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    Noon Class 10: Kinetic Ability intro and practice, Matter and Electricity Ability Introduction

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 10/13/2002

    Session Start: Sun Oct 13 12:01:10 2002
    [12:01] WingedWolf> Last class, we discussed EMR ability, did anyone attempt to practice it?
    [12:02] RainTurtle> *nods*
    [12:02] Lemmy> yes, no effects at all :)
    [12:02] Michael3_> no, wasn’t in last class
    [12:02] _Recoil_|> Yeah..
    [12:02] WingedWolf> Were you able to pick up anything?
    [12:03] _Recoil_|> Made a light flicker but I get that a lot :D
    [12:03] RainTurtle> Yes, it tends to feel slimy
    [12:03] WingedWolf> I always thought it felt similar to psi, but more penetrating and somewhat painful.
    [12:04] * _Recoil_| has quit IRC (QUIT: )
    [12:04] WingedWolf> Should we give him a minute to reconnect?
    [12:04] Lemmy> yes
    [12:04] Michael3_> yes
    [12:05] RainTurtle> Or, if you like, I can PM what he misses to him
    [12:05] WingedWolf> That works.
    [12:06] Michael3_> ok :)
    [12:06] WingedWolf> Ok, today we’re going to discuss kinetic ability. Last time I told you to try and get a glass of room temperature water, and a thermometer. If you couldn’t get the thermometer, you can still do this, you just won’t be able to check for results easily.
    [12:07] WingedWolf> Kinetic ability involves sensing or affecting the amount of kinetic energy in matter.
    [12:07] WingedWolf> By adding kinetic energy you can increase vibration, or raise the temperature–by removing it, you can decrease the vibration or cool it.
    [12:08] WingedWolf> In its more impressive form, this is the ability called firestarting.
    [12:09] WingedWolf> The input function, of course, allows you to detect vibration in matter, or detect the temperature–if you are good at this, you may be able to use this ability to estimate the temperature of something at a long distance.
    [12:10] WingedWolf> This ability is associated with the wave format of energy which is associated with the “third eye” area.
    [12:10] WingedWolf> Like all physical abilities, the frequency range and pattern in which this ability will function is very narrow, so if you don’t succeed try very minute adjustments in the frequency, and also use as dense a beam as possible.
    [12:11] WingedWolf> I’ll also caution you not to take it for granted while attempting to practice it. If you have 10 failures, the 11th attempt still might be successful, and if you’re aiming it flippantly at someone’s hair because they pissed you off, it could be very bad.
    [12:12] * _Recoil_ has joined #psipractice
    [12:12] * ChanServ sets mode: +o _Recoil_
    [12:12] Michael3_> wb recoil
    [12:12] _Recoil_> Sorry about that
    [12:12] WingedWolf> It’s also common with physical abilities for aiming to be off when you are starting out with them…so be aware of your surroundings, in case you cause the effect you intended somewhere other than WHERE you intended it.
    [12:13] WingedWolf> Never turn this ability on yourself, or others, it is potentially very dangerous.
    [12:15] WingedWolf> That in mind, try aiming a beam of energy from your “third eye” area at your glass of water, while concentrating on raising the level of kinetic energy–exciting the molecules to produce heat. You don’t need to try this for more than a minute or so–if you don’t get results within 15 seconds, vary your frequency slightly–try higher, or lower. State your results in the channel.
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Also, don’t feel bad if nothing happens…these abilities are not easy to learn, or to control.
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Are there any questions regarding this, by the way?
    [12:17] Michael3_> no
    [12:17] _Recoil_> no
    [12:18] RainTurtle> No questions…raised the temp by a few degrees but then realised I wasn’t doing it right….
    [12:18] Lemmy> no
    [12:18] WingedWolf> Obviously you were doing something right.
    [12:18] WingedWolf> Ok…how did everyone do?
    [12:19] Lemmy> nothing happens :)
    [12:19] _Recoil_> Hard to judge without a thermometer but a slight increase in temp maybe
    [12:19] * Microbe has joined #psipractice
    [12:20] RainTurtle> 4C the “wrong way”, then another two your way
    [12:20] WingedWolf> All right…now, I’d like you to try it again, but this time, try to induce a vibration. Watch the surface of the water for a sign of this.
    [12:21] RainTurtle> ripples, rattled the cup a bit
    [12:22] _Recoil_> Saw some vibrations on the miniscus of the water
    [12:23] WingedWolf> Lemmy?
    [12:24] Lemmy> small bubles in water are moving in circle
    [12:24] WingedWolf> Interesting.
    [12:24] Lemmy> I don’t know if it is my work ;)
    [12:25] WingedWolf> All right. You can practice the input function of this ability on your own by taking your thermometer on the road. Try and figure out the temperature of something, then check to see how close you were.
    [12:25] WingedWolf> If someone asks why you are checking temperatures randomly, I guess you could tell them you are doing a science experiment. :D
    [12:26] _Recoil_> :)
    [12:26] RainTurtle> Claim to be a field biologist. We’re always checking temperatures of air, water, dirt, etc
    [12:26] WingedWolf> Are there any other questions about this?
