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    Noon Class 11: Matter Ability Practice

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 10/15/2002

    Session Start: Tue Oct 15 12:07:28 2002
    [12:08] WingedWolf> Today, we’re going to discuss the output function of matter ability: that is, psychokinesis.
    [12:09] WingedWolf> Matter ability involves use a very low frequency stream format of energy to move matter. This format appears to be generated by the solar plexus nerve cluster.
    [12:10] WingedWolf> Many people find that they have an easier time moving some states of matter than they do others, so we’re going to try all of them today. That is, solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Fire appears to be close enough to plasma to be affected by that aspect of the ability.
    [12:12] WingedWolf> The frequency range in which pk can function is very narrow and precise, so if you get a success, pay close attention to the exact pattern and frequency you produced. As well, many people find that they may produce a psychokinetic effect when they try, but it doesn’t necessarily hit the target they were aiming at–so be careful with it for that reason as well.
    [12:12] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [12:12] Lemmy> yes
    [12:12] _Recoil_> Nope
    [12:13] WingedWolf> Ask.
    [12:13] Lemmy> what is input function of matter ability?
    [12:13] WingedWolf> Matter perception–ie, dowsing. Didn’t we discuss that in the last class, with my suggestion you practice it by using a cup and ball game, or navigate through a dark room?
    [12:14] Lemmy> aaah, remember
    [12:14] * WingedWolf nods.
    [12:14] WingedWolf> Any other questions?
    [12:14] Lemmy> no
    [12:14] WingedWolf> All right, then, charge your solar plexus, and light your candle. Tell me when you are ready.
    [12:15] _Recoil_> no
    [12:15] * _Recoil_ doesn’t have a candle..
    [12:15] WingedWolf> No source for fire?
    [12:15] Lemmy> hmm
    [12:15] WingedWolf> If not, we can skip that one.
    [12:16] _Recoil_> No
    [12:16] Lemmy> have we to light it with earlier ability?
    [12:16] WingedWolf> No…
    [12:16] Lemmy> or with matches… ? ;)
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Light it with a match, Lemmy.
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Just sit this one out, then Recoil.
    [12:16] Lemmy> ok I have lighted up
    [12:16] WingedWolf> You can still do the others.
    [12:16] _Recoil_> Try a match :)
    [12:16] Lemmy> (I have candle and whell only)
    [12:16] _Recoil_> hehe
    [12:17] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:17] WingedWolf> First, check for drafts.
    [12:17] _Recoil_> Get a glass of water and stick a match in it for the other thing
    [12:18] WingedWolf> Observe the flame, and make sure that there are no air currents that are effecting it, and that you aren’t breathing on it.
    [12:18] WingedWolf> Is it relatively straight?
    [12:18] Lemmy> It would be hard… flame is moving all time by itself
    [12:18] Lemmy> I haven’t got window opened (only in computer)
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Is there a pattern to the way the flame is moving, so that if it changes you can tell.
    [12:19] WingedWolf> ?
    [12:19] Lemmy> It changes randomly
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Does it lean over, or is it just flickering?
    [12:20] Lemmy> flame length is still the same
    [12:20] Lemmy> it is just “moving
    [12:20] Lemmy> ”
    [12:21] Lemmy> but I put it in corner
    [12:21] Lemmy> it’s ok now
    [12:21] WingedWolf> Ok. Aim a strong, very dense, and very low frequency stream of energy at the candle flame, and try to make it lean over. Don’t project for more than about 10 seconds. Let me know the result.
    [12:22] Lemmy> how I should make low frequency?
    [12:22] WingedWolf> If you visualize energy, it would be the darkest red–if you use sound, the lowest tone–and so on.
    [12:23] Lemmy> ok
    [12:24] Lemmy> hmm it moves lightly
    [12:24] Lemmy> but it can be current
    [12:24] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [12:24] WingedWolf> We
    [12:24] WingedWolf> argh, we’ll move on to the next one, now.
    [12:25] WingedWolf> Do you both have a psi-wheel?
    [12:25] Lemmy> yes
    [12:25] WingedWolf> Ok, blow out your candle.
    [12:25] WingedWolf> Set up the wheel, and check for drafts again, and make sure you aren’t breathing on it–so that it’s stationary.
    [12:26] Lemmy> How far should it be from us?
    [12:26] WingedWolf> 1 1/2 to two feet, in front of you.
    [12:27] Lemmy> ok
    [12:27] Lemmy> Should I visualize beam directly from my solar plexus?
    [12:27] Lemmy> when doing it?
    [12:28] WingedWolf> Yes, Lemmy…visualize it striking whatever you are trying to move.
