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    Noon Class 5: Emotion Ability Practice

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/19/2002

    Session Start: Thu Sep 19 12:12:09 2002
    Session Ident: #psipractice
    [12:13] WingedWolf> Ok, in the last class, I had you charge your solar plexis.
    [12:13] WingedWolf> Anyone have any problems with that, between then and now?
    [12:14] _Recoil_> Nope
    [12:14] Lemmy> no
    [12:14] psionwannabe> well yes
    [12:14] PsyFactor> I’ll try doing that now, since I missed the last class
    [12:14] WingedWolf> Both you and psion give that a try now. ;)
    [12:14] PsyFactor> okay…no problems
    [12:14] PsyFactor> feels a bit odd, but no problems
    [12:16] WingedWolf> You able to charge your solar plexis?
    [12:16] psionwannabe> hm not really
    [12:17] WingedWolf> That’ll be something you’ll want to keep working on. We’ll have you doing receiving first, then and see if we can get it going.
    [12:18] psionwannabe> okay
    [12:18] WingedWolf> Ok, PsyFactor, choose a partner–because they’re all overseas for you.
    [12:18] PsyFactor> whoever says something first gets me
    [12:18] * PsyFactor can’t decide :D
    [12:18] psionwannabe> pick me
    [12:18] PsyFactor> ie…some say something :D
    [12:18] PsyFactor> looks like psion gets the “prize”
    [12:18] WingedWolf> lol
    [12:18] _Recoil_> lol
    [12:18] psionwannabe> lol
    [12:19] Lemmy> :)
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Ok, Recoil and Lemmy working together, then. :)
    [12:19] * WingedWolf wants to switch them out next time, though.
    [12:19] _Recoil_> Me and you again Lemmy
    [12:19] Lemmy> :)
    [12:19] WingedWolf> By this time, you know the drill–check your shields, then establish a link with your partner.
    [12:20] WingedWolf> Let me know when you have a link.
    [12:20] WingedWolf> We’re going to be doing something similar to the thought exercises we did in the last class, but of course, because we are dealing with emotions, it’s going to be a bit more of a challenge for the sender.
    [12:21] WingedWolf> What you’re going to need to do, is choose 3 emotions that you feel fairly confident you can conjure up–either by thinking about some past event, or by putting yourself into a hypothetical situation, so you feel that emotion.
    [12:22] WingedWolf> Then, you will charge your solar plexis, and concentrating on sending that emotion from that area through the link, to your partner.
    [12:22] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:23] WingedWolf> The receiver should try to charge their solar plexis, then remain passive and alert for any changes in their emotional state–you might feel the emotion the other person sends as if it were yours, or you might simply “know” what it is, etc–it could come in a number of ways.
    [12:24] _Recoil_> We’re connecting at the solar plexus thuis time and not the 3rd eye right?>
    [12:24] WingedWolf> Then, you say what you think the emotion was. The sender will say yes or no. After a set of three, change out so the sender becomes the receiver.
    [12:24] WingedWolf> Recoil, if you want to link directly from the solar plexis, you can–or, you can link the way you usually do, and simply divert the energy from your solar plexis through the link.
    [12:25] WingedWolf> Whichever is easier for you.
    [12:25] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:25] WingedWolf> You have your links set up?
    [12:25] yes
    [12:25] _Recoil_> Yeah
    [12:25] Lemmy> yes
    [12:26] WingedWolf> PsyFactor?
    [12:26] PsyFactor> sorry…yes
    [12:26] WingedWolf> Ok. Recoil, you send first–PsyFactor, you send first.
    [12:27] _Recoil_> Sending…
    [12:28] Lemmy> hmm i feel some kind of fear
    [12:28] Lemmy> stress
    [12:28] _Recoil_> Anger and stress
    [12:28] WingedWolf> As an interesting note, I picked it up as fear, too, probably off of the primal edge.
