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    Evening Class 3: Shield Checking, Thought Ability Introduction

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/16/2002

    [19:40] WingedWolf Ok, the first think you need to do, is shield, if you don’t already have one up.
    [19:40] ChezNips ok
    [19:41] PsyFactor done
    [19:41] WingedWolf What you’re going to be doing is distance-scanning, to check your partner’s sheild. You’ll be asked to report your impressions in the channel, here–use discretion, of course.
    [19:42] WingedWolf> So, after you have your shield up, you will link to your partner, the same way we did linking the other day.
    [19:42] WingedWolf> You may use PMs for this, if you prefer.
    [19:43] WingedWolf> Once you have a link, picture yourself traveling down it, and fan out the energy at the end to find the shape, dimensions, and other details of the person there.
    [19:45] WingedWolf> Then, report any impressions you get. Images may pop into your head, or other sensory impressions.
    [19:45] WingedWolf> For example, I see Rain uses a shield that makes her harder to detect.
    [19:46] WingedWolf> Aside from that, it is blue, and roughly seems to follow the contours of her body.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> The energy level seems to be about average, and I get a strong impression of “female”.
    [19:47] Tetra> Pretty big; getting lots of red, and azure blue, spinning slowly, though the top and bottom are pretty stagnent, almost looks like a spiral galaxy, that tends to follow a ovoid shape around Danny; Its also vibrating slowly, and is covering a pretty large range of frequencies; Although, no real projected feeling along with it.
    [19:48] WingedWolf> Rain, your shield is a bit thin under your feet, though.
    [19:48] RainTurtle> The densest part of Wolf’s field is still a ways out from the body (surprise surprise) and blindingly bright….finding her was not a challenge. The contour seems rounded …mainly because of her position, I suppose
    [19:49] PsyFactor> a couple feet out, fairly thick, roughly contoured to the body, looks like static going across the surface (or lightning)
    [19:49] DanielH> I get like a couple of big circles, blueish, purplish (like lightning), and and a lot of black. “Lightning” coming from one hand, over the head then back to the other head. A cloud covering the bottom half of his body (Though I think I contaminated the picture)
    [19:50] PsyFactor> chez, your turn
    [19:54] PsyFactor> that’s everything I was able to sense
    [19:54] WingedWolf> All right.
    [19:54] * PsyFactor tries to figure out more
    [19:55] PsyFactor> about the only thing I can add is that the main color seems to be a translucent purple
    [19:55] Tetra> Shall I touch and get a feel of it, or just look?
    [19:55] WingedWolf> One thing this exercise does, is show everyone how different peoples’ perceptions can be–you’ll need to learn on your own how to interpret what you sense.
    [19:55] PsyFactor> k
    [19:55] WingedWolf> Tetra, you can touch, you are linked and already touching.
    [19:55] WingedWolf> Do not break the shields, though.
    [19:55] * Tetra nods
    [19:55] Tetra> Almost a marshmallow fluff feel to it; its almost gooey, but resistant
    [19:56] * WingedWolf senses muffin and marshmallow jokes coming.
    [19:56] * PsyFactor makes no comment
    [19:56] * Tetra nods at WW
    [19:57] WingedWolf> Now, the people who have had their shielding described can use that information to see if there are places they may need to improve it.
    [19:58] WingedWolf> And, over the next couple of days, I’d like you to keep practicing shielding, linking, and scanning, if you can set up with a partner, at least a few times.
    [19:58] ChezNips> what if a stronger person is able to cut right thru the shield. I mean psyfactors shield to me is like a fog bank, it looks like a shield but to touch it, it all just disappates
    [19:58] WingedWolf> He needs to work on it, then.
    [19:59] * PsyFactor needs to work on it, definitely :/
    [19:59] WingedWolf> Does anyone have any questions?
    [19:59] RainTurtle> not here
    [19:59] DanielH> No
    [19:59] Tetra> Not I.
    [19:59] ChezNips> I wastn trying to break it and I touched it and went oh shit
    [19:59] PsyFactor> not at this point
    [19:59] WingedWolf> It’s all right, Chez.
    [20:00] PsyFactor> dont worry about it, you didn’t hurt me
    [20:00] WingedWolf> Ok, in the other class it was decided that the next thing to move onto should be the Mental abilities, and the first one to start with would be thought ability.
    [20:01] WingedWolf> This ability includes sensing thoughts in others, and projecting your own to them.
    [20:03] WingedWolf> You’ll need partners for this, as well. What you’ll be doing, to start out with, is sending a basic concept: animal, shape, number. Your partner then describes the concept or image that they get. You’ll try this both with one partner projecting, and without a projection, with the other person attempting to read it.
    [20:03] WingedWolf> But, we will be starting that in the next class. Right now, I’m going to talk about HOW to send and receive thoughts.
    [20:04] WingedWolf> The area of the brain that seems to be associated with this most is the area behind the center of the forehead–the “third eye”.
    [20:04] WingedWolf> I’d like you all to charge that area now, and tell me what it feels like when you do so.
    [20:05] PsyFactor> feels…sorta warm, kinda like something is touching it when I charge it
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Oh, and if you haven’t broken your link to your partner already, do so now.
    [20:05] Tetra> Very warm, with a pressure feeling
    [20:05] DanielH> I can’t seem to do or feel anything right now
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Work on it later, then Dan.
    [20:06] RainTurtle> It’s warm again but not burning, this time, and pulsing a bit….
    [20:06] ChezNips> the top of my head is throbbing like you cant believe
    [20:07] * PsyFactor is starting to develop a bit of a headache
    [20:07] WingedWolf> that’s actually another nerve cluster you may be charging along with it, Chez.
    [20:07] WingedWolf> Now, so you see how reactive this area is, touch your finger to the center of your forehead. Tell me what you feel when you do so.
    [20:08] PsyFactor> feels like my forehead is sorta numb compared to normal now
    [20:08] Tetra> Feels like a lightning bolt shoots through my head, and is also physically hot
    [20:08] RainTurtle> warn to the touch…more so than surrounding area…not much else
    [20:08] RainTurtle> warm, rather
    [20:09] WingedWolf> Chez?
    [20:09] ChezNips> forhead is very sensitive to teh touch, even a light tough hurts and feels like a lot of pressure
    [20:10] WingedWolf> Ok, one last thing to do with this. Hold your hand out, with your palm toward you, about a foot and a half from your forhead. Then, picture sending out energy, like a laser beam, at your hand, and tell me what you feel from that.
    [20:11] PsyFactor> extra heat in my hand…considerably
    [20:11] ChezNips> extreme heat
    [20:11] Tetra> Bone deep cold, with extreme surface heat
    [20:11] ChezNips> immediately too, no lag, instnat heat
    [20:11] RainTurtle> slight heat, pressure against a small area
    [20:13] WingedWolf> Good. Sending thoughts is simply a matter of directing this beam to your partner, preferably aiming for the head. Receiving, you charge this area, and send a beam out to your partner, and get a return flow going, just as with linking.
    [20:13] WingedWolf> Are there any questions?
    [20:13] DanielH> No
    [20:13] PsyFactor> nope
    [20:13] RainTurtle> I don’t think so, no
    [20:13] Tetra> Not I
    [20:13] ChezNips> no
    [20:14] WingedWolf> Ok, then…we’ve finished a bit early, doubtless because most of your are familiar with a lot of this already.
    [20:14] PsyFactor> lol
    [20:14] WingedWolf> That’s it for today, so I’ll see you all on Wednesday.
    Session Close: Mon Sep 16 20:14:41 2002