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    Evening Class 1: Introductions, Charging, and Shielding

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/9/2002

    WingdWolf> All right, first I need to know if there actually ARE any people here who’ve never done anything with psi before.
    WingdWolf> No one is speaking up, ok….
    WingdWolf> All right….in that case, let’s do intros.
    WingdWolf> chesh first, basic outline on what you’ve done with psi.
    chesh> ah jeez, i knew it
    chesh> lol
    chesh> umm, done some shielding, creating psiballs and a little other energy manipulation
    chesh> not a whole lot, mostly self taught and very rough
    chesh> :)
    WingdWolf> Tetra, your turn.
    Tetra> I’ve mastered one skill… the skill of not having to answer this question?
    WingdWolf> No.
    WingdWolf> Come on people.
    WingdWolf> You want to be here, you have to participate.
    Tetra> Drat. Anyways, Constructs, shields, manipulation; I’ve started work on some kinetic effects in constructs
    Tetra> Uhm… A small amount of programming
    ChezNips> ok my turn?
    WingdWolf> Sure.
    ChezNips> I am basically self taught from many sources, not all pure psionics.
    ChezNips> I do shielding and constructs, some energy reading, programming, empathy…
    ChezNips> can you think of anything else tetra?
    * WingdWolf notes people should make some sign when they are done. G>
    Tetra> That sounds good
    WingdWolf> Ok…Dan?
    DanielHWolf> I’m naturally telepathic though I supressed my abilities when I was younger and now have some problems developing em. I create a lot of constructs for fun, and combat. I’m interested in learning empathy, and RVing too DanielHWolf> I also plan to learn how to work with my body (field, brain, etc) a lot more, and I was transmutated. Done
    WingdWolf> Fenix?
    FenixRacing> yes’m?
    WingdWolf> Tell what your experience with psionics is.
    FenixRacing> ah, ok.
    FenixRacing> well, came across it when searching for vampires (doing a research paper on them for school), was into druidism at the time, psionics seemed better, so i self taught myself with the aid of anka’s manual, eventually discovered the mailing list, than the irc room, and now here we are
    WingdWolf> Ok…Rain?
    RainTurtle> I guess I’m a pretty much run-of-the-mill psionicist: I do some telepathy, remote viewing and standard clairvoyance, a bit of precog, constructs, and assorted psychokinetic effects….had formal training for quite a while, and a fair bit of trial and error…ummm, done, I guess
    WingdWolf> Sathor?
    Sathor> Hmm…Started off with a bit of pagan influence, and then learned about psionics through lilac…learned a bit from her and got ahold of anka’s manual, which i need to start formal work on…Practiced shielding for quite awhile, though i think my ability has dwindled there, a bit of constructs and programming…and i had a freak accident of time dilation.
    Sathor> a small bit of empathy i’ve always had, telepathy as well… Sathor> and some precog
    Sathor> done
    WingdWolf> Naka still gone, oh, well….
    WingdWolf> All right.
    FenixRacing> AFK for a bit, sorry
    Z_Nakatul> k im back
    WingdWolf> Oh, good, just in time.
    WingdWolf> Tell us your experience with psionics.
    Z_Nakatul> well…
    Z_Nakatul> around the 7th grade i found out i could move marbles when on a flat surface, and started to play with fire and found i could make it larger / smaller. at the time i thought it was static or something, didnt think it was anything special because after about 10 minutes i could get one of my friends to do it. that was a wile ago, bad things have happend and i changed. when i got the internet i found some sites after looking d&d stuff and
    Z_Nakatul> got interested, the sad part is i havnt been able to do anything that i did before so i started with psipog
    WingdWolf> Just say “done” when you are finished.
    Z_Nakatul> havnt improoved much and dont have any big claims on anything accept some real poor RV skills
    Z_Nakatul> done
    WingdWolf> Ok.
    Sathor> oh…out of turn…i’ve had an experience with remote viewing as well.
    WingdWolf> First, I’m going to start by explaining how the system I teach is different from some of the others you might have encountered.
    WingdWolf> Most systems start with a basic formula–grounding and centering, drawing energy, and then doing the work that you’re going to do.
    WingdWolf> This one does not involve drawing outside energy at all. The reason for that is, in our experience, the type of energy produced by people, and the type that comes from, say, the Earth, are different.
    WingdWolf> There are a variety of different “psychic” energy types–they do have some similar properties. For example, they can all hold a static shape outside of a physical matrix.
    WingdWolf> Some, however, are more like electromagnetism, and others are more similar to quantum energy.
    WingdWolf> The psi I will teach you how to use is generated by your own nervous system, and is very similar to electromagnetism.
    WingdWolf> Because you’ll be using your own energy, you also will not generally need to ground.
    WingdWolf> The only instance in which you should need to ground, is if you somehow become overloaded. You’ll know that because you’ll feel dizzy, and unable to concentrate.
    WingdWolf> In such an instance, if you can’t concentrate enough to ground on your own, find something metal that is grounded, and grab ahold of it.
    WingdWolf> This will help you get rid of the excess energy.
