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    Noon Class 6: Nervous System Ability Practice, Primal Ability Introduction

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 9/22/2002

    Session Start: Sun Sep 22 12:06:27 2002
    [12:06] WingedWolf> Ok, today we’re going to discuss nervous system ability.
    [12:06] WingedWolf> This one is a bit more difficult to practice than the previous two mental abilities we’ve covered.
    [12:07] WingedWolf> Obviously, it would be dangerous to have you trying to influence your partner’s nervous system.
    [12:07] WingedWolf> I’m going to try and have you do reading, though. But before that, I’m going to explain the ability in further detail.
    [12:08] WingedWolf> First, the energy that seems to be associated with this ability seems to be generated between the two hemispheres of the brain, and emerges from the top of the head.
    [12:09] WingedWolf> The format is theoretical–a “wave-field”.
    [12:09] WingedWolf> This format has a slightly shorter range than a wave, but it is the second longest-ranging of the formats, so this is a long-range ability.
    [12:10] WingedWolf> When you can sense and translate the information carried by another person’s nervous system, you can learn a great many things.
    [12:11] WingedWolf> You can detect illness or injury, you can detect when their nerves fire to move their muscles, what their state of activity is–you can even detect an adrenalin surge, and other physiological responses that indicate emotions.
    [12:11] WingedWolf> You can also “borrow” their senses–by reading their nerve signals, you can see what they see, hear what they hear, or feel what they feel–and so on.
    [12:12] WingedWolf> The output function of this ability involves influencing their nervous system.
    [12:13] WingedWolf> You can block sensory input…that could be useful in healing, as you can alleviate pain.
    [12:13] WingedWolf> In combat, you could attenuate or block their sight or hearing, given strong enough ability.
    [12:14] WingedWolf> You can raise or lower their blood pressure…this is relatively common in psychic attack, and it is responsible for nosebleeds or bleeding from the ears which people report as the result of attacks.
    [12:15] WingedWolf> All of their physiological responses can be manipulated with this ability. As a result, it’s one of the more useful, and more dangerous, of the psi abilities.
    [12:15] WingedWolf> Anyone have any questions?
    [12:15] * Lemmy no
    [12:15] _Recoil_> Nope
    [12:15] PsyFactor> not really…that was rather enlightening
    [12:15] DanielH> No
    [12:15] Michael3_> no
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [12:16] _Recoil_> Actually do you think having a lot of nose bleeds has any corralation with what you’re talking about?
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Probably not, Recoil, unless they are specifically associated with attacks.
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Some people are just more prone to them.
    [12:16] _Recoil_> Ok
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Bleeding from the ears is generally less common.
    [12:16] DanielH> Wait, I have one. If you use that can you tell exactly what movements I’m doing and feeling?
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Yes.
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Which would make it an asset in physical combat.
    [12:17] DanielH> I can block people from doing that with a shield right?
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Yes.
    [12:17] DanielH> I have no more questions
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Anyone else?
    [12:17] PsyFactor> is it possible to program constructs to do similar things?
    [12:17] _Recoil_> No
    [12:17] Michael3_> no
    [12:18] WingedWolf> Yes, you can, so long as you know how.
    [12:18] PsyFactor> k, then that’s it from this corner
    [12:18] WingedWolf> All right. Now, I’m going to set you up with partners, and do a simple practice with reading using this ability.
    [12:19] WingedWolf> I’m not going to have you practice influencing, as I said earlier, because it’s too dangerous.
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Ok…Mike with PsyFactor, Lemmy with Recoil, and Dan with me.
    [12:19] Lemmy> ok
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Is that all right with everyone?
    [12:20] DanielH> Yes
    [12:20] Lemmy> yes
    [12:20] PsyFactor> no problems from me
    [12:20] Michael3_> yep :)
    [12:20] _Recoil_> Me and you again Lemmy
    [12:20] Lemmy> :)
    [12:20] Lemmy> so what we suppose to do?
    [12:20] WingedWolf> Ok, you’re going to need to establish a link to your partner. You can do this by projecting the energy from the top of the head, or connect in the way you find easier, and divert that energy through the link later.
    [12:21] WingedWolf> If you find it easier, use a PM to link to one another.
    [12:21] WingedWolf> Let me know when you have a link
    [12:22] _Recoil_> Ok, connected
    [12:22] Lemmy> thirds eye I see?
    [12:23] Michael3_> connected
    [12:24] WingedWolf> Psy?
    [12:24] PsyFactor> yes
    [12:24] * PsyFactor is connected to michael
    [12:24] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [12:25] PsyFactor> sorry
    [12:26] WingedWolf> Ok. Psy, and Recoil, first. I’ll go first with Dan. You’re going to charge the “crown” area, and send energy out from that along the link, and use it to scan–read the bounce-back.
    [12:26] WingedWolf> See what you can tell about the person’s physical state. See if you can detect anything they are picking up through their senses, and post it here in the room (using discretion, of course).
    [12:27] _Recoil_> Ok are we looking for any one sense?
    [12:27] _Recoil_> Or just anything we pick up?
    [12:27] PsyFactor> he has a stiff neck, mostly right side
    [12:27] WingedWolf> Just anything you pick up, Recoil.
    [12:27] PsyFactor> glasses
    [12:27] _Recoil_> ok
    [12:27] WingedWolf> (Any questions about this?)
    [12:27] Lemmy> (no)
    [12:27] PsyFactor> nope
    [12:27] Michael3_> no
    [12:28] * PsyFactor notes that is all he’s picking up that he is sure of
    [12:28] WingedWolf> Ok go on ahead. :)
    [12:29] WingedWolf> I get a lot of clutter in the room.