    [12:28] Lemmy> thanks
    [12:28] _Recoil_> Yeah I’m ready
    [12:28] WingedWolf> This time, however, you are going to aim it at the air, moving it toward your psi-wheel–you’re going to try to create an air current.
    [12:28] WingedWolf> Again, use a very dense, very low frequency beam, and apply force for no more than 10 to 15 seconds.
    [12:29] WingedWolf> The reason for the time limit is, if you haven’t gotten it within that time, you probably aren’t going to, and this requires a lot of energy, so don’t wear yourself out since we have 2 more left to do. ;)
    [12:30] WingedWolf> Let me know your results.
    [12:30] _Recoil_> Just span round in a circle, slowly. It span the opposite way I thought it would – spinning towards me
    [12:30] Lemmy> It trembled, nothing more
    [12:31] WingedWolf> Good. Recoil, provided there were no sudden drafts, you may have succeeded–you may have gotten some reaction as well, Lemmy, if it is still otherwise.
    [12:31] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [12:31] _Recoil_> Nope
    [12:32] Lemmy> no
    [12:32] WingedWolf> Ok, next, you need a glass of water, and something that will float on the surface–a toothpick, a match, a needle, etc.
    [12:32] _Recoil_> Got that
    [12:33] WingedWolf> Let me know when you both have it set up.
    [12:33] _Recoil_> I’m ready
    [12:35] Lemmy> ready
    [12:35] WingedWolf> Ok, this time, you’re going to try to create a current in the water, near the surface, to cause the floating object to move.
    [12:36] WingedWolf> Again, no more than 15 seconds or so…let me know the result.
    [12:37] _Recoil_> No result for that
    [12:37] Lemmy> it moves allways to the glass by itself
    [12:37] Lemmy> like magnet
    [12:37] Lemmy> ;)
    [12:38] WingedWolf> Was it still before you made the attempt?
    [12:38] Lemmy> yes
    [12:38] WingedWolf> Good.
    [12:38] Lemmy> I tied it at smaller piece
    [12:38] Lemmy> now it’s ok
    [12:38] Lemmy> I will try
    [12:39] Lemmy> I think no results…
    [12:39] WingedWolf> Ok. Now, the last one will call for the psi wheel again.
    [12:40] WingedWolf> Put maximum force into it–as low a frequency as you can manage, and as dense a stream as you can manage, and aim it right at the psi-wheel from your solar plexus.
    [12:43] WingedWolf> Don’t keep it up longer than 20 seconds or so–let me know the results.
    [12:43] Lemmy> no results
    [12:43] WingedWolf> Ok. I think Recoil wandered off.
    [12:44] WingedWolf> Next class you’re going to need more equipment. If you have a postal scale, that is perfect. Otherwise, you’ll need a glass of water with some object that has weight, but floats–like a rubber ball.
    [12:44] _Recoil_> ok i’m here
    [12:44] WingedWolf> You can scroll back and do that one, Recoil.
    [12:44] Lemmy> postal scale…?
    [12:45] WingedWolf> A scale that can detect very small changes in weight.
    [12:45] WingedWolf> You will also need two magnets.
    [12:45] Lemmy> I don’t have that
    [12:45] _Recoil_> My wheel span again btw
    [12:45] WingedWolf> Good Recoil.
    [12:46] WingedWolf> Do you have a glass of water and a rubber ball, or something else that floats but is relatively heavy?
    [12:46] Lemmy> hmm… I think no
    [12:46] WingedWolf> Find something.
    [12:46] Lemmy> hmm… I will check… maybe I will find
    [12:46] Lemmy> ok
    [12:46] * _Recoil_ will steal a postal scale from school :D
    [12:47] WingedWolf> I don’t recommend that, Recoil.
    [12:47] _Recoil_> I was kidding
    [12:47] WingedWolf> As I said, you’ll also need two magnets.
    [12:48] WingedWolf> Not the ones that are flat, they have to be bar magnets, or something else that you can set on a table with the poles toward each other.
    [12:48] WingedWolf> The reason for this is, next class we will be doing Gravity and Magnetism abilities.
    [12:49] _Recoil_> Right
    [12:49] Lemmy> I have
    [12:49] Lemmy> some piece of block (plastic one)
    [12:49] WingedWolf> Gravity output ability is the one which is usually responsible for levitation, but it can make you, or other objects, lighter or heavier.
    [12:49] WingedWolf> So long as it floats in the water, and you can tell if it sinks or rises, it’s good, Lemmy.
    [12:50] WingedWolf> Magnetism ability can be used to increase or decrease a magnetic pull, so you’ll be using the magnets for that.
    [12:51] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [12:51] _Recoil_> None here
    [12:51] Lemmy> no
    [12:51] WingedWolf> Then, I would say we are done for today. :)