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    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 11/13/2006

    Now, there are some interesting implications from this class/attempt. First, I wasn’t sure when we began whether or not all types of vampires were capable of using this technique, and this ability. This class proved that they are–and that suggests that there is some very real relationship between innate sanguinarian, pranic, and psi-vampires. They all share this innate ability in common, along with a few others. I would like to urge everyone trying to learn the use of this ability to treat it with extreme respect. Paralyzing someone, even for 5 seconds, could be deadly in some circumstances.

    Post has been edited in a few ways, first off to keep the anonymity of certain individuals in it, second to make it easier to read (Timestamps has been removed where they are not needed and similar IRC artifacts may or may not have been removed)

    <XXXXXXX> alrighty who wants to start this off in expla?

    <WingedWolf> Well, I could explain first what I mean by mesmerism.

    <XXXXXXX> k. id like your definition.

    <Haibane> I quite understand the concept but any info is good info xD

    * XXXXXXX ^5 haibane.

    <WingedWolf> This is an instinctive ability to induce a paralytic trance via eye contact, but I’ve also discovered it can be used over a distance, through (I think) a combination of wormhole or teleport combined with visualizing the person’s eyes/aiming for them.

    <Haibane> This sounds like fun already xD, I mean the distance thing

    <WingedWolf> Well, when using the ability in person, with actual eye contact, all the person has to do to break it is to muster up just enough fight to look away–then it’s broken.

    <WingedWolf> The distance version is a great deal more insidious, because you can’t look away…so you may muster up some resistance, but then it just takes effect again immediately.

    <Haibane> This as much as I hate to say it sounds like fun

    <WingedWolf> Well, keep in mind that this ability is terrifying to people who don’t know what’s happening–and even to some who do.

    <Haibane> Yes

    <WingedWolf> It’s a genuinely powerful effect that works on nons.

    <WingedWolf> The realization that you literally cannot move or look away scares the piss out of people.

    <XXXXXXX> i reviewed a number of vampire eyes posts to see that people tend to stare into vampire eyes when a vampire is watching them and will sometimes directed there eyes as if watched. to them.

    <WingedWolf> They don’t understand what’s happening at all. Most of them will write it off later, because it’s so outside their experience, but they will be very frightened of you.

    <WingedWolf> If you like, I can describe exactly what someone who’s being mesmerized feels–and keep in mind that yes, this ability CAN be used on other vamps.

    <WingedWolf> The key point is if you know that it’s coming, you can resist it, and it will never take hold. It’s not EXTREMELY difficult to resist, if you’re aware–but it is far more difficult to break once it’s ‘set’.

    <Haibane> Right, like a snare of sorts

    <XXXXXXX> if a person is willing knowledgable of said person.

    <XXXXXXX> sometimes a magnetism effect can happen.

    <XXXXXXX> which is increasing stronger the numbers of feeds between said persons have happened.

    <XXXXXXX> in situations of affection.

    <XXXXXXX> and that it is somewhat creepy.

    <WingedWolf> The first thing that happens is you feel a pressure–waves coming across particularly in the ‘third eye’ area…very strong wave-like rocking motion. It’s followed by a creeping weakness/numbness, and you may then start to sway with the waves.

    <WingedWolf> If you have been moving, by this point you have slowed, and then stop, the only motion is possibly the swaying.

    <WingedWolf> Your mind also goes blank–you lose your train of thought, and forget what you were doing. Your thoughts are slow.

    <WingedWolf> Then it occurs to you (slowly) that you aren’t moving…you should probably move. So you slowly try to move, and realize that you literally cannot–that’s when the growing alarm starts. Until you muster up enough resistance to break eye contact, you cannot move in any other way.

    <Haibane> This could come in very useful

    <WingedWolf> Yes.

    <WingedWolf> I had it used on me once, in person. I broke it within hm…10 seconds. But I realized what was happening, even though it had never happened before, because I understood the situation.

    <WingedWolf> 10 seconds was enough time for me to stop moving and the guy trying to swipe my camera to nearly close with me.

    <Haibane> Well, the feeling of doing this seems very familiar to me… at least the mind set of looking at someone like they are food, I usually look away though as I dont wish to seem like some weird/freak or something

    <Haibane> Well look away when they look at me

    <XXXXXXX> this can also be affectted by the position of said vamps mentality?

    <XXXXXXX> i try not to look at people.

    <XXXXXXX> its like im reading them deep.

    <XXXXXXX> that all of a sudden by there clothing their care there face there expression there eyes i get tons of info.

