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    Noon Class 3: Shield Checking, Thought Ability Introduction

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/15/2002

    Session Start: Sun Sep 15 12:04:08 2002
    Session Ident: #PsiPractice

    [12:05] WingedWolf> We’ve got 4 people, and we need two sets of partners. Go ahead and pick who you’d like to work with. :)
    [12:06] RainTurtle> Do you have any preference as to who goes with whom?
    [12:07] WingedWolf> Rain, well, you and Tetra probably shouldn’t pair, but aside from that, no.
    [12:07] _Recoil_> Nope…
    [12:07] WingedWolf> Ok, Lemmy and Rain, Recoil and Tetra, psionwannabe with me.
    [12:07] Lemmy> ok
    [12:07] psionwannabe> ok
    [12:08] WingedWolf> What we’re going to be doing today is primarily things you’ve already learned, just a different application.
    [12:08] _Recoil_> alrighty then
    [12:09] WingedWolf> First, you want to set up your best shields. Then, you’re each going to link to your partner, and see what you can tell about them–if you get impressions of their energy field, or anything else.
    [12:09] WingedWolf> This is a long-distance scanning exercise. If you can judge whether the person’s shield is complete, or needs work, you’ll help them out.
    [12:10] _Recoil_> Won’t the shields stop us from getting info?
    [12:10] WingedWolf> Some, Recoil. If it’s a good shield, the shield may be all you see. But then, the other person will know they have good shields, and you’ll know how to tell there’s a shield there.
    [12:10] WingedWolf> Do not BREAK the other person’s shields. ;)
    [12:11] Tetra> Awh.
    [12:11] _Recoil_> okies
    [12:11] WingedWolf> Or stick your arm through them.
    [12:11] _Recoil_> :p
    [12:11] WingedWolf> psionwannabe, you here?
    [12:12] psionwannabe> yes
    [12:12] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [12:12] WingedWolf> So…shields up, as they say. ;)
    [12:12] psionwannabe> i’m trying to shield..
    [12:12] Lemmy> me too
    [12:13] WingedWolf> Remember–charge your skin, and then picture it solid and impenetrable.
    [12:14] WingedWolf> Everyone have it?
    [12:14] Lemmy> I think I have :)
    [12:14] _Recoil_> Yeap
    [12:14] WingedWolf> psion, Rain?
    [12:14] RainTurtle> Yes
    [12:15] psionwannabe> hm i suck at this
    [12:15] WingedWolf> Were you able to charge your skin?
    [12:16] psionwannabe> some of it :(
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Just do the best you can, and move on to the next step, it might turn out better than you think.
    [12:16] psionwannabe> ok
    [12:17] WingedWolf> The rest of you, now you’re going to want to establish a link. If it’s easier, you can PM each other for setting that up.
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Let me know when you’re ready, psion.
    [12:18] _Recoil_> Will pming set up and automatic link?
    [12:18] psionwannabe> just a minute and i’ll be ready
    [12:18] WingedWolf> No.
    [12:18] WingedWolf> Use the method I taught you last class.
    [12:18] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Let me know when you feel you’ve got it.
    [12:20] _Recoil_> Ok i think i’ve got it
    [12:20] Tetra> Yeap. We’re linked.
    [12:21] _Recoil_> It feels quite soothing :)
    [12:21] WingedWolf> All right–now, turn your attention to the end of the link, where the other person is, and use your system (such as visualization) to send energy around them as if you were reaching out with your hand. See if you can tell the shape of them, and any other details. Things may just pop into your head as images, or you may feel you just “know” some things.
    [12:21] WingedWolf> psion, how are you doing?
    [12:22] Tetra> Shall we tell results in channel, or in privvy?
    [12:22] psionwannabe> i’ve got a connection , but i don’t think its you
    [12:22] WingedWolf> In the channel, but use discretion.
    [12:22] WingedWolf> Psion, you just needed to tell me when you had your shields up.
    [12:23] _Recoil_> Tet has a what looks like he has a bubble shield around him
    [12:23] Tetra> I’m getting a roughly spherical shape, shimmering, but not moving, maybe 2cm thick
    [12:23] _Recoil_> Also it seems he’s hungry…
    [12:23] * Tetra looks at the pizza on his lap, and nods
    [12:23] _Recoil_> hehe
    [12:24] RainTurtle> Lemmy has a respectable little form-fitting shield happening there….not very thick, but pretty even
    [12:24] Tetra> It thins down to around half that thickness at his left shoulder, and back of his head.
