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    Basics Class 9: Psiballs

    Teacher: Solet
    Date: 4/19/2009

    <Solet> Tonight we’ll be covering Psiballs. Raise your hand if you’ve never made a psi ball before

    * jake2 raises hand

    <Solet> anyone else?

    <Solet> this is going to be a singalong class. I don’t have a bouncy ball, but I’m going to teach you guys how to make your own

    <Solet> Peebrain has an article I’m sure we’ve all read with an adorable monkey picture and the basic method for how to make a psi ball. I’m going to follow that method cause it’s the quick down and dirty (and how I learned)

    <Solet> before we get to that tho. any questions on what a psi ball is (shouldn’t be difficult, psi + ball = psiball)

    <Solet> some energy studies tell you about a sending hand and a receiving hand. I don’t really follow such studies cause I can do either with either hand or no hands at all. but if you have a hand that you feel is your ‘sending hand’ start with that

    <Solet> trace a curly q spiral on your hand with your finger

    <Solet> after you trace with your finger. stop touching your hand, and make the trace again

    <Solet> feeling the sensation of your finger without using it

    <Solet> what you’re doing is sending psi to the area (and yes I know this is charging 100, but that’s part of psiballs and this isn’t a very long class so I’m starting from the beginning)

    <Solet> any problems recreating the sensation without using your finger?

    <jake2> at first it was ok but then it disappeared

    <Solet> jake try to make it come back. if it helps trace your finger down your arm to your hand

    <Solet> then do it again without the finger, better luck this time?

    <jake2> worse but go on

    <Solet> next what you’re going to want to do is hold your hands out in front of you, a few inches apart palms towards each other

    <Solet> do the same thing as before with both hands but instead of having that sensation on your palm, throw it out in front of your palm in the middle between your hands

    <Solet> you guys want Sean’s picture for this?


    <Solet> scanner guys any suggestions for jake? I’m seeing some build up in the hands, which is good

    <Solet> jake try throwing that sensation past your palms

    <jake2> ok

    <Eventide> It’s ok to scan Jake?

    <jake2> feel free

    <Eventide> Well, basically psi is in him, but not coming out.

    <Eventide> How about the purple dinosaurs method?

    <jake2> what’s that?

    <Eventide> Imagine water in your belly. now swirl it about in your stomach. Feeling it?

    <jake2> ya

    <Eventide> Ok, now imagine it flowing up your body and into arms, then through your hands. palms facing like above. Feeling something?

    <jake2> the abs only

    <Solet> oh. you had a cloud a second ago. then you typed. do it again this time try to “force” it. once you get to the cloudy sensation. kind of a ‘buzzing’ in your hands probably

    <jake2> I think I need some practice so move on guys

    <Solet> does anyone else have other methods they’ve used in learning psi balls?

    * Eventide raises hand

    <Eventide> jake2: did you imagine the water flowing from your stomach? (I mean, visually?)

    <jake2> well yeah but my visualization weakened as I moved it away from my stomach

    <Solet> don’t let it. it’s a visualization. that means you’re completely in control

    <Eventide> jake2: give it one more try.

    <jake2> maybe I am not a visual guy. ok. so?

    <Eventide> Ok, there’s another method, really simple.

    <Solet> lets hear it

    <Eventide> Position your hands. Then, without moving your hands, move your hands closer together.

    <jake2> and then?

    <Solet> what he’s talking about is send the command to move your arms but stop the command before your muscles react

    <Eventide> yep

    <Solet> essentially “test fire” the nerves, its what my finger swirl thing does only with a bigger bang

    <Eventide> you are too tense?

    <Solet> loosen up

    <Eventide> Ok, well psi doesn’t flow that well when you’re tense.

    <Solet> even: not entirely true. it does make it more difficult for beginners, but at later levels it doesn’t matter

    <jake2> what do you feel when you make a psiball?

    <Eventide> I found that when you practice to increase the amount of psi you produce, this helps.

    <Solet> jake: depends on how its programmed

    <Solet> for starters with no real programming you will get varied results. such as tingly, buzzy, warm, cool, fuzzy, etc etc

    <Eventide> or pressure.

    <jake2> as a part of an chi thing I kept imagining a flame under my navel for a month and then suddenly my hands literally repelled like magnet and I couldn’t bring them together. So does that count as a psiball?

    <Nevyn> no, that’s energy buildup

    <Solet> jake did you by chance get a drink with your snack?

    <jake2> just water

    <Solet> I want you to take a drink and as you do feel the water going down to your center. focus on every sensation

    <jake2> ok

    <Solet> now focus on the “running/cooling” sensation. move it around

    <Solet> try to move it to your arm then to your hand. now push it out in front of your hand and hold it there

    <Solet> do the same thing with your other arm and put your hands into the normal “psi ball” stance we covered earlier

    <Solet> now still holding it “push” it. focus on pushing it out into the spot between your hands

    <Solet> also focus on the spot making it “contain” what you put there. what did you feel?

    <jake2> tingly palms

    <Solet> *nods* you almost had it. keep practicing that and you’ll get there. you’re pretty much doing everything right. its not something that can really be learned in an hour

    <Solet> you’ve made good progress

    <Solet> are there any other questions about basic psi balls? (the next segment is going to be prepping for fun)

    <Solet> alright next segment. shells color and goo.

    <Solet> this is for everyone now

    <Solet> what we’re aiming for tonight is making a psi ball with a semi dense shell that will split on impact, like an egg

    <Solet> jake this is going to be basic programming, you can play along, but you might want to sit out for the game or you’ll get pelted :P

    <Solet> alright everyone go ahead and make a construct with an egg shell type shell

    <Solet> if some one starts programming naughty they’ll get pwned by the staff :P

    <Solet> ok. everyone got their egg shelled psi balls?

    <ShadowRain> I think so

    <Solet> eventide, a little softer of a shell.

    <Solet> jeffro, little tougher on the shell, that will split way too easily :P

    (giant psi-paintball match ensued)