    <WingedWolf> Yes, it seems to work best–the instinctive ability is triggered–when you are seeing yourself in a superior and predatory position.

    <WingedWolf> You are dominating them–you know you’re better than them, and you own them. Basically.

    <XXXXXXX> would the someone surmise. that if one is not superior.

    <XXXXXXX> but hunting them the same with prying eyes. of longing.

    <Haibane> Its a more of a feeling to me like I am looking at something that I wish to reach out and kind of absorb

    <XXXXXXX> that the effect would be more magnetic.

    <Haibane> more, wrap myself around

    <WingedWolf> XXXXXXX–probably not the same thing.

    <Haibane> Bah, talking about it makes me feel very…

    <XXXXXXX> haibane i understand the wrapmyself around but not with look at people

    <XXXXXXX> now with feeding over distance

    <XXXXXXX> that happens.

    <Haibane> No I mean like their energy, just take them in, pull at them and take what I need

    <XXXXXXX> i wanna embrace and enwrapp.

    <Haibane> Just absorb it all

    <XXXXXXX> ah that.

    <Haibane> Basically drink them in

    <XXXXXXX> i sometimes get subconc

    <Haibane> not so much drink but it flows, I cant even describe the feeling

    <XXXXXXX> desires to just yank.

    <Haibane> yes

    <XXXXXXX> i catch myself often.

    <XXXXXXX> slightly pulling then stopping. when i notice.

    <XXXXXXX> then i slash away links like crap.

    <XXXXXXX> okay ww. go one.

    <Haibane> lol I dont always bring myself to cut the links away >.<

    * Haibane feels guilty

    * XXXXXXX we been too talky lets ww. talk.

    * XXXXXXX lol

    <Haibane> yesm, sorry -_-

    * WingedWolf says you’re fine. lol

    * WingedWolf tries to remember her train of thought. XD

    <WingedWolf> *derailed*

    <XXXXXXX> the hypnomesmerism that comes to mind is something from CGS site.

    <Haibane> ^

    <WingedWolf> It’s been mentioned before, but I think I”m one of the few people who actually gave explicit directions.

    <WingedWolf> Now, using the ability over a distance, you basically do exactly the same thing while focusing very strongly on looking into that person’s eyes–you see their eyes right before you, in your mind.

    <WingedWolf> I want to see someone try the distance method–but try it when the person IS present.

    <WingedWolf> Because you cannot look away when someone’s using that method, it’s extremely difficult to break the trance–you can perhaps twitch and then it’s set in again.

    <WingedWolf> You can see how devastating that would be in a situation such as a physical confrontation.

    <WingedWolf> Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter what their mood is, or what they’re doing–they can be running around and you can STILL stop them with this.

    <Haibane> I could try, but I hope you would not mind me getting in that mindset with you… as I honestly do not see you exclusively as a food item

    <WingedWolf> rofl

    <XXXXXXX> id like to try. just for the sake of trying to experiment. (i am a leonardo da vinci)

    <Haibane> ^

    <Haibane> Sounds like fun to me

    <WingedWolf> As I said before, you don’t tend to think of people that way ALL the time, and you don’t generally act on that feeling and treat people as inferiors. So rather than worrying that you have this ability to think in that fashion, use it as a tool.

    <Haibane> Okeydoo

    <XXXXXXX> it would be cool for psionics attack defense.

    <WingedWolf> Not something to fear or avoid, but a state of mind you can deliberately induce in order to use some of these specific abilities.

    <XXXXXXX> pause someone and shut them down over distance.

    <XXXXXXX> you know that sounds like a passive instinct reaction.

    <XXXXXXX> the pausing part.

    <WingedWolf> XXXXXXX–the only detriment there is that someone you’re in a psionic fight with will be expecting psionic effects–even though they will not know exactly what you’re doing, at the first touch of energy, they’ll resist it.

    <Haibane> I would love to do this, especially with the amount of muggings and things that have been poppign up in the school news papers

    <Haibane> I would probably stop them and them tip them over though xD

    <XXXXXXX> dont go all looking out for trouble or overconfident.

    <Haibane> I know >.>

    <WingedWolf> This ability really IS more useful against A) Someone unaware of what it is, and B) stopping someone physically, rather than psychically.

    <XXXXXXX> use it. then run.

    <Haibane> Of course Id run, but considering someone was shot in the back last time they tried to run

    <Haibane> Id make sure the person could not move

    <WingedWolf> XXXXXXX–back away, don’t run. You must maintain eye contact. Use it to create as much distance as you can, and then when they break, you run.

