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    Noon Class 2: Energy sensing, Signatures, Scanning, Linking

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/12/2002

    [12:02] WingdWolf> First, a few ground rules…I am doing this on the fly, not from any written up paper, so no private messages, onotices, unecessary comments, etc.
    [12:03] WingdWolf> Please type up questions in advance, then wait until I call for them to ask them. This will save time.
    [12:03] WingdWolf> Today, I’m going to need to pair up people with partners to work.
    [12:04] WingdWolf> Is there anyone here who’s not going to be here an hour from now?
    [12:04] DanielH> I will be here
    [12:04] psionwannabe> nope
    [12:05] WingdWolf> Goa, you going to be here?
    [12:06] Goa> yes
    12:06] WingdWolf> Ok. Please don’t run off to get soda, or whatever–this is a class, so be in class now. If there’s an emergency, I’ll allow for that.
    [12:07] * Goa obeys
    [12:07] WingdWolf> Seeing as Dan already did this, you and pilgrim will be partners today.
    [12:08] WingdWolf> The first thing I’m going to have you do, is find out what it feels like when another energy field touches yours.
    [12:08] WingdWolf> So, charge both of your hands, hold them about a foot and a half apart, and then bring them slowly together until you feel something. Stop there, and then let me know what you felt.
    [12:09] Goa> Heat
    [12:09] WingdWolf> How far apart were your hands when you noticed the sensation, Goa?
    [12:10] * Lemmy has joined #psipractice
    [12:10] psionwannabe> a tingling sensation
    [12:10] Lemmy> hello
    [12:10] WingdWolf> You are late, sit down and shut up.
    [12:10] Goa> About 5 inches
    [12:10] WingdWolf> Get the previous info from Dan in a private message, Lemmy.
    [12:11] WingdWolf> psion, how far apart were your hands when you felt that sensation?
    [12:11] psionwannabe> 50-60 cm
    [12:12] WingdWolf> Ok. One of the things I’m going to want you to do after class, until the next one, is to pay attention to other people, and what you feel when you approach them.
    [12:12] WingdWolf> Note how far away you are when you feel a sensation against your skin. Pay attention to the differences between people.
    [12:13] WingdWolf> With some, you’ll feel it sooner than with others…you may feel coolness instead of heat, or a stronger or weaker sensation.
    [12:13] WingdWolf> These differences are due to the fact that every person has a unique pattern, just like a fingerprint.
    [12:14] WingdWolf> That pattern, or signature, is due to the arrangement of their brain and nervous system, and the frequency and arrangement of their energy field.
    [12:14] WingdWolf> Just as you can identify a person from a photograph of them, you can identify them by their signature–it only takes a bit of practice.
    [12:15] WingdWolf> Since we are working over a computer, and not in person, I have to rush you a bit on one thing–long-distance linking. This is so we’ll be able to do practices and show examples of things as we go along, so that’s what we’ll be doing later on. For now, are there any questions?
    [12:15] Goa> no
    [12:15] psionwannabe> no
    [12:16] Goa> oh wait
    [12:16] Goa> i have one
    [12:16] WingdWolf> Go ahead.
    [12:16] DanielH> None here
    [12:16] Goa> can you feel a person’s signature just like that? without charging something?
    [12:16] WingdWolf> That’s correct.
    [12:16] Goa> btw, you could set mode +i so people wont joing during class time
    [12:16] Goa> ah ok
    [12:17] Goa> join*
    [12:17] WingdWolf> When you feel a person’s signature/pattern, or detect other things from them, without sending out any energy of your own, it’s known as passive scanning.
    [12:18] WingdWolf> Because this is nearly unavoidable, if you don’t want to be passively scanned, you should use shielding that will block most of that information from going out.
    [12:18] WingdWolf> Active scanning, on the other hand, is part of what we’re going to learn today.
    [12:19] WingdWolf> This is when you send out some of your energy to the target, and get a bounce-back energy flow going…something like sonar. This is intrusive, and most psis can tell when they are being actively scanned.
    [12:19] WingdWolf> Therefore, it is considered very rude to do this without permission, and some people may even consider it an attack.
    [12:20] WingdWolf> What you’re going to do today, is one of you will send energy to the other person–when they feel it, they will use that feeling, and send energy back, establishing a two-way link.
    [12:20] WingdWolf> Just as you may not be able to say what it is about a person’s face that lets you recognize them, you may not be able to describe how you can recognize a signature–but you still can do it.
    [12:21] WingdWolf> Are there any questions before we start on this practice?
