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    Evening Class 2: Energy Sensing, Signatures, Scanning, Linking

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/11/2002

    Note: Perhaps it was because of 9-11, or perhaps because a lot more people showed up than usual, but this class was a near-disaster. The following has been thoroughly chopped to preserve what little content remains.

    [19:30] WingdWolf> Ok, sensing energy.
    [19:33] WingdWolf> Some of you are going to find this easier than others, but you should be able to all do it.
    [19:33] WingdWolf> Today’s class is going to involve some exercises as well as talk, so the first think I want you to do, is charge both of your hands, the way I taught you do yesterday.
    [19:34] WingdWolf> Hold them about a foot and a half together, and then slowly bring them together until you feel something.
    [19:35] WingdWolf> Rain, did you get a sensation?
    [19:35] RainTurtle> Pressure and heat, rounded edged….the infamous psiball
    [19:36] RainTurtle> Prickly, though
    [19:36] WingdWolf> About how far apart were your hands when you stopped moving them?
    [19:36] RainTurtle> 25cm or thereabouts?
    [19:36] WingdWolf> Lemmy? How about you?
    [19:36] RainTurtle> I think that’s 10′ as you count it
    [19:37] RainTurtle> 10″, rather
    [19:37] * WingdWolf nods.
    [19:37] Lemmy> I feel the warmth, but I stopped at about 8 cm
    [19:37] WingdWolf> Neo?
    [19:38] NeoCyphiroth> Just the tingling and a slight pull..
    [19:38] NeoCyphiroth> As always, I didn’t have to move my hands on my own.
    [19:38] NeoCyphiroth> The farther apart they are.. the faster they attract eachother.
    [19:38] WingdWolf> Chesh?
    [19:39] chesh> began to feel pressure in the palms at about 8″-9″
    [19:39] WingdWolf> Qui-Gon?
    [19:39] NeoCyphiroth> Heh.
    [19:39] NeoCyphiroth> I left something out on mine. -.-
    [19:40] NeoCyphiroth> Oh wel
    [19:40] Qui-Gon> oh, uh well I felt it right at 14″ and it was a very crackling electrical sensation. It became more intense the closer I bought my hadns,at 5″ it was very intense
    [19:40] WingdWolf> Neo, go ahead.
    [19:40] Qui-Gon> visulization was like mini lightning
    [19:40] NeoCyphiroth> I left out the usual ‘swirling vortex’ of “gravity”.
    [19:41] WingdWolf> (btw, to make things easier, from now on people say “done” when they’re through with an answer).
    [19:41] WingdWolf> Did I miss anyone?
    [19:41] Sergei> Psiballs?
    [19:41] DanielHWolf> Sergei
    [19:42] Sergei> Yes?
    [19:42] DanielHWolf> WW, you missed Sergei
    [19:42] WingdWolf> Sergei, charge your hands, hold them about a foot and a half apart, then bring them slowly together until you feel something.
    [19:42] WingdWolf> Then describe that.
    [19:43] Sergei> Ok… Give me a second.
    [19:43] Sergei> I have a sensation at 8-9 inches…
    [19:43] WingdWolf> What sensation?
    [19:44] Sergei> A slight pressure/tingle.
    [19:44] Sergei> And it gets a bit stronger when my hands approach 5 inches…
    [19:44] Sergei> But no difference other than that.
    [19:44] Sergei> “Done.”
    [19:45] WingdWolf> Ok, Nakatul?
    [19:45] Nakatul> it felt cold
    [19:45] WingdWolf> About how far apart?
    [19:46] Nakatul> about from (on my keyboard) A-L
    [19:46] Nakatul> mayb ”
    [19:46] Nakatul> ‘
    [19:46] WingdWolf> lol
    [19:47] WingdWolf> Ok…peoples’ fields, or auras, become denser the closer in you go. Now you know what energy feels like, not just when you’re charging, but when you’re sensing energy in something else (such as your hand).