    <WingedWolf> If you wanted to try something very very dangerous, you would walk up and take their weapon.

    <Haibane> The guy survived thank god as a friend apartment was near by and he managed to make it htere

    <Haibane> Well first things first lets try to figure how to do this

    <XXXXXXX> if pause the person i say nock them down and crush there balls.

    <WingedWolf> lol.

    <XXXXXXX> with the other foot on the weapon hand.

    <Haibane> Err now whos getting to fancy?

    <Haibane> *too

    <XXXXXXX> yah yah.

    <WingedWolf> Well, like I said–10 seconds is a LOT of time for physical action–and I KNEW what was happening.

    <Haibane> Im just saying tip them over so they get hurt in the fall

    <WingedWolf> Someone who does not understand what’s happening may be kept ‘under’ for longer.

    <Haibane> if they cant move then they cant catch their fall

    <XXXXXXX> but given the chance with an open field i cant dodge in to hide behind something id elect the maximum aggressive stance.

    <Haibane> Well enough talk xD

    <Haibane> I really want to try this, hehe

    * WingedWolf wonders if you will try it on each other, or her.

    * WingedWolf points out it would be educational if you gave it a try on each other, too.

    <Haibane> Sorry but for some reason this feels oddly like something familiar and Id like to see it

    <Haibane> Okey

    <Haibane> Well Im game for whatever

    <WingedWolf> The first thing you need to do is put yourself into the right mindset. It might be more difficult for you to do right now, Hai. brb

    <XXXXXXX> i wonder about any inherent reactives in vamp makeups. against mesmerism.

    <Haibane> Not sure really

    <XXXXXXX> could turn into an instinctive battle of whos alpha

    <Haibane> But my wondering is what is the corellation between the souls connected to the body, and the connection to the bodies which have the capabilities to allow us to perform the functions

    <Haibane> Because like my father put it, our human bodies are basically vastly complex machines which are geared for survival

    <XXXXXXX> very much.

    <Haibane> Certain ones, with obviously extra capabilities, which seem to cater to “extra needs”

    <WingedWolf> If you’re going to try it on each other, you both know exactly what it is–so you would need to ALLOW it to take hold.

    <WingedWolf> Just don’t resist the energy or the effect, go with it.

    <Haibane> kk

    * Haibane feels like this is some sort of extra curricular class xD

    <XXXXXXX> lol

    <WingedWolf> It sort of is…but it’s like, vamps only. lol

    <Haibane> Not that this is a bad thing by any means xD

    <XXXXXXX> permission granted haibane. do i have permission?

    <WingedWolf> Now, two sides to it–if you try it on ME, I can tell you whether or not you’re doing it right.

    <Haibane> Hell yeah xD

    <Haibane> Well you know how it goes

    <WingedWolf> Try it on each other, and you get to experience it, which I think is very valuable.

    <Haibane> We dont exactly, lol

    <Haibane> Well wouldnt it be best first to establish that we can do it?

    <Haibane> or how we do it

    <WingedWolf> Probably.

    <Haibane> There is no doubt that we can do it already lol

    <Haibane> Just how to

    <WingedWolf> So, who’s going first, and who’s getting mezzed?

    <Haibane> LoL Im thinking we do it on you first to see how to do it? :S

    <XXXXXXX> im finding it hard to find such a predator place.

    <Haibane> Im not so sure it would be as hard to do honestly

    <XXXXXXX> well i admit i have reservations

    <WingedWolf> Well, start getting there now. You’re not going to turn into a sociopath, I promise.

    <Haibane> lol okay xD

    <XXXXXXX> i dont want to zap a fellow vamp. you know deep down that would suck.

    <WingedWolf> It was done to me when I was a vamp, it’s not that bad.

    <WingedWolf> lol

    <XXXXXXX> and its that mentality that plays a part.

    <Haibane> So is it ww first or XXXXXXX?

    <Haibane> I dont care, lol just dont let it go to your head permanently xD

    <WingedWolf> Up to you.

    <WingedWolf> You’re in charge. ;D

    <Haibane> Think of me as a food item, when it comes your turn

    <XXXXXXX> i nominate me. with ww. watching.

    <Haibane> Lol well as you know what it feels like WW Ill try on you first xD

    * WingedWolf chuckles.

    <Haibane> Then Ill try it in you XXXXXXX if you wish

    <Haibane> I have to first mke sure Im doing it as I should

    <WingedWolf> ok. You need a pic, or just going to go with straight visualization?

