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    Evening Class 8: Kinetic Ability Practice, Matter and Electricity Ability Introduction

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 10/4/2002

    Session Start: Fri Oct 04 19:45:12 2002
    [19:45] PsyFactor> of course
    [19:45] * PsyFactor notes the only thermometer he could find is rather innacurate :/
    [19:46] WingedWolf> Kinetic ability involves increasing or decreasing the kinetic energy in matter…so, you cause it to vibrate more, or less. The frequency of that vibration determines whether you get a visible vibration, or heat.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> The only thing out there with no kinetic energy would be something resting at absolute zero, and we haven’t quite found anything like that yet.
    [19:49] WingedWolf> So, first I’ll have you try to heat up your water. Send a very strong beam from your third-eye area, like a laser beam, and make the frequency very high. It may help to imagine a high-pitched sound, for example, to accomplish this.
    [19:50] WingedWolf> You also want to keep your intention in mind….to heat the water, by increasing the vibration.
    [19:50] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [19:51] RainTurtle> Third eye, for this?
    [19:51] WingedWolf> Yes.
    [19:51] RainTurtle> Alright….no further questions here
    [19:51] WingedWolf> If you get no change, try intensifying your beam…concentrate it down. Vary the frequency slightly, until you get one that “feels” right.
    [19:52] PsyFactor> ack…I’m getting a headache from this
    [19:53] WingedWolf> Don’t strain yourself too much….if you are getting a lot of pain, back off.
    [19:53] PsyFactor> that’s what I’m gonna have to do :/
    [19:53] WingedWolf> You’re asking your system to do a whole lot of work, all at once.
    [19:53] PsyFactor> yeah
    [19:54] PsyFactor> and I have trouble enough with shields…I’d assume this requires a lot more dense energy
    [19:54] WingedWolf> Yep.
    [19:54] WingedWolf> How is everyone doing?
    [19:54] PsyFactor> badly :D
    [19:54] * Tetra is staring at 70 degree water still
    [19:54] RainTurtle> up to 24C
    [19:54] * PsyFactor notes his room is getting noticably warmer, though
    [19:55] WingedWolf> lol
    [19:55] PsyFactor> may just be because the door is closed, though
    [19:55] * PsyFactor turns the fan on
    [19:55] RainTurtle> (started at roughly 18
    [19:55] WingedWolf> That is another thing to remember about these abilities, though…it may be chance, Psy, but also when you’re learning to use physical abilities, the effects may not hit the target. PK is notorious for this, too.
    [19:56] Tetra> Mine roughly started at 70… At least its consistant…
    [19:56] WingedWolf> Ok, now you’re going to try it another way.
    [19:56] PsyFactor> yeah… a lot of times when I’ve worked on psi, I’ve noticed that my room heats up much faster then normal…one time when blep and I were in a car working on stuff, this became extremely apparent – the car’s windows suddenly fogged up :D
    [19:58] WingedWolf> Try to visualize the energy you send grabbing and carrying away kinetic energy with it, and send it through the water.
    [19:58] * WingedWolf is not going to have you try to draw it out.
    [19:58] RainTurtle> hehe Cool!
    [19:59] WingedWolf> That’s the hope. :D
    [20:00] WingedWolf> Any questions on this, btw?
    [20:00] RainTurtle> No, I don’t think so
    [20:00] Tetra> No questions… Just a cup full of 70 degree water.
    [20:01] PsyFactor> well, trying that didn’t give me a headache, though I can’t be certain I got any results with this thermometer
    [20:01] PsyFactor> so no questions
    [20:01] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [20:02] * PsyFactor notes he’s gone through enough energy throwing everything he could at this glass of water that he is already getting a tad psi-high
    [20:02] WingedWolf> Now, lower the frequency dramatically, and try to get it to visibly vibrate…bring it WAY down, and use a lot of force…a short burst should be enough to give you either a success or failure, you don’t need to keep it up long.
    [20:03] RainTurtle> rattled
    [20:03] PsyFactor> maybe a bit
    [20:04] WingedWolf> Good..a lot of people are better at achieving one aspect of this ability than they are at another.
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Tetra?
    [20:05] * Tetra cant get it do do a thing.
    [20:05] WingedWolf> That’s all right.
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Now, the input function of this ability is to sense the level of kinetic energy in something.
    [20:05] WingedWolf> You could, with a bit of practice, determine the temperature of it that way.