    WingdWolf> Now, the first part of this is encouraging your system to produce more psi, and to become accustomed to carrying more psi. WingdWolf> Anka’s training manual is one good method for doing this. WingdWolf> Most people start out with a simple charging exercise, that involve visualizing bringing energy from the rest of their body into their hand.
    WingdWolf> Actually, when you do hand-charging, you should be encouraging the nerves in your hand to produce more energy, rather than bringing in energy from elsewhere.
    WingdWolf> You’ll find that you probably won’t get as heavy a charge as you would by bringing energy to your hand from other parts of your body. But you should be able to increase the energy in your hand by focusing on it, and using a sort of interrupted message to move…you think to move your hand, then stop before
    WingdWolf> This can be a bit difficult for some people to figure out at first, but it’s something I’d like you all to try now, so you understand what I mean.
    WingdWolf> Any questions on this?
    RainTurtle> Not so far
    DanielHWolf> Nope
    Nakatul> kinda not really
    WingdWolf> If you have a question, feel free to ask it now.
    WingdWolf> No one?
    WingdWolf> Ok….
    WingdWolf> Next, shielding. A lot of people only use shielding occasionally, when a situation arises where they feel they need it. However, this is like wearing a seatbelt only when you see anaccident coming.
    WingdWolf> You’re not fully prepared if something should come up unexpectedly.
    ChezNips> amen
    WingdWolf> So, I teach people to shield continually. This does not block a person’s sensitivity or abilities, once they get used to it, because their brain fairly quickly learns to compensate for the shield. But it does provide a buffer from unexpected attacks, or heavy input that could overload a person.
    WingdWolf> There are two basic ways most people shield (barring Tetra and Dan). You start first by charging your skin.
    WingdWolf> Next, you can increase the resistance in your field, by using your chosen system (such as visualization) to picture it becoming impenetrable.
    WingdWolf> The other method is to create a construct around yourself, programming it to have a high resistance.
    WingdWolf> I don’t recommend using a “bubble shield”. That type of shield is generally less effective than one that follows your body.
    WingdWolf> For one thing, it’s usually “hollow”…an attacker with enough strength can simply rattle the shield, and disorient your system to the point where you can no longer maintain it.
    WingdWolf> I also don’t recommend using a shield that’s tuned only to keep certain things out, or to allow certain things in. This type of shield allows a determined person to emulate whatever it is you’re letting through, slip through the shield, then do what they like once they are in.
    WingdWolf> Does anyone here have any problems with shielding?
    * Nakatul raises hand
    DanielHWolf> No, I have a question though
    RainTurtle> Only when there are several phoenixes screaming
    DanielHWolf> May I ask it?
    WingdWolf> Can you explain the difficulty you have had, Naka?
    Nakatul> i cant
    WingdWolf> Dan, in a moment.
    WingdWolf> Can you charge your skin, Naka?
    Nakatul> not sure
    WingdWolf> Try it.
    Nakatul> you see im in like a grey area, im just not sure
    WingdWolf> Naka–give it a try.
    WingdWolf> Dan, ask your question, in the meantime.
    DanielHWolf> Ok, to shield I would make my field go faster, and become more chaotic, but what if I was using telepathy, could I use it how I normally would, or would my field screw around with my connection?
    WingdWolf> You’d use it how you normally would, Dan…but we’ll go into that more in private.
    Tetra> Actually, linking off that; Are we going to get into how to percieve said shields?
    WingdWolf> Considering what time it is, not today.
    WingdWolf> If you have made a successful shield for the first time, you might feel that it’s become “quieter” or muffled, or that you’re wrapped in cotton.
    WingdWolf> That feeling will go away after your brain gets used to compensating for it.
    ChezNips> clausterphobic
    WingdWolf> Yes, exactly.
    WingdWolf> That can cause a lot of people to give up the shielding because they’re not comfortable with it–but I encourage you to ride it through until you get used it, and no longer feel that way.
    WingdWolf> Naka, how are you feeling?
    Nakatul> um well if im right about what charging is i can do it
    WingdWolf> Describe it.
    Nakatul> but for some reason whenever you want me to i cant exactly do it
    Nakatul> um well
    Nakatul> kinda get this tingly feeling
    Nakatul> sometimes it will seem to move to my head
    Nakatul> then the feeling changes
    Nakatul> if that is it than i kinda learned to do that wile walking to school a few years ago
    Nakatul> but im doubting it is
    WingdWolf> I do know what you are talking about, and it is charging, but it’s got more to do with the core of your nervous system than with your skin.
    Nakatul> ah so it is charging
    Nakatul> goody goody
    WingdWolf> So, you should probably work on the hand charging exercise I described, and then try to do the same thing with your whole skin, between now and Wednesday.
    Nakatul> ok
    Nakatul> well i can usually do it a bit easier than now and can kinda make it only be on one arm or leg, or wherever
    Nakatul> but not now
    WingdWolf> Ok, on Wednesday, I’m going to go into scanning, energy perception, pattern recognition, and linking over a distance.
    Nakatul> ok
    WingdWolf> Are there any other questions?
    DanielHWolf> Not here
    RainTurtle> No, not here
    Tetra> Nope
    WingdWolf> Ok, I guess that’s it for today, then.