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    Noon Class 1: Grounding, Charging, Shielding

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/10/2002

    Session Start: Tue Sep 10 12:03:16 2002
    [12:04] WingdWolf> All right, so, first question is, is there anyone here who has never done anything with psionics previous to this?
    [12:04] NoMeK> you mean the ball?
    [12:04] WingdWolf> ….
    [12:05] NoMeK> :)
    [12:05] NoMeK> energyball
    [12:05] WingdWolf> Psionics is a system of using psychic abilities.
    [12:05] NoMeK> k
    [12:05] WingdWolf> Yes, making a psi-ball counts.
    [12:05] NoMeK> k
    [12:06] WingdWolf> I’ll start at the beginning, then.
    [12:06] WingdWolf> For those who are coming into this from other systems, first I will outline the differences between the system of psionics I teach, and other systems you may have encountered.
    [12:07] WingdWolf> First, most systems start with a basic formula of grounding and centering, and drawing energy. This one does not. The only time you will need to ground is if you should somehow become overloaded with energy.
    [12:08] WingdWolf> The symptoms of an overload are dizziness, a heavy feeling in the limbs, and inability to concentrate. If you cannot ground due to lack of concentration, grab something metal that is grounded–an electrical ground will help you get rid of the excess energy.
    [12:09] WingdWolf> A slightly dizzy, high feeling is a symptom of moving more energy at a faster pace than your system is used to, and should not be confused with an overload.
    [12:10] WingdWolf> Next, the system I teach does not involve drawing energy. There are many types of psychic energy–some are more similar to electromagnetism, and some are more similar to quantum energy, but they do have a few things in common, such as the ability to hold a stable shape outside of a physical matrix. This is what allows spirit entities to exist–they can retain the information that is their personality/will in their pattern.
    [12:12] WingdWolf> The type of energy used in the sytem I’ll be teaching you is psi energy, in a strict definition. This energy is generated by nervous system activity, and it is very similar to electromagnetism. Because you’ll be using this energy, you will have no need to draw energy from outside, and in fact for optimal development, you should not.
    [12:12] WingdWolf> Now, I’ll ask if anyone has questions.
    [12:13] Lemmy> is your system of psionic can be blended with this from psi palatium ?
    [12:13] Lemmy> or concilated?
    [12:14] WingdWolf> Some aspects of it can, others obviously cannot, such as intaking.
    [12:14] WingdWolf> The Palatium obviously recognizes several systems of psionics, as they gave me a teachers certification.
    [12:16] Vigil> is there a link or reference to psi Platinum?
    [12:17] Vigil> just wondering who Palatium is?
    [12:17] WingdWolf> No, this isn’t a Palatium class, it’s a private class.
    [12:17] WingdWolf> The Psi Palatium is a psi organization/website.
    [12:17] Vigil> oh, thanks.
    [12:17] WingdWolf> Ok, moving along now, I’m going to explain basic charging.
    [12:19] WingdWolf> In order to make psi abilities work, you need to use energy. Different parts of the brain and nervous system are involved in the use of psi abilities, and one skill that will make using any ability easier is developing control over energy movement, and increasing your energy and energy capacity.
    [12:19] WingdWolf> Can everyone here recognize the sensation of psi energy?
    [12:19] Goa> Nope
    [12:19] Goa> but dont mind me
    [12:20] WingdWolf> If you’re here, I’m going to mind you. G>
    [12:20] Lemmy> I think I can
    [12:20] WingdWolf> Ok, I want you all to do this exercise, then.
    [12:20] WingdWolf> First relax, and try to cut down on your distractions.
    [12:20] Lemmy> If this energy doesn’t difference from this from palatium ;)
    [12:21] WingdWolf> Now, picture that your body is filled with water. Visualize this strongly. Bring in other senses, rather than just sight.
    [12:22] WingdWolf> Don’t fill it–just picture that it is already filled with water.
    [12:23] WingdWolf> Next, picture all of that water flowing down and collecting in your right hand (or your left, if you are left-handed). Pour all of the water into that one hand.
    [12:23] WingdWolf> Starting with Lemmy–tell me what physical sensation you feel in your hand.
    [12:24] Lemmy> It warmer and I feel a bit itching
    [12:24] WingdWolf> Ok…NoMek?
    [12:24] NoMeK> hmmm
    [12:24] NoMeK> i was away a bit:(
    [12:24] NoMeK> ill try now
    [12:24] WingdWolf> All right then…Goa?