    [12:29] Lemmy> you sended 2 emotions in one time?
    [12:29] Lemmy> sent=sended
    [12:29] WingedWolf> You should try to send only one.
    [12:29] * PsyFactor hates sending emotions…is having some trouble doing this right :/
    [12:29] _Recoil_> Well ended up as that because I found it hard to emitt one particular emotion
    [12:29] WingedWolf> Well, if it was really easy, it wouldn’t be learning, would it Psy? ;)
    [12:30] PsyFactor> true :D
    [12:30] WingedWolf> It is difficult to send just one emotion–do your best.
    [12:30] _Recoil_> Sending
    [12:32] Lemmy> hmm hard to say what it is, but I getting very cold, and my stomach started to pain
    [12:32] PsyFactor> I don’t think I’m getting this right :(
    [12:32] WingedWolf> Take a quick guess, without analyzing too much.
    [12:32] Lemmy> I just write what I feel
    [12:32] Lemmy> very cold :)
    [12:33] _Recoil_> It ended up as like the feeling on longing or an infatuation. It started as happiness
    [12:35] _Recoil_> i get a strong pushing sensation in my solar plexus, but no specific emotions
    [12:35] _Recoil_> <_Recoil_> Sending..
    [12:35] _Recoil_> I see. Well I must learn to recognize
    [12:35] _Recoil_> <_Recoil_> Probably my dodgy sending
    [12:35] WingdWolf> Ok.
    [12:36] WingdWolf> All right–Psy and psion, try a different emotion?
    [12:36] PsyFactor> tried a few, actually
    [12:36] WingdWolf> Ok.
    [12:36] PsyFactor> anger, happiness, frustration
    [12:36] Lemmy> heh I’m feel big warmth now, and some strange feel in nose
    [12:36] WingdWolf> Recoil and Lemmy, you have one left, right?
    [12:36] PsyFactor> actually #1 and 2 were switched around
    [12:36] psionwannabe> i felt happiness at one point :)
    [12:37] Lemmy> smell ?
    [12:37] Lemmy> hmm…
    [12:37] PsyFactor> that’s something – but you said love :D
    [12:37] WingdWolf> It’s close.
    [12:37] PsyFactor> true
    [12:37] PsyFactor> after that it went completely off :/
    [12:37] WingdWolf> Smell is not an emotion, guys.
    [12:37] _Recoil_> smell?
    [12:37] PsyFactor> lol
    [12:37] Lemmy> I don’t get , try to guess ;)
    [12:38] Lemmy> I have strange feeling in nose :)
    [12:38] WingdWolf> Recoil, did you guys send your third set?
    [12:38] Lemmy> maybe some kind of happiness
    [12:38] Lemmy> beter than happiness, enjoy
    [12:39] Lemmy> yes he sent but I still don’t know what it was :)
    [12:40] _Recoil_> Yeah
    [12:40] _Recoil_> My emotions get all tangled
    [12:41] _Recoil_> Lemmy I can’t really tell you what it was either :/
    [12:41] Lemmy> ok :)
    [12:41] WingedWolf> That’s all right, Recoil–you’re a very strong sender, though you don’t have very focused aim. You do need to work on sorting out what you are sending.
    [12:41] _Recoil_> Ok sure
    [12:41] WingedWolf> I’ve been picking up everything you sent along the way too.
    [12:41] WingedWolf> lol…
    [12:42] _Recoil_> heh
    [12:42] PsyFactor> been picking up any of the stuff I sent?
    [12:42] WingedWolf> No, Psy.
    [12:42] _Recoil_> Not very good at aiming too :p
    [12:42] WingedWolf> But then, I wasn’t supposed to.
    [12:42] * PsyFactor has been trying to focus it
    [12:42] PsyFactor> lol…true ww :)
    [12:42] WingedWolf> Ok, switch out, so psion sends and Psy receives, and Lemmy sends, and Recoil receives.
