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    Evening Class 7: Construct Sensing, EMR and Kinetic Abilities Introduction

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 10/2/2002

    Session Start: Wed Oct 02 19:37:58 2002
    [19:38] WingedWolf> Last time, you made constructs, now the first thing you’re going to do is make them again. However, this time you should make something different, and not tell the others what it is that you made. Make it last at least 1 hour.
    [19:39] WingedWolf> Everyone remember how to do this?
    [19:40] DanielH> Yes
    [19:40] RainTurtle> yep
    [19:40] PsyFactor> yes
    [19:40] Tetra> How complex should we get?
    [19:41] WingedWolf> You can really get as complex as you like, but you should at least use each of the construct abilities when you make it–ie, give it at least one psi ability, as well as behavior, longevity, and shape.
    [19:41] WingedWolf> Vary the longevity, as well–at least an hour, but you can go longer.
    [19:42] WingedWolf> Let me know when you have them finished. :)
    [19:42] RainTurtle> done long since
    [19:43] DanielH> Done
    [19:43] PsyFactor> done
    [19:43] Tetra> Done.
    [19:43] WingedWolf> Rain and Dan, you guys will work together this time, and Tetra and Psy.
    [19:43] RainTurtle> ok
    [19:43] DanielH> Okay
    [19:44] PsyFactor> fine with me :)
    [19:44] Tetra> Okay.
    [19:45] WingedWolf> Now, what you want to do, is link to your partner, then scan until you find their construct. It should be close by them. Use each of the abilities in turn to determine all you can about it–how long it should last, what shape it is, what its behavior is, and what abilities it has. Post your perceptions into the channel. After you’re done with that, your partner can verify what it was that they attempted to create. You can each do this at the same time, since all of the constructs are there.
    [19:46] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [19:46] DanielH> No
    [19:47] RainTurtle> Yes
    [19:47] PsyFactor> none here
    [19:47] Tetra> None on my end.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> Ask :)
    [19:47] RainTurtle> IF we are linked, are we not as likely to pick up the intention, as we are to pick up the scanned information
    [19:48] RainTurtle> (ie what it is supposed to do, rather than what it is doing)
    [19:49] WingedWolf> It’s a possibility, and you should have shields up well. But in order to find the constructs, most will probably need to find the person first.
    [19:49] RainTurtle> Fair enough
    [19:49] WingedWolf> You may not, but they probably will. ;)
    [19:49] WingedWolf> I’ll stress though, you should confine your scanning to the construct, and not the person who created it.
    [19:50] WingedWolf> Any other questions?
    [19:50] RainTurtle> no
    [19:50] DanielH> No
    [19:50] PsyFactor> nope
    [19:50] Tetra> Nada.
    [19:50] WingedWolf> Ok, then…go for it. ;)
    [19:52] RainTurtle> About a foot tall, five inches or so across the base. White and silver, with flecks of blue, roughly triangular/pyramidal but leaning over one side (if it were not leaning it would be a right angle triangle, and the side in question is the longer of the two sides connected by the right angle)
    [19:53] RainTurtle> It appears to be shielded, but doesn’t do anything when I poke it
    [19:53] DanielH> Do I say if she was right/wrong now?
    [19:53] RainTurtle> *blinks* I think it just bent over, like a cat washing its paw
    [19:53] WingedWolf> After she’s completely done.
    [19:54] RainTurtle> It leaned again. Can’t tell the longevity, it’s fading a bit already.
    [19:55] RainTurtle> The surface is a bit rough to the touch….that’s all I’m picking up
    [19:55] PsyFactor> column, 1-2 foot diameter, some bright color (orange/yellow/red not sure), not flat ends, looks like it has a finite lifespan of about 90 mins, I think it sends empathically, not sure on anything else
    [19:55] * PsyFactor isn’t very good at this…done :/
    [19:56] Tetra> So.. explain it now?
    [19:56] WingedWolf> You guys can do this simultaneously, you and Dan should be checking Rain and Psy’s constructs.