    [12:25] Goa> I tried that many times WingdWolf, but it just doesn’t work.
    [12:25] Goa> I think
    [12:25] NeoCyphiroth> I felt nothing.
    [12:25] Goa> I felt nohting either
    [12:25] WingdWolf> No physical sensation at all?
    [12:25] Goa> Yea there were some senstations.. but not in my hand, more solar-plexus area
    [12:25] WingdWolf> Describe it.
    [12:26] Goa> ehm
    [12:26] Goa> like the feeling when you’re nervous or something..
    [12:26] NoMeK> im done
    [12:26] WingdWolf> Ok. Nomek?
    [12:27] NoMeK> well i used my both hands and i visiulated that its was water and it felt like the wather was in my hand ore somthing like that
    [12:28] WingdWolf> Goa–not everyone succeeds at this exercise the first time, and some people have more difficulty feeling energy than others, but the sensation you describe means that you did move energy, although you may not have moved it fully to where you meant to.
    [12:28] NoMeK> like it pushed my hands from eachothers because it wassen enouth room
    [12:28] WingdWolf> NoMek–can you describe the physical sensation? I’m not sure what it would feel like to have water in my hand, you see. ;)
    [12:28] NoMeK> :)
    [12:28] Goa> oh
    [12:28] Goa> cool
    [12:29] NoMeK> can i say what i do then its more easyer?
    [12:29] NoMeK> :)
    [12:30] WingdWolf> Say what you FEEL.
    [12:30] NoMeK> k
    [12:30] NeoCyphiroth> Heh.
    [12:31] NeoCyphiroth> It always slowly pulls my hands together these days.
    [12:32] NoMeK> first i relax and then i start to visiulate that my body is filling itself with energy(blue mini dots) and then i visiulate it comming iside my hands and then it stays there untill i comand it to go from arm to arm and into my hands then i feel somthing thats pushing my hands………..
    [12:32] NoMeK> there
    [12:32] NoMeK> :)
    [12:32] WingdWolf> The sensations you are feeling are due to an increase of psi energy in that area–the nerves react to it directly, so you experience a true tactile sensation, usually a tingling, or muscle-twitches due to the increased nerve stimulation. As well, blood flow increases to the area, creating a heavy, warm or cool sensation.
    [12:33] Vigil> did I miss my turn?
    [12:33] WingdWolf> Er, sorry…
    [12:33] WingdWolf> Go ahead. ;)
    [12:33] Vigil> A warmth in the center of the palm, the warmth seemed to extend out from the palm. If I put my left hand over the right I can feel a warmth on my finger tips, even after I stopped visualizing, for a minute or two.
    [12:35] WingdWolf> Now, the magnetic pushing sensation that Nomek described is due to an increase in the biomagnetic field in that area, and it is closer to true psi perception, rather than a tactile sensation.
    [12:36] NoMeK> k
    [12:36] WingdWolf> Most of you now have a basic idea of what psi energy feels like. As you work with it more, you’ll develop a direct ability to sense the energy, apart from the direct nerve stimulation.
    [12:37] WingdWolf> Next, charging.
    [12:37] WingdWolf> What you just did was bring energy from the rest of your body into your hand. But true charging means encouraging your nerves to produce more psi energy.
    [12:38] WingdWolf> One good way to do this as first is to use an interrupted nervous message–start to move your hand, but before any of your muscles actually contract, abort the move.
    [12:38] WingdWolf> Do this over and over, and you’ll notice a buildup of energy in your hand. It will be a weaker sensation than what you just did, particularly at first.
    [12:38] WingdWolf> Does anyone have any questions?
    [12:39] Goa> Yes
    [12:39] NoMeK> yeah
    [12:39] WingdWolf> Goa?
    [12:39] Goa> what do you mean, move your hand but quit moving it before your muscles contract??
    [12:39] WingdWolf> I mean, you send a message to your hand to move–think about moving your hand, but just before it actually moves, stop.
    [12:40] Quiksilver> Start to move your hand, but stop before it moves. Stop the nerve impulse sent from the brain in its tracks :)
    [12:40] WingdWolf> More like sending a canceling message that overruns it, but yes.
    [12:40] Goa> Hm i’ll try :)
    [12:40] WingdWolf> Nomek?
    [12:40] NoMeK> he asked the same question:)
    [12:41] WingdWolf> Ok…do you understand it now, all?