    [12:24] psionwannabe> sorry but i’m lousy at shielding, they vanish after a few seconds
    [12:24] WingedWolf> psion, check your private message.
    [12:24] * Quiksilver has joined #PsiPractice
    [12:24] WingedWolf> Too late, Quik–you may watch, but please don’t talk. :)
    [12:25] _Recoil_> I’ll add some more energy to those places Tet
    [12:25] Tetra> Has a very smooth, almost glossed feel to it, and pretty good resistance.
    [12:28] Lemmy> I think I saw it like color green-yellow around you and slowly there were coming waves from it (like it emit some waves) but I can tell nothing about density
    [12:28] psionwannabe> i sense a bubble shield with changing “colors”
    [12:29] Lemmy> My waves changed colors too but shield seems to be green-yellow all time
    [12:29] WingedWolf> psion’s looking almost black, with rather low energy levels.
    [12:29] RainTurtle> By contrast, Lemmy shimmers an almost silvery colour
    [12:30] WingedWolf> psion appears to be in a calm state of mind. It’s difficult to read much.
    [12:30] _Recoil_> Tets is also moving
    [12:31] WingedWolf> while I don’t really see a shield, it would be hard for a person to target him.
    [12:31] psionwannabe> i try to hide ;)
    [12:31] _Recoil_> When I first checked I thought it was vibrating but it’s actaully moving fast
    [12:31] Tetra> Recoil: Shield evened out nicly, although once you looked at me, it seemed to flare at the top of your head, like you had trouble getting through it.
    [12:31] WingedWolf> psion, can you try to build up a shield again? You succeed at hiding. ;)
    [12:32] psionwannabe> yes
    [12:32] WingedWolf> Now, I see blue fire coming up around the black outline, though not very far out.
    [12:33] _Recoil_> I dunno about the flaring
    [12:33] _Recoil_> Could have been
    [12:34] WingedWolf> psion, picture the shield acting like a force-field, so nothing can get through it.
    [12:35] WingedWolf> There, that’s getting better…don’t forget to bring it under your feet too.
    [12:35] psionwannabe> yes mam, i doing with eyes closed so sorry if i’m slow to respond
    [12:35] WingedWolf> It’s all right.
    [12:36] WingedWolf> Now I see a blue force-shape around the sillouhette, maybe a few inches out, following the line of the body.
    [12:37] WingedWolf> Does everyone think they’ve gotten all of the impressions they’re going to?
    [12:37] * RainTurtle nods
    [12:37] Tetra> Without piercing the shield, yep.
    [12:37] _Recoil_> Yeap
    [12:38] Lemmy> yes
    [12:38] WingedWolf> Ok. Now, I’m going to ask you, what area would you like to go into next? The two choices are mental abilities, (telepathy, empathy, nervous system), or constructs.
    [12:39] Quiksilver> Can I talk in this one?
    [12:39] WingedWolf> Yes, Quik.
    [12:39] psionwannabe> mental abilties
    [12:39] Quiksilver> w00t
    [12:39] Lemmy> I would like empathy
    [12:39] DanielH> Mental, especially sensitivity and learning how to tell what you are doing
    [12:39] Tetra> constructs, constructs, constructs!
    [12:39] DanielH> ;)
    [12:39] WingedWolf> Sorry, Tetra…
    [12:39] Quiksilver> I like Constructs >:D
    [12:39] _Recoil_> I’d like telepathy but it’s up to everyone else
    [12:40] Lemmy> telepathy can be too
    [12:40] RainTurtle> I’m quite happy with either
    [12:40] WingedWolf> The majority are saying we’ll go into the mental abilities next, and start with telepathy.
    [12:41] Lemmy> btw what are construcs?
    [12:41] Lemmy> ;)
    [12:41] WingedWolf> First, realize some of you are going to be better at this than others–that’s fine, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. A person having trouble in one area may turn out to be really good in another.
    [12:41] _Recoil_> Programmed energy
    [12:41] WingedWolf> Constructs are “artificial” forms or entities that you create out of energy.
    [12:41] Lemmy> ok thanks
    [12:42] _Recoil_> Eg a psi ball has been programmed to stay as a ball
    [12:42] WingedWolf> That’s correct, but we’re moving into mental abilities now.
    [12:42] Lemmy> ok
    [12:42] WingedWolf> Thought ability has two functions–an input function, and an output function.
