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    Evening Class 6: Constructs

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/30/2002

    Session Start: Mon Sep 30 19:42:47 2002
    [19:43] WingedWolf> Ok, today we’ll discuss constructs. A construct is a shaped, programmed, stable energy form.
    [19:44] WingedWolf> It can be as simple as a psi-ball or shield, or as complex as an independent, intelligent entity. The thing that sets a construct apart from a spirit entity is its programming.
    [19:44] WingedWolf> Just as with all of the other abilities, construct abilites have input and output functions.
    [19:45] WingedWolf> It is the input functions of these abilities that allow you to sense information about constructs–their shape, how long they will last, and their behavioral and abilities programming.
    [19:45] WingedWolf> “Natural” spirit entities do not have programming–they have a pattern of behavior and so on, but it is arranged more chaotically, and it isn’t accessed with construct input abilities.
    [19:46] WingedWolf> Have any of you NOT succeeded in making a psi-ball before?
    [19:46] DanielH> No
    [19:47] RainTurtle> no
    [19:47] Tetra> Nope.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> Ok, so you already know how to shape energy, and get it to hold its form. Shaping is a “crown” function, and longevity is a field function.
    [19:48] WingedWolf> So, go ahead–make one. While you do so, put energy from your field into it, concentrating on how long you want it to last…in this case, pick 5 minutes. Shape it into a sphere…then set it down.
    [19:48] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [19:48] DanielH> No
    [19:48] RainTurtle> nope
    [19:49] Tetra> What size/density should we use?
    [19:49] WingedWolf> Not too important, Tetra…whatever you’re comfortable with. The main thing is to program it to last for 5 minutes.
    [19:49] Tetra> Okay.
    [19:50] DanielH> I have a problem. I can barley feel it right now, I don’t think I can make it last for five minutes
    [19:50] WingedWolf> After you set it down, you can use your hand to check on it periodically…when your bring your hand close, you should feel its shape.
    [19:50] WingedWolf> Dan, the strength of the ball should not be an issue–go ahead and give it a try anyhow.
    [19:51] DanielH> Ok, did it
    [19:51] WingedWolf> Most people, when they make constructs, simply try to make them last as long as possible…but in a lot of cases, it can be more advantageous to give it a specific, finite lifespan.
    [19:52] WingedWolf> That way, it lasts long enough to do the task you created it for, but when it’s no longer needed, it simply dissipates, so that there’s no risk that something or someone will come along and try to alter its program, and you don’t have a lot of stray things just hanging around everywhere.
    [19:53] WingedWolf> If the ball you created lasts for longer than 5 minutes…or less….then you should practice this if you intend to work with constructs.
    [19:54] WingedWolf> Any questions on longevity?
    [19:54] RainTurtle> no
    [19:54] Tetra> Not I
    [19:54] DanielH> Yes, would the construct last five minutes on our “internal clocks”?
    [19:54] DanielH> Or would it go by “normal” time?
    [19:55] WingedWolf> Because you’re the one who programmed it, it will last for 5 minutes according to your concept of time, more than by a clock.
    [19:55] WingedWolf> If you have a relatively good time sense, they should be about the same.
    [19:56] RainTurtle> This may seem facetious, but conscious time sense or subconscious?
    [19:56] WingedWolf> Subconscious time sense, most probably. Nearly all of us know more, and are aware of more, than we consciously realize.
    [19:57] RainTurtle> *nods*
    [19:57] WingedWolf> So when we think it to last 5 minutes, we’ll be programming our entire concept of that into it, not just our conscious awareness of it.
    [19:58] WingedWolf> This is also why it helps to be as aware of your own psychology as possible when doing psi…and nowhere does that become more important than in working with constructs, where much of the detail work is conducted by the subconscious.
    [19:59] WingedWolf> Your spheres should be dissipating now….
    [19:59] WingedWolf> Are any of them still there?
    [20:00] DanielH> I think I felt mine, but barley. I feel almost nothing there, everytime I feel it I get less and less
    [20:00] RainTurtle> no…it’s been ten minutes
    [20:00] Tetra> Mines been gone for a time
    [20:00] WingedWolf> Dan, it could be residual, too…if you can’t get a definite shape, that’s most likely what it is.
    [20:01] WingedWolf> Ok, next is shaping…you can make a construct shaped like anything, as simple or as complex as you wish. The amount of detail is up to you.
    [20:02] WingedWolf> Shaping is really cosmetic for the most part…a construct doesn’t need to have a complex shape to perform complex actions.
    [20:02] WingedWolf> However, if you make a cat, most people expect it to look like a cat, and not a sphere that purrs.
    [20:03] WingedWolf> So, make another construct…program it to last for about 45 minutes.
    [20:04] DanielH> Done
    [20:04] WingedWolf> However, when you shape it, make it look like a cat. Hold the image of a cat in your mind, and project the energy at the construct–if you have no problem using the crown nerve cluster, project it from that area, otherwise whatever is comfortable.
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Ok. Now you have a cat, but probably it’s sitting there like a stuffed toy. If it’s not, then you did too much…
    [20:05] Tetra> Okay. Tabby shaped.
    [20:05] RainTurtle> changed it to a moggy-cat
    [20:05] WingedWolf> lol
    [20:06] WingedWolf> Now for the fun part. Behavioral programming. This is what you use to bring the construct to “life”.