    [12:43] psionwannabe> ok
    [12:43] PsyFactor> k
    [12:43] _Recoil_> Sure
    [12:43] WingedWolf> Don’t worry if you can’t get a strong charge, just do your best.
    [12:43] WingedWolf> It can be a difficult area for some people to work with.
    [12:43] Lemmy> ok
    [12:43] Lemmy> sending
    [12:45] _Recoil_> erm
    [12:45] _Recoil_> Anticipation?
    [12:45] Lemmy> hmm I don’t know what it is… but I was sending sadness
    [12:46] _Recoil_> I couldn’t really feel any emotion
    [12:46] Lemmy> I am too weak sender…
    [12:47] _Recoil_> It could be me
    [12:47] Lemmy> ok I will try next one
    [12:47] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:47] WingedWolf> psion and Psy–remember to post your responses here in the channel.
    [12:47] PsyFactor> k, we’ll move here
    [12:48] _Recoil_> Excitement?
    [12:48] PsyFactor> [13:50] sending
    [12:48] PsyFactor> [13:51] all I’m getting is a bit of a headache and maybe some sadness
    [12:48] PsyFactor> [13:51] hm no
    [12:48] PsyFactor> [13:52] i was trying to send disgust/hatred
    [12:48] Lemmy> I think about pleasure but its the same right?
    [12:48] _Recoil_> Lemmy: I picked that up pretty much straight away
    [12:49] psionwannabe> ok
    [12:49] Lemmy> ok :) try next one
    [12:49] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:49] psionwannabe> next one then
    [12:49] PsyFactor> yup
    [12:50] PsyFactor> sending yet?
    [12:50] psionwannabe> yes
    [12:51] PsyFactor> wonder…curiosity?
    [12:51] PsyFactor> ie “wow” at something
    [12:53] psionwannabe> curiosity is not quite wrong, but not wow
    [12:53] PsyFactor> what exactly were you trying to send?
    [12:54] psionwannabe> hm i was trying to find something i really loved,
    [12:54] Lemmy> how goes _Recoil_?
    [12:54] psionwannabe> but mixed emotions you know
    [12:54] PsyFactor> oh :/
    [12:55] * PsyFactor notes empathy is a hard skill to learn to control :/
    [12:55] WingedWolf> Yep.
    [12:55] * Lemmy thinks it too
    [12:55] * psionwannabe really suck at this :/
    [12:55] WingedWolf> Not too bad, from what I’ve seen, psion.
    [12:56] Lemmy> I am mostly interested in empathy, nice skill
    [12:56] * PsyFactor may just still be a bit out of it from yesterday
    [12:56] Lemmy> _Recoil_ are you there?
    [12:57] * psionwannabe is used to trying to hide his emotions
    [12:57] * PsyFactor is used to trying to block out everyone else’s
    [12:57] WingedWolf> lol
    [12:58] psionwannabe> lol no wonder it’s not working then
    [12:58] PsyFactor> umm…yeah
    [12:58] WingedWolf> The obvious advantage of projective empathy is that you can use it to defuse a situation where there might be trouble–you could project humor into an angry group of people, for example.
    [12:58] PsyFactor> btw, psion, part of the problem may be the long range
    [12:58] psionwannabe> yeah i think so too
    [12:59] WingedWolf> Receptive empathy, obviously, is a useful tool in some social situations.
    [12:59] Lemmy> It is non ethic to connect to someone just to read his/her emotions (not for any manipulation)
    [12:59] WingedWolf> Range can affect this ability–using the link should help with that, but may not compensate for it completely.
    [12:59] Lemmy> I mean : is it ?
    [12:59] WingedWolf> Lemmy, there is no defined set of ethics for the use of psi abilities. If you think it would be wrong, then you have your answer.
    [13:00] Lemmy> ok, I understand
    [13:00] WingedWolf> There is obviously a huge difference between using the ability to manipulate someone to gain an advantage, and using it to keep yourself safe.
