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    Evening Class 4: Thought Ability Practice, Emotion Ability Introduction and Practice

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/23/2002

    Session Start: Mon Sep 23 19:33:00 2002
    [19:33] WingedWolf> Ok, last class YOU folks were in, I had you do charging of the “third eye” area.
    [19:34] WingedWolf> So, today we’re going to set up with partners, and practice thought ability.
    [19:35] WingedWolf> This ability is usually called telepathy, or thought telepathy. The input function is receiving thoughts–concepts, images, words, etc from others.
    [19:35] WingedWolf> The output function is to send your thoughts to them.
    [19:36] WingedWolf> What you’re going to do is set up a link to your partner. Then one of you will send an image to the other. The other will try to pick up what the concept is–if they can get more, that’s great, but only the concept is needed to count it as a success.
    [19:36] WingedWolf> There will be 3 categories: shapes, animals, and numbers.
    [19:36] WingedWolf> Each partner will send 3 images, then you’ll switch, and the other will send 3.
    [19:37] WingedWolf> So, with that in mind….
    [19:37] WingedWolf> I’ll have Psy and Tetra as one pair, and Rain and Dan as the other, for a change. ;)
    [19:38] WingedWolf> Tetra and Rain do the sending first.
    [19:38] WingedWolf> So…set up your links, and let me know when you’re ready to begin.
    [19:38] WingedWolf> The receiver should post what they pick up into the room here.
    [19:39] PsyFactor> ready
    [19:39] WingedWolf> The projector should respond with a “yes”, or “no”, depending on if they got the concept right.
    [19:39] WingedWolf> At the end of the set, the projector may tell the other person what specific images they sent.
    [19:40] RainTurtle> I think we’re ready
    [19:40] WingedWolf> Psy, Tetra, you guys can begin your set, with Tetra sending first.
    [19:40] Tetra> Okay.
    [19:40] WingedWolf> Ok–Rain, you guys can start too.
    [19:41] PsyFactor> shape…triangle, I think
    [19:41] DanielH> Red eight
    [19:41] Tetra> No.
    [19:41] RainTurtle> no
    [19:42] WingedWolf> Remember to send a beam from your “third eye” down the link with the images you send.
    [19:42] PsyFactor> number, 7?
    [19:42] Tetra> No.
    [19:42] * WingedWolf can’t believe she forgot to say that. :P
    [19:42] PsyFactor> lol
    [19:42] * Tetra has been, oh well
    [19:43] DanielH> A boar? (!?)
    [19:43] RainTurtle> no :(
    [19:43] PsyFactor> animal…mammal?
    [19:43] PsyFactor> think I got a tail
    [19:43] Tetra> Yes… Elaborate.
    [19:43] WingedWolf> Tetra, just concepts.
    [19:43] Tetra> Awh.
    [19:44] DanielH> Yellow pyramid
    [19:44] PsyFactor> well…that’s #3
    [19:44] * PsyFactor wonders what the first two were supposed to be
    [19:44] RainTurtle> nope
    [19:44] WingedWolf> Ok–you can now tell your partner what you sent.
    [19:44] Tetra> First was an elephant, so, Animal, Second was a Blue Star, third was a cat, animal again
    [19:45] RainTurtle> storm petral (a kind of bird) = animal
    [19:45] RainTurtle> sphere = shape
    [19:45] RainTurtle> house cat = animal
    [19:45] PsyFactor> not at all surprised I missed #2…somewhat surprised on #1
    [19:45] PsyFactor> both of you sent the same #3 :D
    [19:45] WingedWolf> If you’re wondering how you did, Tetra and Psy, you did even with chance–Rain and Dan, worse than chance, though of course this was a very limited exercise. Worse than chance does not mean a failure, in fact it’s as significant as doing one better than chance.
    [19:46] Tetra> Though, its interesting that Rain and I chose the same second
    [19:46] Tetra> And, actually same order
    [19:46] Tetra> and concepts
    [19:46] WingedWolf> Yes, it is.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> Now, you’ll switch, with the other person doing the sending this time. the receiver should charge their “third eye”, and the sender should send the image with a beam from their “third eye”.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> So, go ahead. ;)
    [19:48] Tetra> Shape. Pointy too
    [19:48] PsyFactor> yep
    [19:48] RainTurtle> square
    [19:48] DanielH> No
    [19:48] Tetra> Triangle or star… My bets on triangle
    [19:48] PsyFactor> yes again :)
    [19:48] PsyFactor> including your bet even :D
    [19:49] PsyFactor> did you manage to pull a color out (not good at sending colors yet…visualization problem)?