    [12:21] psionwannabe> yes
    [12:21] WingdWolf> Go ahead, psion.
    [12:21] psionwannabe> i get scanned almost everyday?
    [12:22] WingdWolf> That’s far from impossible.
    [12:22] WingdWolf> What was the question?
    [12:22] psionwannabe> i just don’t understand why?
    [12:23] WingdWolf> Some psis use scanning like eyesight, and don’t realize it’s rude and obtrusive. Others don’t care that they’re annoying others.
    [12:23] WingdWolf> They’re simply being nosy, because you’re an active psi, even if you are just starting out.
    [12:23] psionwannabe> k i see
    [12:24] WingdWolf> Any other questions?
    [12:24] DanielH> Question : what sort information do you get with a “normal” active scan?
    [12:24] Lemmy> can I ask something next?
    [12:24] Goa> no
    [12:25] WingdWolf> Dan, that depends on your own abilities. Some people routinely receive emotions or thoughts, state of health, things like that. Others can tell you how much energy a person has, their birth-switch, whether or not they are psi-active, and so on.
    [12:25] WingdWolf> yes, Lemmy?
    [12:25] Lemmy> Is response needed to send in the same connection or can I visualise another just for sending back?
    [12:25] WingdWolf> I’m not sure I understand.
    [12:26] WingdWolf> You mean using two lines, instead of one line with a two-way flow?
    [12:26] Lemmy> Can I have two connections, one for receiving and second for sending
    [12:26] Lemmy> yes
    [12:26] WingdWolf> You can, but the danger there is that you’ll wind up swapping energy with your target, instead of just recollecting your own energy.
    [12:26] WingdWolf> That could make you feel a bit odd.
    [12:26] Lemmy> ahm I see.
    [12:27] WingdWolf> Any other questions?
    [12:27] DanielH> Question : How long would a psion have to _not_ use psi to be considerd an unactive psi.
    [12:27] WingdWolf> Dan–It’s a tone that you can read in their field, so they either are, or are not, active. Nons don’t read as active unless they develop abilities.
    [12:27] WingdWolf> Partials can shut down their abilities, and become inactive.
    [12:28] WingdWolf> The rest of the born-psis always read as active, and so do developed Nons.
    [12:28] WingdWolf> So, it’s not really related to time.
    [12:28] WingdWolf> Any other questions?
    [12:28] DanielH> None here
    [12:29] WingdWolf> All right–obviously, Dan, you should work with Lemmy then.
    [12:29] WingdWolf> For this exercise, one of you will send energy either through the computer or directly.
    [12:31] WingdWolf> To do this, focus on the name of the person you’re going to be sending to, and use the same (or a similar method) to the way you moved energy into your hand in the first class–but, send it from your head instead.
    [12:31] WingdWolf> Dan should send to Lemmy, and pilgrim should send to Goa….unless you would prefer another arrangement.
    [12:31] WingdWolf> Is everyone all right with that?
    [12:31] Goa> yes
    [12:31] pilgrimdk> fine with me
    [12:32] DanielH> Do we start right now?
    [12:32] WingdWolf> Now, when you feel the energy sent by your partner, send your own energy in their direction, until you feel a change.
    [12:33] WingdWolf> Yes, you can start now.
    [12:33] WingdWolf> When you feel you’ve succeeded, let me know.
    [12:35] WingdWolf> If you’re having any problems with it, you can let me know that, as well.
    [12:36] DanielH> I think we got it, I’m not sure if what I feel is him though
    [12:37] WingdWolf> Can he feel it as well?
    [12:37] Goa> lol
    [12:37] Goa> we had the same
    [12:37] DanielH> Yeah
    [12:37] WingdWolf> If you’re both getting a feeling, chances are that you found each other, and not anyone else.
    [12:37] DanielH> Ok, so we got it then
    [12:37] WingdWolf> Now, I’d like to have you each in turn describe the feeling–Lemmy?
    [12:38] Lemmy> I feel warth especially in solar plexus and creeps on hands and cold hands
    [12:39] WingdWolf> (REmember–when you’re done talking, say “done”, and try to type out your responses in advance).
    [12:39] Lemmy> not all hand just palm
    [12:39] Lemmy> done
    [12:39] WingdWolf> Ok. Goa?
    [12:40] Goa> A tingly feeling also solar-plexus area
    [12:40] Goa> and warmth
    [12:40] Goa> done
    [12:40] WingdWolf> Psion?