    [20:07] WingedWolf> If you want to test this ability, you’ll need to find objects of varying temperatures, or objects which have a vibration to compare with those that are more still.
    [20:07] WingedWolf> Use your third-eye to scan these objects.
    [20:08] WingedWolf> Setting this one aside now, we’ll move on to beginning PK.
    [20:09] WingedWolf> Psychokinesis is the ability to move matter with mind-controlled energy, and it seems to be one of the most popular abilities for people to try to learn. It’s also one of the most difficult, even moreso perhaps than the one you just tried. So, don’t become frustrated if you find you can’t achieve it in class here.
    [20:09] WingedWolf> The energy which is responsible for this is a stream format produced by the solar plexus. This stream has impact.
    [20:10] WingedWolf> Respect not only the ability, but the stream…while it can pass through matter to create an impact on the other side, when a person is first practicing with it, where the impact occurs may not be under full control.
    [20:11] WingedWolf> Anka wound up with a quarter-sized bruise on his arm, reaching past a student attempting this ability, when he got in the way of the beam.
    [20:11] WingedWolf> So, don’t try to PK THROUGH people, for example.
    [20:12] WingedWolf> Many people who can do PK find it easier to work with some states of matter than they do with others.
    [20:12] WingedWolf> So, even if you can’t succeed at moving solid matter, you might find you can succeed at moving a gas, or liquid, or even a plasma or fire.
    [20:14] WingedWolf> We’ll set up to begin practicing this ability next time around, and what you’ll want to bring for that will be a PK wheel, or something which can serve a similar purpose: a jar with a pendulum inside, for example. You’ll want a light pendulum. You’ll also want another glass of water, and a sewing needle.
    [20:15] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:15] RainTurtle> Not at this stage
    [20:15] Tetra> Not any from I.
    [20:16] PsyFactor> nope
    [20:16] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [20:16] WingedWolf> The input function of this ability is matter sensing.
    [20:16] WingedWolf> This is the base ability for dowsing.
    [20:16] WingedWolf> Practicing this, try scanning to see if you can determine, in a pitch black room, where matter is.
    [20:17] WingedWolf> From there, move on to seeing if you can detect different types of matter…tell wood from metal, water from earth.
    [20:17] WingedWolf> See if you can tell if something is hollow, or solid.
    [20:18] WingedWolf> This is an ability which could literally allow you to navigate in the dark, if you developed it.
    [20:18] WingedWolf> Any questions about this?
    [20:18] PsyFactor> none
    [20:18] RainTurtle> nope
    [20:18] Tetra> Nope
    [20:19] WingedWolf> You’ll probably notice we go through physical abilities faster than the others…unfortunately, it’s hard to set up to test them in a class setting. But, I do hope you will attempt them on your own, when the opportunity arises, between classes.
    [20:20] WingedWolf> In the remaining time here, I’ll talk about electricity ability. Electricity can also be manipulated and sensed via the solar plexus nerve cluster.
    [20:20] WingedWolf> Obviously, you don’t want to practice this ability by your computer. :D
    [20:20] PsyFactor> lol
    [20:21] WingedWolf> However, you can definitely use it to play with static safely.
    [20:21] WingedWolf> …elsewhere.
    [20:22] WingedWolf> I do recommend you stick to static when practicing with electrical manipulation, particularly at first, because if you get a really strong zap, it’s still unlikely to be strong enough to harm anyone.
    [20:22] WingedWolf> The same cannot be said of playing with electronics that use wall current.
    [20:23] WingedWolf> Practicing the input function of this ability is actually quite easy…scan and try to track the live wires in your home and other buildings.
    [20:23] WingedWolf> You can even track underground power lines this way.
    [20:23] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:24] RainTurtle> *shakes head*
    [20:24] Tetra> Nope
    [20:24] PsyFactor> no
    [20:25] WingedWolf> By the way, I have heard of psis discharging static strong enough to knock a person over, so safer does not imply completely safe…be careful when and where you decide to practice something like that.
    [20:26] WingedWolf> Don’t turn any of these abilities on yourself…you could do yourself some pretty serious damage. Likewise, don’t use them on other people.
    [20:26] WingedWolf> Stick to non-living things.
    [20:26] WingedWolf> If there are no more questions, I think that’s about it for today. :)
    [20:26] RainTurtle> Thanks, Wolf
    [20:26] PsyFactor> thanks :)
    [20:27] Tetra> Thanks.