    [12:42] WingedWolf> Most people are either input or output oriented, so they tend to find one or the other easier.
    [12:43] WingedWolf> The input function of telepathy is, basically, mind-reading–receiving another person’s thoughts.
    [12:44] WingedWolf> The ouput function is to send your thoughts to them, to influence their thoughts.
    [12:44] WingedWolf> This is another thing which can be practiced with partners.
    [12:46] WingedWolf> One good way to practice this ability when you’re starting out is to choose a series of concept categories: for example, animals, shapes, numbers. One person strongly pictures that thing in their mind’s eye, and sends energy from their “third eye” toward the other person.
    [12:46] WingedWolf> We don’t have a lot of time left today, but I’d like you all to try charging that area, specifically.
    [12:46] WingedWolf> It originates in the brain behind the center of the forehead. When you do, describe what you feel in the room.
    [12:48] Quiksilver> I feel a pulsating pressure feeling. Pulsates outwards and to the sides, and pushes inwards.
    [12:48] RainTurtle> Slight burning, as though swollen, in an area encompassing the top of the nose to the hairline, and across to just over the eyebrows
    [12:48] Tetra> I cant exactly explain what it feels like… its like a swelling about 2 inches in from my forehead
    [12:48] _Recoil_> I feel a burning in that area
    [12:48] Tetra> thats putting light pressure out, while also condensing inwards
    [12:48] Lemmy> I feel pulsating pressure exacly like Quiksilver I think and a bit itching
    [12:49] psionwannabe> i feel a pulsating sensation right on the spot and vague images
    [12:49] WingedWolf> Now, touch your finger to that area–this is just to show you how reactive it is.
    [12:50] Quiksilver> This area sometimes charges randomly, without my doing anything. Is this normal? (I get this same feeling)
    [12:50] _Recoil_> So it’s directly in the centre of my forehead and a couple of inches in?
    [12:50] RainTurtle> It actually feels warmer to the touch than the surrounding skin
    [12:50] WingedWolf> Yes, Quik, it’s a sign that you’re using an ability associated with it, possibly on an instinctive level, or randomly.
    [12:50] Lemmy> hyh I felt a bit dizzy after that, and felt cold finger :)
    [12:50] Quiksilver> o_O Okay.
    [12:50] Tetra> Yeah, it is warmer feeling.
    [12:50] WingedWolf> Yes, Recoil, but I meant to touch your forehead. ;)
    [12:51] Tetra> And I felt a slight surge on doing it.
    [12:51] _Recoil_> Gives me head pains when I touch it
    [12:51] Quiksilver> I agree with Rain, it does feel warmer than the surrounding area.
    [12:52] WingedWolf> One last exercise with this…picture shooting a laser beam out from this area. Put your hand up in front of it about a foot away, and tell me what you feel on your hand.
    [12:52] _Recoil_> Yah I still get head pains when I touch my cetre fod
    [12:52] Quiksilver> I feel heat and tingly on my hand. When I move my hand over, away from the “beam”, the heat and tingle goes away.
    [12:52] _Recoil_> I felt something hit my hand then rush out of my fingers
    [12:53] Tetra> Oh, how can I explain this…
    [12:53] psionwannabe> a slight pressure and warmth
    [12:53] Tetra> It felt something along the lines of burning ice.
    [12:53] Tetra> Pressure, with a bone deep cold feeling
    [12:53] Tetra> while also burning hot.
    [12:53] RainTurtle> Much like an ostrich feather poking into my field
    [12:53] WingedWolf> lol Rain
    [12:53] Lemmy> :)
    [12:54] _Recoil_> heh
    [12:54] Lemmy> warmer and tingling
    [12:54] WingedWolf> Ok…if you still have a noticeable link to your partner, you should take a step to break it, now.
    [12:54] WingedWolf> Does anyone have any questions?
    [12:54] _Recoil_> nope
    [12:54] RainTurtle> No, none here
    [12:55] Tetra> Nope
    [12:55] Quiksilver> Not me.
    [12:55] psionwannabe> no
    [12:55] Lemmy> no
    [12:55] DanielH> No
    [12:55] Tetra> Not I.
    [12:55] WingedWolf> Great. In the meant time, I’d like you to continue to practice shielding, linking, and scanning on your own, if you have the time to do so.
    [12:56] WingedWolf> Next class will be Tuesday at Noon. :)