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    Evening Class 9: Matter Ability Practice, Gravity and Magnetism Introduction

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 10/14/2002

    Session Start: Mon Oct 14 19:46:31 2002
    [19:46] PsyFactor> oh…ok
    [19:46] WingedWolf> Logging
    [19:46] WingedWolf> The psiwheel or a ping pong ball are both fine…something really light.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> Don’t worry about it.
    [19:47] WingedWolf> Ok, the usual rules–wait until I ask for questions to ask them, don’t run off in the middle of class, etc etc.
    [19:48] WingedWolf> Today we’re going to cover the output function of matter ability, which is, of course, psychokinesis. The energy associated with this ability is a stream format produced by the solar plexus nerve cluster.
    [19:52] WingedWolf> The frequency range in which this ability will operate is very narrow, and most likely it will be near the lowest end of the spectrum.
    [19:53] WingedWolf> So, first, charge your solar plexus.
    [19:53] WingedWolf> and light you candle.
    [19:54] WingedWolf> Let me know when you have that done.
    [19:54] RainTurtle> done
    [19:54] Tetra> Okay.
    [19:54] * PsyFactor goes and finds a lighter
    [19:54] * WingedWolf wonders what he thought he was going to do with the candle.
    [19:55] PsyFactor> possibly testing pyrokinesis or something :D
    [19:55] PsyFactor> okay, so I didn’t even think about it
    [19:55] WingedWolf> Those of you who HAVE lit candles, first observe them to check for drafts.
    [19:56] Tetra> Staying even; Draft-free
    [19:56] WingedWolf> Also, don’t get excited if your forced-air heat kicks on in the middle of this, and causes the flame to go crazy. :D
    [19:56] PsyFactor> mine, now that it’s lit, is staying draft free
    [19:56] RainTurtle> No draft
    [19:57] WingedWolf> Ok. Now, project a stream of energy from your solar plexus at the flame, and try to make it bend. Use as low a frequency as you can, and also use a very dense stream.
    [19:58] WingedWolf> Don’t push for longer than 10 seconds.
    [19:58] PsyFactor> I can get it to bend about 15 degrees
    [19:58] WingedWolf> Also, don’t exhale on it.
    [19:58] RainTurtle> to the left, about forty-five degrees
    [19:59] Tetra> It just flickered… more like it was going out
    [19:59] WingedWolf> Now, give it one more try, and see if you can do it again.
    [19:59] RainTurtle> Same direction?
    [20:00] WingedWolf> Direction doesn’t matter.
    [20:00] Tetra> Flame extended, and moved away.
    [20:00] RainTurtle> right, this time, again roughly 45 degrees
    [20:01] RainTurtle> (then bent to the left again, just to be sure)
    [20:03] WingedWolf> Ok, now, I’m going to have you do one last thing with the candle. This time direct your stream at the air around the candle, and try to cause a breeze that will flow over the flame.
    [20:03] WingedWolf> Again, be careful not to breathe on it.
    [20:04] RainTurtle> Flickered and bent away
    [20:04] Tetra> Flickered, and went out.
    [20:04] * WingedWolf isn’t sure where Psy went.
    [20:04] WingedWolf> Great.
    [20:04] WingedWolf> You can put out the candle now. :)
    [20:05] WingedWolf> Next, float your needle (or toothpick) carefully on the surface of the water in the glass you have.
    [20:06] WingedWolf> Let me know when you have that set up, and I’ll also ask if there are questions now.
    [20:06] RainTurtle> Set up with match, my sewing needle is too big
    [20:06] * WingedWolf nods.
    [20:07] Tetra> Set up
    [20:07] RainTurtle> No questions so far
    [20:07] WingedWolf> Tetra?
    [20:07] Tetra> No questions
    [20:07] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [20:08] PsyFactor> sorry., dad shanghaied me
    [20:08] PsyFactor> decided I had to help him with the dishwasher
    [20:09] WingedWolf> Now, you’re going to try to cause a current in the water…so focus the energy stream into the water, and try to force it to move…aim near the surface of the water, and watch for a movement of the floating object.