    [19:49] Tetra> Orangish, maybe yellow
    [19:49] WingedWolf> Psy, stick to concepts.
    [19:49] RainTurtle> absolutely nothing….guessing an animal, though
    [19:49] PsyFactor> heh
    [19:49] DanielH> No
    [19:50] Tetra> Animal
    [19:50] PsyFactor> yep
    [19:50] Tetra> Something fairly large too.
    [19:50] RainTurtle> nothing
    [19:50] PsyFactor> not particularly so
    [19:51] RainTurtle> vaguest hint of a triangle, but that is it
    [19:51] Tetra> Number? Or maybe a shape.. Triangular top, leading to a straight lined bottom
    [19:51] Tetra> Maybe a 4 if a number
    [19:51] Tetra> No clue what the shape would be
    [19:51] WingedWolf> You have to pick one.
    [19:51] WingedWolf> lol
    [19:51] Tetra> Number then
    [19:52] PsyFactor> yup
    [19:52] PsyFactor> red triangle, generic housecat, number 7
    [19:52] DanielH> Black dog, yellow cube, blue pyramid
    [19:52] * PsyFactor may have sent big since his favorite cat is 16 pounds :)
    [19:53] WingedWolf> She got not only the shape, but the right one, on that last try there, Dan.
    [19:53] WingedWolf> Psy and Tetra–that was pretty impressive. ;)
    [19:53] Tetra> Thanka.
    [19:54] PsyFactor> thanks :)
    [19:54] WingedWolf> So, anyone have any questions?
    [19:54] DanielH> No
    [19:54] PsyFactor> no questions here
    [19:54] RainTurtle> no
    [19:54] Tetra> Not one here
    [19:54] PsyFactor> lol
    [19:55] PsyFactor> then I may just suck at receiving and be good at sending :D
    [19:55] PsyFactor> and no questions
    [19:55] WingedWolf> Entirely possible…which would mean you’re likely output oriented as well.
    [19:55] * DanielH has left #PsiPractice
    [19:55] * WingedWolf sighs.
    [19:55] PsyFactor> I think I am, at least on TP, ww
    [19:56] WingedWolf> Ok, the next thing we’ll be working on is emotion ability.
    [19:56] WingedWolf> This ability seems to be a function of the “solar plexis” nerve cluster, and the format is a stream, which has impact (which is why this is also the format used in PK).
    [19:57] WingedWolf> To start with, I’d like to have each of you charge this area, and tell me what that feels like.
    [19:57] WingedWolf> any questions?
    [19:57] PsyFactor> none here…had this part before (was a separate class for afternoon folks)
    [19:58] RainTurtle> I don’t think so
    [19:58] Tetra> Not i.
    [19:58] PsyFactor> just pressure from charging the area this time
    [19:58] WingedWolf> Ok….give it a try. :)
    [19:59] Tetra> I get an energy surge around the whole area, centered around the plexus
    [19:59] RainTurtle> It feels intensely warm, queasy, pressure in several directions (not just outward)….burning near it
    [19:59] RainTurtle> (much like if I’m struggling to move something with pk)
    [19:59] WingedWolf> Ok. Now, hold your hand, palm toward you, about a foot or so in front of this area.
    [19:59] WingedWolf> Project a beam of energy from it, and tell me what you feel.
    [20:00] PsyFactor> pressure and a bit of heat
    [20:00] Tetra> Yeah. Pressure and a bit of heat.
    [20:00] WingedWolf> Rain?
    [20:00] RainTurtle> pushing, a weird layered set of temperatures cold and hot both….prickly
    [20:01] WingedWolf> Ok…looks like we have the time, so I’ll just go ahead with this one now, and get closer to catching up. :)
    [20:01] WingedWolf> Psy, since you have done this before, and I am not much with it at all, I’ll pair Rain and Tetra.