    [19:56] DanielH> No, I made a box without a top, and a blue sphere inside of it. The box was blue/white. I forgot to charge it up because I was working on its programing… Anyway, I gave it the ability to shield/hide itself.
    [19:57] DanielH> A giant bug, sort of like a tick… had a ton of colors, and it was on top of a desk
    [19:57] PsyFactor> did you forget to kill your cat from last time?
    [19:57] PsyFactor> heh
    [19:57] WingedWolf> No.
    [19:57] Tetra> Lots of curves, very organic shape to it. Decent amount of energy to it, not very dense, although maybe 70 minutes of longevity on a guess
    [19:57] DanielH> 1 hour and 17 minutes is its lifespan
    [19:58] Tetra> I’d say.. 2 feet long.. maybe a foot high.
    [19:58] DanielH> I think it was made to ping
    [19:58] PsyFactor> no wonder I had problems putting a shape to it
    [19:58] Tetra> Thats yours, Psy.
    [19:58] PsyFactor> oh
    [19:58] Tetra> Mine…
    [19:58] WingedWolf> Focus, guys.
    [19:58] WingedWolf> Just wait to explain what you made, I told you that.
    [19:58] PsyFactor> k
    [19:59] Tetra> Looks shielded..
    [19:59] Tetra> Yeah.. thats it.
    [19:59] DanielH> A plane maybe, and… I’m almost done
    [19:59] DanielH> *shrugs* The last I’m getting is a headache, and pain all over my face
    [19:59] DanielH> (Done)
    [20:00] WingedWolf> Everyone through?
    [20:00] Tetra> I am.
    [20:00] RainTurtle> yes
    [20:00] DanielH> Yep
    [20:00] PsyFactor> yep
    [20:00] WingedWolf> Ok, NOW you can explain what you were trying to make.
    [20:01] DanielH> I accidently said it before… should I say it again?
    [20:01] WingedWolf> No, not necessary, unless you forgot something.
    [20:01] DanielH> No, I’m done then.
    [20:02] PsyFactor> mine was a pyramid, blue, about 5 inches tall, 4 sides plus a square base, designed to telepathically send back “hello” if pinged, about a 60 minute lifespan programmed in (my time perception is bad, so 70 is a decent guess), and was designed to prevent itself from being altered
    [20:02] RainTurtle> Bird slowly flapping the wings (it is sitting on a table, though), shielded with instructions to ping anyone who makes contact, roughly an hour’s duration. Bird white, shield undetermined colour
    [20:02] Tetra> Anyways, I made a person, about 6’8″, blond hair, wearing a deep red duster
    [20:03] Tetra> Programmed to shield, and would ping on contact
    [20:03] * PsyFactor nothen…I’d guess I completely missed your construct :D
    [20:03] PsyFactor> ack
    [20:03] PsyFactor> you get th epoint
    [20:03] Tetra> For those that watch Anime… it was essentially Vash
    [20:03] PsyFactor> lol
    [20:04] * PsyFactor has watched all of trigun
    [20:04] PsyFactor> did it have the transforming gun arm?
    [20:04] WingedWolf> Guys…
    [20:04] PsyFactor> sorry
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Ok…the next class we’re going to be starting on physical abilities.
    [20:05] WingedWolf> You’ll need some equipment for that….
    [20:05] WingedWolf> I’d like you to have a small glass of water that’s been at room temp for at least 3 or 4 hours, and an oral thermometer. Can everyone get that?
    [20:06] DanielH> Yes
    [20:06] RainTurtle> probably
    [20:06] PsyFactor> should be able to find that
    [20:06] RainTurtle> Will a candy thermometer do, if I can’t?
    [20:06] Tetra> Sure.
    [20:06] PsyFactor> is a candy thermometer okay instead, though?
    [20:07] WingedWolf> How fine are the temp graduations?
    [20:07] PsyFactor> within a degree, anyway
    [20:07] RainTurtle> I have several…one’s half a degree
    [20:07] WingedWolf> That should work fine.