    <Haibane> Well a picture might be useful

    <Haibane> I could perhaps do it with visualization, I really dont know

    <WingedWolf> Try visualization first, as it’ll take me an age to figure out where I stashed a photo that would work.

    <Haibane> okey, lol

    [01:33] <Haibane> going to start now

    [01:33] * WingedWolf twitches violently.

    [01:34] <WingedWolf> That’s not quite right.

    [01:34] <Haibane> Are you okay?

    [01:34] <WingedWolf> Yeah.

    [01:34] <Haibane> Sorry it threw me off when you did the twicthing thing

    [01:34] <Haibane> twitching

    [01:34] <WingedWolf> I’ll type a single letter if you actually get it right (hopefully) lol.

    [01:34] <WingedWolf> You sent a burst of energy, and it caused that.

    [01:35] <WingedWolf> I’m just giving you feedback on what effect you’re causing.

    [01:35] <Haibane> Ah

    [01:35] <WingedWolf> *twitch*

    [01:35] <WingedWolf> *twitch*

    [01:35] <WingedWolf> You’re sending bursts through my third-eye.

    [01:36] <WingedWolf> What you’re looking for is a very strong wave.

    [01:36] <WingedWolf> nothing yet.

    [01:36] <Haibane> hold on got distracted xD

    [01:37] <Haibane> okey lets try this again xD

    [01:37] <WingedWolf> nothing yet.

    [01:37] <Haibane> kind of hard to get into the mind set now for some odd reaon

    [01:37] <Haibane> reason

    [01:37] <Haibane> okey let see here

    [01:38] * WingedWolf waits.

    [01:39] <WingedWolf> nothing yet. I feel a very faint pressure, but that’s all.

    [01:39] <WingedWolf> *twitch*

    [01:39] <WingedWolf> what you just sent was close but brief.

    [01:40] <WingedWolf> still faint pressure.

    [01:40] <Haibane> wow this requires some effort hehe

    [01:40] <Haibane> more a trick of trying to get the visualization of a source of food

    [01:41] <WingedWolf> The dominating mentality too–you can pin the person in place because you’re stronger, you’re superior, etc.

    [01:41] <Haibane> okey

    [01:41] <Haibane> lets try it that way

    [01:42] <WingedWolf> still pressure…closer

    [01:42] <WingedWolf> *twitch*

    [01:43] <WingedWolf> a

    [01:43] <Haibane> that was wild

    [01:43] <WingedWolf> Yep, you got it.

    [01:44] <Haibane> oh shit, wow

    <Haibane> That was odd

    <WingedWolf> ?

    <Haibane> Well, I mean it felt odd

    <Haibane> I could feel myself like I was there, or at least far away

    * WingedWolf has no idea what it might feel like on your end. lol

    <Haibane> Basically I felt very far away from myself

    <WingedWolf> By the way, the aftereffect includes some residual dizziness.

    <Haibane> sort of like a trance of sorts

    <Haibane> Yeah I gathered that

    <Haibane> It felt something like a trance almost, getting into the mindset

    <WingedWolf> Wanna try XXXXXXX next?

    <Haibane> let me get some juice first

    <WingedWolf> kk.

    <Haibane> wooo

    <Haibane> Ready XXXXXXX?

    <XXXXXXX> 10seconds then go.

    <XXXXXXX> count.

    <Haibane> okey

    <Haibane> 10

    <WingedWolf> XXXXXXX, did you miss anything?

    <Haibane> 9

    <Haibane> 8

    <Haibane> 7

    <Haibane> 6

    <Haibane> 5

    <Haibane> 4

    <Haibane> 3

    <Haibane> 2

    <Haibane> 1

    <Haibane> starting

    <WingedWolf> XXXXXXX, you may want to type something every minute or so for feedback, as I did.

    <WingedWolf> That way we know you’re not sitting there unable to do so.

    <WingedWolf> lol

    <Haibane> can you answer?

    <Haibane> errr

    * WingedWolf hopes he didn’t go afk. rofl

    <Haibane> he said ten seconds and go

    <XXXXXXX> k kinda zoned out calmly waiting.

    <Haibane> oh…

    <Haibane> pfft

    <XXXXXXX> i twitched a few times.

    * WingedWolf nods.

    <Haibane> tell me if anything else goes on

    <WingedWolf> Just type something every few seconds, and relax into it, XXXXXXX.

    <XXXXXXX> k.

    <XXXXXXX> k

    <XXXXXXX> twitch.