    [20:01] WingedWolf> If you don’t mind?
    [20:01] PsyFactor> not a problem at all
    [20:01] Tetra> Not a problem
    [20:01] * PsyFactor doesn’t mind not being stuck messing with his semi-hated empathic ability
    [20:01] WingedWolf> Ok…you’ll need to cut and switch your links.
    [20:02] PsyFactor> cut
    [20:02] WingedWolf> Emotion ability involves sending and receiving of complex emotions.
    [20:02] WingedWolf> So, just as with the thought ability exercise, the sender will conjure up 3 emotions to send, and the other will attempt to state what they are.
    [20:03] WingedWolf> You can link directly solar plexis to solar plexis, or redirect a beam from your solar plexis down the link.
    [20:03] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:04] Tetra> Not from I.
    [20:04] RainTurtle> Not at the moment
    [20:04] WingedWolf> Ok…let me know when you’re all set. Rain, you send first.
    [20:04] RainTurtle> *nods*
    [20:05] RainTurtle> We appear to be ready
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Ok, go ahead.
    [20:06] Tetra> Hmm. Got a quite upset feeling, along with a huge tingle around the plexus area.
    [20:06] RainTurtle> yup
    [20:06] * Tetra actually is tearing at the moment, lol
    [20:06] RainTurtle> Sorry
    [20:07] Tetra> Not a problem.. My contacts thank you.
    [20:07] PsyFactor> lol
    [20:09] WingedWolf> Next one guys?
    [20:10] Tetra> Kind of a neutral feeling, almost excited though.. Feels like a sugar/caffeine rush
    [20:10] RainTurtle> perfect
    [20:12] WingedWolf> (long prep time? ;)
    [20:12] RainTurtle> Actually, yes….clearing the emotion from the time before
    [20:12] WingedWolf> Understandable. :)
    [20:12] RainTurtle> How are you two doing?
    [20:13] WingedWolf> Nada…with the scarring, It’d just hurt to try this. Psy’s done it before.
    [20:13] RainTurtle> Ah, of course.
    [20:14] Tetra> Kind of a warm fuzzy feeling, cant exactly describe it
    [20:15] RainTurtle> Kind of hard to score that…
    [20:15] Tetra> Yeah.. lemme try to elaborate
    [20:15] Tetra> Contentness, maybe happyness
    [20:16] RainTurtle> hehe “contented concentration” (could also be described as chilling out in trance)
    [20:16] WingedWolf>
    [20:16] Tetra> Ah.
    [20:16] WingedWolf> Well, when I said complex emotions, you went for complex Rain–still he got every one. ;)
    [20:17] PsyFactor> lol
    [20:17] * Tetra is just accurate today..somehow
    [20:17] WingedWolf> Ok, now you’re going to switch–Tetra will send. Be careful to send clearly, but moderate the quantity of energy.
    [20:17] * PsyFactor thinks tetra is input oriented…or has just gotten lucky with output-oriented partners :D
    [20:17] WingedWolf> If you have any feeling of overload, Rain, speak up.
    [20:17] RainTurtle> *nods*
    [20:17] WingedWolf> I’m not sure if that’s possible, Psy.
    [20:18] PsyFactor> heh…k
    [20:19] RainTurtle> giggly excitement overlayed over mild anger
    [20:19] Tetra> Yep
    [20:20] Tetra> Rather, the excitement, but you went under that as well, lol
    [20:21] RainTurtle> sad, morose
    [20:21] Tetra> Yep. Exactly on again.
    [20:21] RainTurtle> :)
    [20:22] RainTurtle> And I’m not even getting flooded :)
    [20:23] RainTurtle> grinning, but fear
    [20:23] Tetra> Ayep.
    [20:23] Tetra> 3 for 3.
    [20:23] WingedWolf> Well…..
    [20:23] * WingedWolf quirks an eyebrow.
    [20:24] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:24] RainTurtle> not here
    [20:24] Tetra> Last one was that amusement park ride type feel.. The excitement and rush, with the fear, lol
    [20:24] Tetra> Not I.
    [20:24] WingedWolf> I guess that’s it for today, then…pretty close to schedule, and we caught the class nearly up to the other one.
    Session Close: Mon Sep 23 20:25:01 2002