    [12:26] RainTurtle> no
    [12:26] Michael3_> no
    [12:26] _Recoil_> Nope
    [12:27] Lemmy> hmm strange…
    [12:27] WingedWolf> What’s that, Lemmy?
    [12:27] Lemmy> when I tried to make vibration in water
    [12:28] Lemmy> my thermometr (which I took off from water) raised about 3 C degrees
    [12:28] WingedWolf> It’s hard to say if that’s due to the ability, or due to the change in temperature between the water and air, or whatever you set the thermometer down on.
    [12:28] RainTurtle> Not all that strange….it is a little easier to affect the thermometer itself than the water
    [12:28] Lemmy> when I took off it I fall down
    [12:29] WingedWolf> ?
    [12:29] Lemmy> in water 20C, outside was 19
    [12:29] Lemmy> now is… 21.8
    [12:29] Lemmy> but it stays
    [12:29] Lemmy> ok I won’t disrupt more
    [12:30] WingedWolf> Interesting. Check it again at the end of the class.
    [12:30] WingedWolf> Ok…any other questions?
    [12:30] Lemmy> ok
    [12:30] Lemmy> no
    [12:31] Michael3_> no
    [12:32] _Recoil_> no
    [12:32] RainTurtle> *shakes head*
    [12:32] WingedWolf> The next area we’ll cover is the matter area…this includes all states of matter, and electricity as well. These abilities are a function of the solar plexus, which produces a stream format of energy.
    [12:33] WingedWolf> The output function of electricity ability enables you to manipulate electricity.
    [12:34] WingedWolf> Psi also seems to be able to be used to create static electricity, and many psis have noted that their fields seem to have a negative effect on electronics–this could be due either to EMR or electrical generation.
    [12:34] WingedWolf> If you decide to practice electrical manipulation, I encourage you to be very careful, and try it on something you don’t plan to keep….far away from your computer. :)
    [12:35] WingedWolf> It’s also far safer to try manipulating static than, say, wall current.
    [12:35] _Recoil_> heh
    [12:35] * Microbe has left #psipractice
    [12:35] WingedWolf> Yes, do not blow up your microwave, like Wilder Napalm.
    [12:36] WingedWolf> The input function of this ability allows you to sense electricity and the direction of electrical flows. You can practice this by trying to locate hidden wiring in places.
    [12:36] WingedWolf> Are there any questions about this?
    [12:36] RainTurtle> Not so far
    [12:37] _Recoil_> Nope
    [12:37] Lemmy> no
    [12:38] WingedWolf> All right, then. Next, is matter ability. I’ll start by discussing the input function.
    [12:39] WingedWolf> Sensing matter has often been referred to as dowsing. You can use this ability to locate hidden matter of specific types–water underground is one commonly cited. You could also use it to locate specific minerals or metals.
    [12:39] WingedWolf> Dowsers often use tools to do this, but the tools are not necessary to the process.
    [12:40] WingedWolf> Practicing this ability simply requires that you “scan” using energy from your solar plexus–try the cup and ball trick on yourself, see if you can tell which cup the ball is under, when someone else sets it up. Or, shut off the lights in your room, and use it to find the furniture so you can navigate.
    [12:41] WingedWolf> Are there any questions about this?
    [12:41] RainTurtle> no
    [12:41] Michael3_> no
    [12:41] _Recoil_> no
    [12:41] Lemmy> how do you feel that something is near?
    [12:42] Lemmy> is this like normal scanning?
    [12:42] WingedWolf> Yes, in many ways it is…you read the “bounce back” of the energy you send.
    [12:42] Lemmy> like bats :)
    [12:42] WingedWolf> Something like that, yes.
    [12:42] Lemmy> ok no more quest
    [12:43] WingedWolf> All right. Next class, we’ll be practicing the output function of matter ability…one that a great many people seem to have an interest in.
    [12:43] WingedWolf> It’s usually called psychokinesis, or telekinesis. Moving matter.
    [12:44] WingedWolf> You’ll need to have some stuff ready for that class…first, something like a “psi wheel”, which is a paper wheel balanced on a pin. You could also use a ping pong ball, or a light pendulum suspended by a thread inside a closed jar.
    [12:45] WingedWolf> I’d also like you to have a glass of water, and a needle, and a candle.
    [12:45] Lemmy> I see that we have to choose one of them ?
    [12:45] WingedWolf> Many people who can do psychokinesis find that they have an easier time with some states of matter than they do with others.
    [12:46] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:46] WingedWolf> So, we’ll try the ability on each state of matter…fire is close enough to a plasma it seems to be affected by that aspect of the ability.
    [12:46] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [12:46] RainTurtle> no
    [12:46] Michael3_> no
    [12:46] Lemmy> no more
    [12:46] _Recoil_> no
    [12:47] WingedWolf> All right, then, I think we are done for today. :)