    <WingedWolf> Hai, you’re hitting both of us. lol

    <Haibane> bleh sorry

    <XXXXXXX> k will be normal

    <XXXXXXX> t for twitch

    <Haibane> kk

    [01:52] <XXXXXXX> t

    [01:53] <XXXXXXX> k

    [01:53] <XXXXXXX> k

    [01:54] <XXXXXXX> t

    [01:54] <XXXXXXX> t

    [01:55] <XXXXXXX> k

    [01:56] <XXXXXXX> t

    [01:56] <XXXXXXX> k

    [01:56] <Haibane> bleh Im getting tired

    <WingedWolf> You’re also still directing just a touch in my direction. lol

    <Haibane> bah

    <WingedWolf> You want to stop and try again another time?

    <Haibane> How do I drop one and keep the other? Because now Im just thinkink of XXXXXXX as think

    <Haibane> thing

    <Haibane> Probably stop for now, hehe

    <Haibane> He can have his go though

    <XXXXXXX> im gonna have my go. and then imm gonna wanna feed like MAD.

    <Haibane> Better not even try it on me

    <Haibane> >.<

    <Haibane> I mean to feed

    <XXXXXXX> yah.

    <WingedWolf> Wouldn’t do you any harm, Hai, he’s a psi-vamp.

    <Haibane> Well I mean if he tried to feed on me wouldnt he pull on my reserves?

    <Haibane> oh nm

    <Haibane> different thing

    <WingedWolf> Very little, if at all.

    <Haibane> Okey

    <XXXXXXX> i only nickpick. if ever.

    <XXXXXXX> i have to conciously dive deeper to touch what you need.

    <Haibane> Right I keep forgetting the differences, lol

    <WingedWolf> Anyhow, keeping focus–who you going to try first, XXXXXXX?

    <XXXXXXX> u.

    <WingedWolf> kk.

    <XXXXXXX> i thinks its right to use a the experience reciever.

    <WingedWolf> I’ll do the k and t thing

    <WingedWolf> Let me know when you’re starting.

    [02:02] <XXXXXXX> k.

    [02:02] <WingedWolf> t

    [02:03] <WingedWolf> k

    [02:03] <WingedWolf> t

    [02:03] <WingedWolf> k

    [02:03] <WingedWolf> t

    [02:03] <WingedWolf> strong pressure, but not quite on the right ‘frequency’.

    [02:04] <WingedWolf> k

    [02:04] <WingedWolf> k

    [02:04] <WingedWolf> k

    [02:04] <WingedWolf> k

    [02:05] <WingedWolf> t

    [02:05] <WingedWolf> a

    [02:05] <XXXXXXX> a?

    [02:06] <Haibane> I think you got it captain

    <Haibane> xD

    <WingedWolf> Actually more subtle, too, the paralysis hit before most other effects.

    <XXXXXXX> i just threw out my wings. and kinda visualize

    <WingedWolf> I was going “I don’t think it’s working, I should type k…wait…I can’t type k.. rofl

    <XXXXXXX> loosing my jaw.

    <XXXXXXX> and closing.

    <XXXXXXX> relentlessly closing.

    <Haibane> Ive probably got to do away with the little niggles, that prevent me from doing things lol

    <XXXXXXX> its a kinda of feeling

    <WingedWolf> It IS tiring, I understand, it’s a strong effect, so it takes a lot of doing.

    <Haibane> Wouldnt say concience perse as thats always good, but the little mental blocks/restraints Ive create for myself

    <XXXXXXX> of how you the vamps open there jaws in van helsing.

    <XXXXXXX> tiring???

    <WingedWolf> Not to you, XXXXXXX?

    * XXXXXXX doesnt feel that way.

    <WingedWolf> Interesting.

    <WingedWolf> You should try it on Hai then.

    <Haibane> It wasnt tiring to do it at first it just got that way after a while

    <Haibane> Not to mention its 3:07 am and I have class in 5 hours -_-

    <WingedWolf> ew, lol

    <XXXXXXX> but hes not female.

    <WingedWolf> So?

    <Haibane> Neither are you last time I looked….

    * XXXXXXX i wanna go skirthunting now.

    <WingedWolf> rofl

    * XXXXXXX jk.

    <XXXXXXX> alright.

    <Haibane> so do I just sit back and enjoy the rid?

    <Haibane> ride?

    <WingedWolf> Hai–relax as much as possible, and allow it completely–use the letter system we worked out.