    [12:40] psionwannabe> i feel/felt a connection to someone but i’m not sure if it was Goa
    [12:41] WingdWolf> Describe it.
    [12:41] psionwannabe> like a dark tendril to the top of my head
    [12:41] WingdWolf> Anything else?
    [12:41] psionwannabe> in my minds eye i mean
    [12:41] psionwannabe> no not really
    [12:42] WingdWolf> All right.
    [12:42] WingdWolf> The solar plexis sensations were interesting, as most people link from their head, but it sounds like you all managed to get a link going, at least.
    [12:42] WingdWolf> So, what I’d like you to do tomorrow, is see if you can find a partner here to practice this exercise again, at least a couple of times.
    [12:43] WingdWolf> To break the link, you can either visualize your field going “still”, with no energy coming or going, or you can picture cutting it, with a knife, or scissors or something.
    [12:43] WingdWolf> You should do this now, both partners.
    [12:44] WingdWolf> Was everyone able to do this?
    [12:45] Goa> yep- i think the connection was gone before i ‘cut’ it tho
    [12:45] DanielH> No, I still feel the link. Should I destroy it? (I was letting him try it hiself the first time)
    [12:45] Lemmy> I think I visualised connection with solar plexus, should we use from head instead?
    [12:45] psionwannabe> no i still have a connection :(
    [12:45] WingdWolf> Yes, Lemmy.
    [12:45] WingdWolf> Dan, go ahead and break the link, just don’t shoot energy down it.
    [12:46] WingdWolf> If you can’t break the link right now, don’t panic–most likely it will go away when you become distracted by something else.
    [12:47] WingdWolf> Anyone have any questions?
    [12:47] DanielH> No
    [12:47] Goa> nope
    [12:47] psionwannabe> no
    [12:47] WingdWolf> Lemmy? Pilgrim?
    [12:47] Lemmy> no
    [12:48] DanielH> I have a question but it has to do with linking. May I ask it?
    [12:48] WingdWolf> Yes, Dan.
    [12:48] DanielH> Everytime I destroy the link I feel it come back a few seconds later.
    [12:48] WingdWolf> Any questions about any part of today’s class are find now.
    [12:49] WingdWolf> Dan, the reason for that is, you’re still paying attention to it. A link isn’t actually like a physical line–it’s more like you’re tuning a radio receiver to a specific station.
    [12:49] WingdWolf> Breaking a link can sometimes feel like trying NOT to think of a pink elephant in a tutu.
    [12:49] DanielH> Ok, so I should try to destroy it and then do something else immediatly?
    [12:49] Lemmy> Hmm. How it feels like I have active connection? Or someone is connecting to me?
    [12:49] Lemmy> sorry
    [12:49] WingdWolf> As soon as you break it and then ignore it, or become distracted, though, it should stay broken.
    [12:50] WingdWolf> Lemmy, because if Dan can’t break the link, then you’re still linked to him too. ;)
    [12:50] Lemmy> I see.
    [12:50] WingdWolf> You can certainly work on breaking it from your end as well.
    [12:51] WingdWolf> Anyone else have any other questions?
    [12:51] Lemmy> but how can you know if someone is connecting?
    [12:51] DanielH> No more questions here
    [12:51] WingdWolf> You can feel it, just as you’re feeling it now.
    [12:51] WingdWolf> psion?
    [12:52] psionwannabe> i can’t seem to break the connection?
    [12:52] WingdWolf> Just as I told Dan, it will probably go away as soon as you start paying attention to something else, instead.
    [12:53] WingdWolf> Don’t worry if you have trouble breaking links at first–even I have trouble breaking them, if I’m still talking to a person.
    [12:53] psionwannabe> ok i hope so
    [12:53] WingdWolf> Instead, work on shielding, and ignore the link.
    [12:54] WingdWolf> If there are no more questions? (everyone at least say “no”, if they dont’ have a question…).
    [12:54] Lemmy> no
    [12:54] Goa> no
    [12:54] DanielH> No more questions here
    [12:54] WingdWolf> psion?
    [12:54] psionwannabe> no
    [12:55] WingdWolf> Ok, then, we’re done for today. :)
    [12:55] DanielH> Thanks for class Wolf
    [12:55] Goa> yea thanks
    [12:55] WingdWolf> Remember–work on sensing other peoples’ fields, and try to hook up with a partner to practice linking on your own.
    [12:55] psionwannabe> thanks WingdWolf :)
    [12:55] Lemmy> thanks WingdWolf
    [12:55] WingdWolf> I’ll see you all again on Sunday.