    [12:41] Lemmy> can I ask?
    [12:41] WingdWolf> Yes, Lemmy.
    [12:41] Goa> yea
    [12:41] Lemmy> will the hand move a little? or just no move at all?
    [12:41] WingdWolf> Your hand shouldn’t actually move at all, no.
    [12:42] Lemmy> k
    [12:43] WingdWolf> Ok. You folks should practice this regularly. After you’re used to it, you’ll find that you dont have to send the ‘move’ message to charge your hand, but you can simply concentrate and the nerves will respond by increasing your energy output in that area.
    [12:43] Quiksilver> WingdWolf, that is a form of biofeedback no?
    [12:43] WingdWolf> In a way, Quiksilver–you’re using biofeedback to generate psi energy.
    [12:44] * Quiksilver nods
    [12:44] WingdWolf> Once you can do that, then you’ll move to something a bit more difficult–charging not just your hand, but all of your skin at once.
    [12:45] WingdWolf> This increases your overall energy field, and it also provides a base for one of the most important things you’ll learn: shielding.
    [12:45] WingdWolf> A shield is like a seatbelt–if you only wear it when it looks like you’re going to need it, it’s not very effective.
    [12:46] WingdWolf> So, I teach people to keep their shield up at all times. After you do this for several weeks, your brain will learn to compensate for it, and it will not impair your sensitivity or your abilities.
    [12:46] WingdWolf> What it will do is provide a buffer from excessive input, and protect you from psychic attack.
    [12:47] WingdWolf> There are two basic methods of shielding: one is to increase the resistance of your field. After you charge your skin, you picture the energy around you becoming slow-moving and impassable, not allowing outside energy through.
    [12:47] WingdWolf> (Neo, by the way, ignore this part).
    [12:48] NeoCyphiroth> ( Alright. )
    [12:48] WingdWolf> The other method is a construct shield–you create a construct around you which is programmed to block outside energy. I’ll tell you more about constructs later.
    [12:49] WingdWolf> It’s best not to program a shield to allow certain things through–if you do, a clever aggressor may exploit the “hole” using a disguise, and once inside, do as they like.
    [12:50] WingdWolf> Also, you should make your shield follow your body. A “bubble” shield has some flaws, one of which is that it is usually “hollow”.
    [12:50] WingdWolf> Because of this, a strong attacker could rattle the whole shield, disrupting your nervous system to the point where you could no longer maintain it.
    [12:51] WingdWolf> Are there any questions?
    [12:51] * Lemmy no
    [12:51] WingdWolf> Anyone else?
    [12:52] WingdWolf> Is there anything I’ve said so far that any of you haven’t understood?
    [12:52] NeoCyphiroth> Uh, which part was I supposed to ignore?
    [12:53] WingdWolf> Shielding, Neo
    [12:53] NeoCyphiroth> Oh. All of the shielding?
    [12:53] WingdWolf> Yes, your shields work differently.
    [12:53] NeoCyphiroth> I don’t shield?
    [12:53] Quiksilver> I understood all off it, good explanations, even though I know how to do this stuff :P It’s always fun to sit around and watch, maybe learn something new.
    [12:53] WingdWolf> You do…sort of, but I’ll explain that later.
    [12:54] WingdWolf> Ok, the next class is going to be the day after tomorrow, at the same time.
    [12:54] Quiksilver> What time does it start? Seeing that I came in later :(
    [12:54] WingdWolf> If you can’t attend, you can probably get the logs from someone.
    [12:55] WingdWolf> The day after tomorrow, I’ll be covering energy sensing, scanning, signature/pattern recognition, and distance linking.
    [12:56] WingdWolf> If we have time, there will be practices associated with that, if not, we’ll do the practices in the class after that one.
    [12:56] WingdWolf> In the mean time, you should all practice charging, and try shielding.
    [12:56] Quiksilver> Sheilding = Fun :D
    [12:56] WingdWolf> Oh, one last thing about shielding.
    [12:57] WingdWolf> Some of you may feel claustrophobic when you first start shielding–like you’re wrapped in cotton, or things are “quieter”.
    [12:57] WingdWolf> This feeling will go away as your system adapts to the shield, so you should not let it discourage you, and you should keep working on your shields until you can keep them up at all times without thinking about it.
    [12:58] WingdWolf> That’s it for this class, so if no one has any questions?
    [12:58] WingdWolf> I’ll see you the day after tomorrow, then. :)