    [19:48] WingdWolf> So, one of the things I’m going to want you to do until the next class, is pay attention to what’s around you, and see when you feel that sensation again. Note how far away from other people you are when you start to feel it, not just in your hands, but over any area of your skin.
    [19:48] Nakatul> its ok that i felt cold and the other person felt a, i’l quote “A slight pressure/tingle”
    [19:48] WingdWolf> Yes, it is.
    [19:48] Nakatul> ok
    [19:48] WingdWolf> Individual perceptions are going to vary.
    [19:49] WingdWolf> Also, you will find that some people will feel different from others–you may feel cold from one, heat from another.
    [19:49] * Tetra gets a magnetic repulsion.
    [19:49] WingdWolf> Pay attention to these differences too…whether there’s a stronger or weaker sensation, and any variations in what you feel.
    [19:50] Nakatul> what about people you start to feel nervous around even though you dont know they are there at the time until you notice them
    [19:50] WingdWolf> Eventually, you may very well be able to identify who a person is just from that feel, without seeing them.
    [19:50] NeoCyphiroth> I used to get the magnetic repulsion back when I firsts tarted.
    [19:50] Nakatul> or would that just be because i liked that girl
    [19:50] WingdWolf> That’s more of the same thing, Naka, but please wait until I ask for questions.
    [19:50] Nakatul> sorry
    [19:51] WingdWolf> Every person has an individual “feel” to them–it’s a combination of the frequency and pattern created by their energy field and nervous system.
    [19:52] WingdWolf> These patterns are as unique as a fingerprint–just as you can identify a person by looking at a picture of them, so you can identify them by the “signature”–their unique energy pattern.
    [19:53] WingdWolf> People leave their signature wherever they leave energy behind–on objects they touch, places they frequent, in constructs and shields, and whatever they do with psi.
    [19:53] WingdWolf> A signature can be added to, but it can’t be completely erased.
    [19:54] WingdWolf> The next part here is a bit more advanced, but I think most of you should be able to do all right with it.
    [19:54] WingdWolf> I’m going to have you do some exercises with partners.
    [19:55] WingdWolf> I’m also going to try to pair up the more experienced people with the less experienced people, so that anyone who’s having trouble will have a better chance to succeed with it.
    [19:59] WingdWolf> What you’re going to do is long-distance linking.
    [19:59] WingdWolf> One of you will send energy either overland or through the phone line, and the other will then reach back and try to sense them. Don’t be intimidated, this isn’t as difficult as it may sound at first.
    [20:00] WingdWolf> This is called active scanning.
    [20:00] WingdWolf> You’ll be doing this in a moment. Let me explain it first.
    [20:01] WingdWolf> Active scanning means you are sending your energy out to a target, and then you’re reading what bounces back to you–you set up a two-way energy flow.
    [20:01] WingdWolf> This is considered very rude to do unless the other party consents to it.
    [20:02] WingdWolf> The other form of scanning is passive scanning–that’s what you did when you brought your hands together, and when you will feel the auras of the people around you. You’re not sending energy, you’re only reading what they are sending out. This is acceptable because it’s largely unavoidable.
    [20:04] WingdWolf> So, I’d like to have the more experienced of the partners now send a burst of energy through–I think everyone I picked can do that, if not, let me know. The other person, focus on your partner’s name, and see if you feel anything.
    [20:05] Lemmy> can I ask question?
    [20:05] WingdWolf> All right, I’ll take questions now.
    [20:05] RainTurtle> *raises hand*
    [20:06] WingdWolf> Lemmy, ask your question.
    [20:06] Lemmy> WingdWolf how we are supposed to send a energy? Just visualise it? and if we should have anything charged?
    [20:07] WingdWolf> Lemmy, you’ll be receiving in this case, but I’ll explain how to send the energy in a moment.
    [20:07] Lemmy> ok
    [20:07] WingdWolf> Rain?
    [20:07] RainTurtle> What you’re wanting here is something like the psi equivalent of range-finding in a sub, then?
    [20:08] WingdWolf> Something like sonar, yes.