    [20:09] WingedWolf> Remember to lower the frequency as much as possible, and use a very dense stream.
    [20:10] WingedWolf> Again, don’t focus for longer than about 10 or 15 seconds.
    [20:10] Tetra> I get nothing.
    [20:10] RainTurtle> One end is now rammed against the far side, and the free end is wagging back and forth….strange, eh?
    [20:11] WingedWolf> Good. One more exercise left–put the psi-wheel, ball, or some other light object if you don’t have those, in a place where you won’t breathe on them.
    [20:12] RainTurtle> done
    [20:12] Tetra> Okay.
    [20:13] WingedWolf> Just as before, use a very dense beam, with a very low frequency–as low as you can manage, and put in a lot of force. Try this for 15 to 20 seconds.
    [20:13] RainTurtle> Bobbed up and down, then started to rotate to the left
    [20:14] Tetra> Nothing
    [20:14] WingedWolf> It just called you best friend nasty names, kill it Tetra. ;)
    [20:15] Tetra> Wheel didn’t move.. but I nudged my keyboard a good 3inches
    [20:15] WingedWolf> Great. :)
    [20:16] WingedWolf> Are there any questions?
    [20:16] RainTurtle> No
    [20:16] Tetra> Not here.
    [20:16] * WingedWolf hopes the keyboard is ok. :D
    [20:16] Tetra> Its been through worse.
    [20:17] WingedWolf> Next, we’ll be covering the static forces area.
    [20:18] WingedWolf> These appear to be associated with the field energy format. They include gravity, and magnetism.
    [20:18] WingedWolf> For the next class, you’ll want a pair of magnets.
    [20:19] Tetra> What strength do you recommend?
    [20:19] WingedWolf> If you have, it a fine scale would also help a lot–a postal scale, for example.
    [20:19] WingedWolf> The strength doesn’t really matter.
    [20:19] RainTurtle> I have one of those
    [20:19] RainTurtle> It only goes to “three ounces”, though
    [20:20] WingedWolf> If you don’t have a scale, then set up another glass of water, and use something that will float on the surface, but has some weight.
    [20:20] WingedWolf> A rubber ball, for example.
    [20:21] WingedWolf> The idea is, you’ll be able to see if it rises or sinks in the water.
    [20:21] WingedWolf> Gravity manipulation is most likely what people use when they levitate….levitation is something that most people have reported to occur when they are in a deep trance state, or even when they are asleep.
    [20:22] WingedWolf> However, gravity manipulation not only can be used to make you lighter, it can also be used to make other things lighter–or heavier.
    [20:23] WingedWolf> Making yourself heavier can be useful in a physical fight–you can make it extremely difficult for someone to knock you down, or off balance.
    [20:24] WingedWolf> You do this by “grabbing” the earth with your field….as if you are pulling yourself to the ground, using your field.
    [20:24] WingedWolf> Likewise, to make yourself or something lighter, push away with your field.
    [20:24] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [20:24] RainTurtle> Not exactly
    [20:25] Tetra> None.
    [20:25] RainTurtle> I wonder, though, if this was involved in the canoe incident a few months ago, because the boat suddenly seemed lighter as I lifted it
    [20:26] WingedWolf> It very well may be.
    [20:26] WingedWolf> It’s not as difficult a physical ability as some of the others, from what I have seen.
    [20:27] WingedWolf> More people seem to have success with it, more often.
    [20:28] RainTurtle> IS it often combined with pk?
    [20:28] WingedWolf> I think we are done for today, since you’ll need more equipment to move on.
    [20:28] RainTurtle> Thanks for the class, Wolf
    [20:28] WingedWolf> I’m not sure if it is often combined with PK, Rain…more often with momentum ability, if anything.
    [20:29] WingedWolf> It’s possible, of course.
    [20:29] WingedWolf> If there are no more questions, I think we are done for today. :)
    [20:30] Tetra> Not I
    [20:30] RainTurtle> No more here, I think