    [20:07] WingedWolf> It’s better to have finer graduations, but if that’s what you have, it’ll do.
    [20:08] WingedWolf> What I’ll do right now, is talk about EM ability, because that’s not one we’re going to be able to easily practice in class.
    [20:09] WingedWolf> It’s associated with the wave energy format, emitted by the third eye. The output function would be producing electromagnetic radiation, and the input is sensing EMR.
    [20:10] WingedWolf> Without some rather expensive equipment, it’s difficult to test the output function of this ability. You could use it to alter EMR, as well as produce it. However, you can practice the input function, on your own, without equipment.
    [20:10] WingedWolf> Do this simply by focusing your attention on things which produce EMR, and seeing what you can sense. Can you sense the difference when your microwave is running, as opposed to when it is off?
    [20:11] RainTurtle> yes
    [20:11] WingedWolf> Appliances, computers, etc all give off EM.
    [20:11] WingedWolf> Any questions about this ability?
    [20:11] DanielH> No
    [20:11] PsyFactor> no
    [20:11] RainTurtle> no, I don’t think so
    [20:11] Tetra> Would it cause monitor flickers? like… banding?
    [20:11] PsyFactor> the best way to experience this is to live in a dorm with constantly running power everywhere, then have that power suddenly cut for the entire building
    [20:12] WingedWolf> Tetra, there are a number of things which could cause that–EMR to magnetism, and so on.
    [20:12] PsyFactor> that’s how I found out about that one
    [20:12] Tetra> Ah, okay
    [20:12] WingedWolf> Electrical sensing is also another ability, so make sure of what it is that you are doing.
    [20:12] PsyFactor> k
    [20:13] * PsyFactor though emr and electrical would be the same, since electrical puts off emr
    [20:13] WingedWolf> The ability we’ll start working with next week is Kinetic ability, associated with the same nerve cluster.
    [20:13] WingedWolf> This involves sensing the kinetic energy in matter…you can use this to detect vibration, and temperature.
    [20:14] WingedWolf> It also involves increasing or decreasing the kinetic energy in matter…to cause or stop a vibration, or to raise or lower temperature, and that’s what you’ll be using the thermometers for.
    [20:14] WingedWolf> In its most impressive form, this ability is firestarting.
    [20:15] WingedWolf> Respect it, because you can burn yourself or others using it at that level.
    [20:15] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:15] DanielH> No
    [20:15] RainTurtle> *shakes head*
    [20:15] PsyFactor> no
    [20:16] WingedWolf> Tetra?
    [20:17] Tetra> Yeah?
    [20:17] Tetra> No questions.
    [20:17] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [20:18] WingedWolf> A few precautions…we’ll be using water, as it’s safer, and because it’s easier to measure a temperature increase or drop that way. You can also, conveniently, use it to douse accidental fires. Chances are this won’t happen, but if it does, be alert and prepared to deal with an accidental fire when practicing this ability.
    [20:19] WingedWolf> Don’t practice this ability under uncontrolled conditions, randomly. I’ll stress again, respect it–you wouldn’t light things on fire with matches randomly, so don’t try to light them with kinetic ability. You just might succeed.
    [20:21] WingedWolf> Between this class and the next, you can practice with EMR abilty, of course. If you happen to have the means to detect changes in EMR, you can also practice with the output function…however, be careful with this as well, because EMR can also be quite dangerous at higher levels. You don’t want to actually microwave yourself or others–or worse.
    [20:22] WingedWolf> The physical abilities have the most potential for damage of any of the psi abilities, short of perhaps nervous system ability. Just because they tend to be difficult to trigger and control, does not mean that you should assume you won’t achieve a spectacular success with them…you have a loaded weapon, so don’t don’t play Russian Roulette with it.
    [20:22] WingedWolf> Any other questions?
    [20:23] PsyFactor> none here
    [20:23] Tetra> none here.
    [20:23] RainTurtle> no, I’ll look it up
    [20:23] DanielH> No
    [20:23] WingedWolf> All right then…I think we’re done for today, then. :)