    [13:01] WingedWolf> Rather than talking about the next ability we’re going to work with, instead I’m going to tell you a bit about why we are doing these practices the way we are.
    [13:02] Lemmy> I sent him anger… I hope he didn’t destroy computer….
    [13:03] Lemmy> 10 minutes left, we can make next exercise or sth
    [13:03] WingedWolf> Ok. While we’re doing these exercises, you’re going to encounter some successes, and you’re going to encounter some failures.
    [13:03] WingedWolf> Because you’re trying everything, you’ll be able to map out where your strengths lie–which abilities you do better with, and whether you are better at sending or at receiving.
    [13:04] WingedWolf> I don’t want anyone to feel that they’re doing badly because they’re having trouble with any of the abilities we’re practicing–you may find that you’ll simply do better with different abilities entirely than the ones we’ve tried so far.
    [13:06] WingedWolf> When the classes are done, you’ll have a fairly good idea of your ability spectrum–which abilities you’re better with–so you can choose which ones you prefer to spend more time developing. If you develop abilities you’re good with, you may become VERY good with them, and they could prove to be very useful to you.
    [13:06] WingedWolf> Now, are there any questions about what we’ve done today?
    [13:06] Lemmy> nope
    [13:07] PsyFactor> none from this part of the globe
    [13:07] WingedWolf> lol
    [13:07] Lemmy> hehe
    [13:07] psionwannabe> yes
    [13:07] WingedWolf> Ask. :)
    [13:07] psionwannabe> i feel a connection strongly in my solar plexus, but…..
    [13:08] WingedWolf> But?
    [13:09] * PsyFactor notes he just broke the link
    [13:09] psionwannabe> i didn’t receive anything strongly apart from the happiness part
    [13:10] * Lemmy thinks it takes a lot of effort not to feel but to recognize emotions
    [13:10] PsyFactor> I might be able to answer that one – I was truly happy at that point, so it wasn’t just an artificial emotion being sent
    [13:10] PsyFactor> was actually strong, and strongly felt :)
    [13:10] WingedWolf> Well, emotion sending and receiving is USUALLY a fairly short range ability–a few hundred yards, at most. By sending it through the link, you can overcome that, but not necessarily perfectly.
    [13:10] WingedWolf> Yes, whether the emotion is genuine makes a big difference, too.
    [13:11] WingedWolf> So does the clarity of the emotion.
    [13:11] PsyFactor> well, the first send was quite genuine
    [13:11] WingedWolf> If a sender isn’t quite sure what they are feeling, then the receiver probably won’t be either.
    [13:11] WingedWolf> Plus, if you have difficulty identifying your own emotions, you’re probably going to have trouble identifying someone else’s.
    [13:11] psionwannabe> as i said i have mixed about most things ;)
    [13:12] psionwannabe> +emotions
    [13:12] PsyFactor> :/
    [13:12] WingedWolf> Yes.
    [13:12] WingedWolf> It’s not a failing–it just means that if you choose to work with that ability, you’ll need to do more than just psi practice–you’ll also need to do some personal psychology work.
    [13:13] WingedWolf> If you think it’s hard to send emotions, just wait until we get to instincts.
    [13:13] PsyFactor> gyah
    [13:13] * PsyFactor runs in fear
    [13:13] Lemmy> wow :)
    [13:13] WingedWolf> Any other questions? :)
    [13:13] psionwannabe> no
    [13:13] PsyFactor> none from this side of the world
    [13:13] Lemmy> You will include instinct too, WingedWolf?
    [13:14] WingedWolf> Yes, Lemmy.
    [13:14] Lemmy> nice :)
    [13:14] Lemmy> I like this classes more and more
    [13:14] WingedWolf> Any other questions, Lemmy? :)
    [13:14] Lemmy> no
    Session Close: Thu Sep 19 13:14:46 2002