    <Haibane> kk

    <WingedWolf> When you’re aware of it, your tendency is to hold a resistance against the energy entering your head–you need to allow it in.

    <Haibane> hmmm

    <Haibane> An interesting though

    <XXXXXXX> software abort.

    <Haibane> thought*

    <XXXXXXX> what thought.

    <XXXXXXX> i dont have it on log.

    <Haibane> You mentioned before you had to feed, which is why it could have made it less tiring

    <Haibane> I had already fed before I did this

    <WingedWolf> That’s true, too..easier to get into that mindset when you’re hungry, definitely.

    <XXXXXXX> well lets notice how early though.

    <XXXXXXX> that could be feed as well.

    <Haibane> Okey well Im ready when you are

    <XXXXXXX> but it could be base skill riders in the system.

    <Haibane> using the TK thing

    <Haibane> base skill riders?

    <XXXXXXX> base skills that one finds and rides

    * WingedWolf thwacks XXXXXXX and tells him to be analytical later.

    <WingedWolf> lol

    <XXXXXXX> k.

    <XXXXXXX> a for affirm

    <Haibane> Whatever lets just get the show on the road

    <XXXXXXX> t for etc.

    <XXXXXXX> 5

    <Haibane> t k and a

    <XXXXXXX> 4

    <XXXXXXX> 3

    <XXXXXXX> 2

    <XXXXXXX> 1

    [02:13] <XXXXXXX> 0…

    [02:14] <Haibane> and away we go xD

    [02:14] <Haibane> k

    [02:15] <Haibane> t

    [02:16] <Haibane> things seem to be a tad bit heavier but this could be fatigue

    [02:16] <Haibane> though I do have a crawling sensation on my arm

    [02:16] <Haibane> k

    [02:17] <Haibane> k

    [02:17] <Haibane> Have no reall twitches perse but things feel somewhat heavy

    [02:18] <Haibane> still can move though without a massive effort

    [02:19] <Haibane> heavier

    [02:19] <Haibane> feels like im falling aslep in my chair

    [02:19] <Haibane> my body anyways

    [02:19] <WingedWolf> relax with it, Hai.

    [02:19] <Haibane> k

    [02:19] <Haibane> tk

    [02:19] <Haibane> t

    [02:20] <Haibane> t

    [02:20] <Haibane> a

    [02:20] <Haibane> It feels like Im just getting heavier and heavier

    [02:21] <Haibane> felt*

    <XXXXXXX> i guess stop.

    <WingedWolf> You get to the point where you had real trouble typing at all?

    <Haibane> yes, basically it felt like I was coated in mud or something

    <Haibane> yes

    <Haibane> It was getting harder to move

    <WingedWolf> Got him, XXXXXXX.

    <XXXXXXX> i have to face the given direction.

    <Haibane> Like I said it felt like I was falling asleep while still awke

    <Haibane> awake

    * WingedWolf nods.

    <XXXXXXX> haibane may have more resistance

    <XXXXXXX> because he is a vamp.

    <XXXXXXX> but its then an alpha beta battle then.

    <Haibane> Not really all that scary tbh, lol just felt like my body was dozing

    <WingedWolf> I think he has more resistance because he knew exactly what it was.

    <XXXXXXX> i had to try harder.

    <Haibane> I tried to relax

    * WingedWolf nods.

    <XXXXXXX> i had to lapse into something feral.

    <WingedWolf> I was actively trying to allow the effect, since I’m familiar with it, so I could let you know when you had it.

    <Haibane> though y problem was that I didnt know if it was him or if it was mee faling asleep

    <WingedWolf> Yeah, I noticed when you did that, it was kind of cool.

    <Haibane> *my

    <WingedWolf> lol

    <XXXXXXX> helps to have wierd vizual of being dragonlike and angelic and predatorly freaking hungry.

    <Haibane> That is what I had to end up doing for WW as well

    <WingedWolf> You guys both got it–the key to doing it, and success with it.

    <Haibane> had to more or less slap her around/play with you both

    <XXXXXXX> because you get a sense of power. and size.

    <Haibane> slap her/him

    <Haibane> bleh Im out of it

    <WingedWolf> lol

    <XXXXXXX> lol

    <Haibane> its 3:22

    <XXXXXXX> haibane to bed with you it sounds like it.

    <WingedWolf> You should sleep, Hai.

    <WingedWolf> lol

    <XXXXXXX> shoo

    <XXXXXXX> shooo

    <Haibane> Yes, lol

    <Haibane> night

    <XXXXXXX> night cya