    [20:08] RainTurtle> Ok, thanks
    [20:16] WingdWolf> Now, sending energy fairly similar to what you did when you moved energy from the rest of yoru body into your hand.
    [20:18] WingdWolf> What you basically do, is focus on sending energy from your head, and visualize it going to the other person–focusing on their name, again, can help with this. You can aim at the phone line, or straight to them.
    [20:18] WingdWolf> Does everyone understand this?
    [20:19] * chesh nods
    [20:19] * Tetra does.
    [20:20] WingdWolf> Ok.
    [20:20] WingdWolf> Are there any questions here?
    [20:20] RainTurtle> not here
    [20:21] Lemmy> and not here
    [20:28] WingdWolf> Look, I’m trying to pair the more experienced people with the less experienced people.
    [20:28] WingdWolf> The less experienced a person is, the more experienced their partner should be.
    [20:31] WingdWolf> So you need to pair up accordingly.
    [20:31] WingdWolf> Why don’t you all pick your partners on that basis.
    [20:31] Tetra> I’ll take Lemmy, or rather, Keep Lemmy.
    [20:32] WingdWolf> I would rather Chez work with Naka or perhaps Hugo.
    [20:32] RainTurtle> Chesh and I are still as ordered
    [20:33] WingdWolf> That leaves Dan with me, then.
    [20:33] WingdWolf> I think I’ve got pairs for now.
    [20:34] WingdWolf> Everyone understand what they’re doing?
    [20:34] DanielHWolf> Yes
    [20:36] WingdWolf> All right, if everyone can figure out what they are doing, I’d like them to do it nowl!
    [20:41] WingdWolf> How’s everyone doing? Any problems?
    [20:42] RainTurtle> So far so good
    [20:42] Tetra> We’re doing okay.
    [20:42] WingdWolf> It’s all right if the less experienced partner can’t quite link back today.
    [20:43] WingdWolf> Who has got a two-way link going?
    [20:43] ChezNips> naka and I do
    [20:43] WingdWolf> Good.
    [20:44] WingdWolf> This is a pure energy link–it can be used to send pretty much anything–telepathy, empathy, etc, etc.
    [20:44] WingdWolf> but, right now, it’s just a link.
    [20:45] WingdWolf> The folks who couldn’t quite achieve a link-back, that’s your project for tomorrow. Either with your current partner, or with someone else, practice this again, and see if you can get it to work.
    [20:45] WingdWolf> If you have any questions on this, ask them now.
    [20:46] RainTurtle> We got a link-back :)
    [20:46] DanielHWolf> Is it possible to create a link without the other person responding to it?
    [20:46] WingdWolf> Yes, Dan, but it’s not as easy.
    [20:46] WingdWolf> Great, Rain. :)
    [20:47] Lemmy> Is there posible to train it without partner ;) ?
    [20:47] WingdWolf> Lemmy, for this? No, not really.
    [20:48] ChezNips> WW: when you charge earlier in the day, do you stay charged?
    [20:48] ChezNips> naka says he cant charge on command when he needs to link but he can charge any other time
    [20:49] ChezNips> as long as he doesnt ground, I thought he stays sharged
    [20:49] WingdWolf> He should have enough energy in his system to use.
    [20:49] Tetra> Yep; I need about 5-10 minutes; I’m getting a splitting headache from my neighbors…
    [20:50] WingdWolf> Ok….if everyone’s done here, now you get to break that link.
    [20:50] ChezNips> are you going to walk thru how to break the link or did you already?
    [20:50] WingdWolf> This can be done just by picturing you’re completely “still”–not sending any energy–or by visualizing cutting it.
    [20:51] WingdWolf> Have the less experienced partner try it first.
    [20:51] WingdWolf> If they can’t get it, then the more experienced partner can step in and help.
    [20:52] WingdWolf> Worst comes to worst, the link will probably break when you become distracted.
    [20:53] WingdWolf> Anyone having any trouble?
    [20:53] RainTurtle> All is well here
    [20:54] WingdWolf> Ok, then, I think we are done for today.