinda like day-glow green almost

    * Jeffro raises hand

    * Amaterasu raises hand

    <amaya> Jeffro, Ama?

    <Solem> I’m probably wrong, but I got purple. And is there some sort of weird corner behind you in the room?

    <EverLearning> I saw bright yellow/green, but for a second during that it was a rather dark blue

    <Amaterasu> same as everyone has been saying — yellow

    <Jeffro> I saw something like yellow, like a little sun.

    <amaya> This is what I DID, and Demon, pay attention to this. I charged my RIGHT hand electric lime-yellow yuck green and my LEFT was electric orange.

    * Benjiboy87 raises hand

    <amaya> SOME people with dyslexia screw up sides of body when scanning too

    <amaya> Benji?

    <Benjiboy87> so that’s why I initially thought orange then focused and saw green. Its refreshing to hear I’m doing something right for once.

    <amaya> SOME people find face to face, local scanning, simpler and some people find distance easier

    <amaya> OK, then we will hold a class, but I won’t do a new topic, we’ll go over scanning again, and have a longer practice session. we’ll cover a new technique or two, but basically, same stuff.

    <amaya> Practice your averted vision during the week while we’re apart. Use the stars, your own hand, the people around you, just let your senses sharpen naturally with practice and we’ll see where everyone is in a week

    <amaya> EVERYONE needs to go to the forums, read the charging section, and brush up on your charging.