    [20:06] WingedWolf> This dictates its movements, responses, and intelligence level.
    [20:07] WingedWolf> The very first thing you should do, is, projecting from your “third eye” area, think of your cat self-destructing if you give it a specific command. You have to have mental discipline for this, not to project the command at it inadvertantly after you choose it.
    [20:08] WingedWolf> This self-destruct command is a safety procedure you should use on any mobile construct, and the reason is that construct programming COULD be altered by another psi, damaged by contact with disruptive energy sources or entities, etc…and this can result in a rogue construct, which might even turn on you.
    [20:08] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:08] RainTurtle> not so far
    [20:08] DanielH> No
    [20:08] Tetra> Wouldnt that command be the first thing people reprogram?
    [20:09] WingedWolf> Only if they know to look for it, Tetra…and if you set it deeply, as the base program, it will be harder to alter. You’ll build your other programming on top of it.
    [20:09] Tetra> Understood
    [20:10] WingedWolf> Next, you program your cat to be a cat–send a steady but not too overpower stream of energy at the construct, and run through your mind the concept of a cat, going over all of a cat’s typical behaviors…how they move, their emotions and intelligence, the sounds they make, etc, etc.
    [20:11] WingedWolf> A large part of this will be done by your subconscious, which remembers a lot more about cats than your conscious mind does at a given moment.
    [20:12] WingedWolf> When you have finished this, you add a simple command to the end, to basically tell it that it can now move, and implement all of those behaviors–sort of hitting the “enter” key.
    [20:13] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:13] DanielH> No
    [20:13] RainTurtle> nope….
    [20:13] Tetra> Not one.
    [20:13] WingedWolf> Do you all have an animated cat now?
    [20:13] RainTurtle> yup
    [20:13] DanielH> I think so
    [20:13] Tetra> First thing it did was leap onto my lap. Lol
    [20:13] WingedWolf>
    [20:14] WingedWolf> The final part of making a construct is optional, but can add a lot of utility. This is to give your construct psi abilities.
    [20:14] WingedWolf> One of the most useful things you can give it, is the ability to make a shield for itself, to defend itself from tampering.
    [20:15] WingedWolf> To do this, project a clear but not overpowering stream of energy from your sternum into the construct, to carry the concept of how to make a shield. Remember how YOU make a shield, and send that information to your construct.
    [20:16] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:16] DanielH> No
    [20:17] RainTurtle> not here
    [20:17] Tetra> Not I.
    [20:17] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [20:18] WingedWolf> We only have about 15 minutes left, so I think we’ll need to save construct sensing for the next class.
    [20:19] WingedWolf> What I’m going to have you do, then, though, is you’ll each make a construct of your choosing–a complex one, utilizing all of the construct abilities, then you’ll team up with a partner, and the partner will scan your construct to determine what it is, and what it can do.
    [20:19] * PsyFactor has joined #PsiPractice
    [20:19] WingedWolf> To help prevent interference from, say, telepathy, you’ll need to keep a sturdy shield up, and confine your scanning efforts to the construct, rather than its creator.
    [20:20] WingedWolf> Any questions about this?
    [20:20] DanielH> Nope
    [20:20] * PsyFactor has left #PsiPractice
    [20:20] RainTurtle> Nope, makes perfect sense….telepathic overlay is a nuisance sometimes…
    [20:20] Tetra> No questions
    [20:21] WingedWolf> Ok, then, that’s it for today. :)
    [20:21] DanielH> :D Thanks for class
    [20:21] WingedWolf> You do have a cat, dan…the shape isn’t perfect, but I think I caught it washing its face, anyhow. ;)
    [20:21] RainTurtle> Thanks, Wolf. Very interesting to see Construct-making from that view
    [20:21] DanielH> Ok, time to kill it
    [20:21] WingedWolf> lol
    [20:21] WingedWolf> That’s actually a good idea, Dan.
    [20:21] DanielH> brb, going to make a spear
    [20:21] WingedWolf> Wait.
    [20:22] DanielH> ?
    [20:22] WingedWolf> Use your self-destruct command on your constructs.
    [20:22] DanielH> oh.. that
    [20:22] DanielH> ok
    [20:22] DanielH> Let me just take one stab
    [20:22] WingedWolf> That way, you’ll know if it works.
    [20:22] Tetra> “Meo—–boom!”
    [20:22] WingedWolf> lol
    [20:22] RainTurtle> yep…dissolved into “pixels” and grounded out
    [20:22] DanielH> Ok, I tried it. Don’t know if it worked though
    [20:23] WingedWolf> Hm…
    [20:23] WingedWolf> (can anyone else confirm that for Dan? I can’t tell for some reason).
    [20:23] RainTurtle> I’ll check
    [20:23] * WingedWolf thinks it’s rather funny that Tetra made his explode, while Rain had hers dissolve.
    [20:23] DanielH> Oh shit… I forgot to tell mine how to die
    [20:24] DanielH> All I did was stab its head and then tell it to die… just now how :\
    [20:24] RainTurtle> It’s gone…there was a bit of residual
    [20:24] WingedWolf> Ok. :)
    [20:24] WingedWolf> Good, then that’s it for this class. :)