    [12:29] _Recoil_> Ok Lemmy is sitting pretty comfortably but I picked up some tension in his shoulers and the back of his legs. Also he’s pretty hungry or full, Id say hungry though
    [12:30] Lemmy> :)
    [12:30] _Recoil_> It felt like he’s in quite a small emptyish room
    [12:31] WingedWolf> Is that a slight ache in one ankle…er….I can’t tell which one.
    [12:31] Michael3_> factor has a small headache
    [12:31] WingedWolf> Right?
    [12:31] WingedWolf> Overall, doesn’t seem to be too uncomfortable though.
    [12:32] WingedWolf> Brown hair, short?
    [12:32] _Recoil_> The pain in the back of his legs is from walking..
    [12:33] WingedWolf> that’s all I can get.
    [12:34] WingedWolf> How are you guys doing?
    [12:35] Lemmy> _Recoil_ is doing wonderful almost perfect ;)
    [12:35] _Recoil_> I couldn’t make out hair color but I think he has short hair
    [12:35] WingedWolf> Hair color is an odd one to pick up, unless they’re looking in a mirror.
    [12:36] * WingedWolf might have got that from primal, if it’s correct.
    [12:36] PsyFactor> suppose michael and I are done
    [12:36] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [12:36] WingedWolf> Lemmy, Recoil?
    [12:36] PsyFactor> at least we were both correct at the little we sensed
    [12:36] _Recoil_> I see a thin build
    [12:37] Lemmy> hmm I think I am surely not thin ;)
    [12:37] WingedWolf> Anything else?
    [12:37] _Recoil_> Yeah we’re done
    [12:37] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [12:38] WingedWolf> Now, switch out, with the other partner doing the scanning.
    [12:38] _Recoil_> Alright
    [12:39] DanielH> Tired shoulders, extendes down a few inches on back. Left ankle hurting, feels warm. Right hand (thumb feels strange a little). Left cheek, a little bit of pain came and gone quickly. A lot of stress, wants to hit something. Pain in left ankle coming and going, each time it comes it gets stronger. Right knee a little bit of pain, gone quickly. A few inches under right wrist is in pain, right side, extendes about two inches.
    [12:39] _Recoil_> lol @ wants to hit something
    [12:39] WingedWolf> That might have been me running to get the baby out of the tool drawer in the kitchen.
    [12:40] PsyFactor> lol
    [12:40] WingedWolf> The pain in the left cheek is due to a toothache.
    [12:40] DanielH> I keep having to breathe in deeply, like I don’t get enough air
    [12:40] DanielH> I feel short of breathe often…
    [12:41] * WingedWolf is not, unless she’s been running.
    [12:41] * WingedWolf runs after the baby again.
    [12:41] _Recoil_> heh
    [12:41] * WingedWolf is back.
    [12:41] WingedWolf> Anything else?
    [12:42] DanielH> I got the same feeling a second ago, but I felt a small pain extend down to my stomach
    [12:42] WingedWolf> I don’t think I have a pain there, though I am slightly out of breath.
    [12:42] WingedWolf> I also don’t really have a pain in my wrist, nor my ankle.
    [12:42] DanielH> It was there for a second, it died out quickly… (Probably half a second). Thats all I feel
    [12:43] WingedWolf> It’s not impossible, at my age you learn to ignore little twinges, you get them all the time.
    [12:44] WingedWolf> How are you guys doing?
    [12:44] PsyFactor> umm…more or less done :/
    [12:44] Michael3_> done here :)
    [12:45] _Recoil_> Lemmy?
    [12:45] Lemmy> I feel light pain in left palm, and feels like to go to wc, think _Recoil_ has quite short hair dark colour, brown eyes, and I don’t know more, nothing is comming :)
    [12:45] Lemmy> can’t concentrate
    [12:46] _Recoil_> Try scanning the back of me
    [12:46] Lemmy> ok
    [12:47] WingedWolf> As a note, this is the same nerve cluster used in remote viewing….so sometimes RV impressions get mixed in when you do this type of exercise.
    [12:47] Lemmy> hmm like he is sitting on hard chair…
    [12:47] _Recoil_> I think I saw Lemmys room that he’s in
    [12:47] PsyFactor> that explains a lot
    [12:48] * _Recoil_ saw blue colored walls and a clock ;)
    [12:48] * PsyFactor watches a cat try to stuck his nose into a open and running computer
    [12:48] PsyFactor> err, stick
    [12:48] WingedWolf> yikes.
    [12:48] PsyFactor> stopped him, at least :D
    [12:48] * PsyFactor notes the highest voltage in a comp is usually 12V outside the power suppply
    [12:48] DanielH> I just got a lot of pain in my right elbow
    [12:49] WingedWolf> Not me.
    [12:49] WingedWolf> Ok, anything else guys?
    [12:49] Michael3_> nope
    [12:49] Lemmy> no
    [12:49] DanielH> No
    [12:49] WingedWolf> All right…any questions?
    [12:49] DanielH> No
    [12:50] Lemmy> no
    [12:50] Michael3_> no
    [12:50] PsyFactor> nope
    [12:50] _Recoil_> No
    [12:50] WingedWolf> Ok. :)
    [12:50] WingedWolf> Next class, we’ll be doing Primal ability.
    [12:50] Michael3_> will we be doing any more linking for this class?
    [12:51] Lemmy> Primal? what’s that?
    [12:51] PsyFactor> what is primal ability? :D
    [12:51] WingedWolf> No, Michael. You can cut your links now.
    [12:51] Michael3_> k
    [12:51] WingedWolf> In preparation for that, simply practice skin-charging.
    [12:51] WingedWolf> The format is the field, which means it’s a very short-range ability. However, like the others, that can be compensated for by linking.
    [12:52] WingedWolf> Primal ability includes reading instinctive responses, very primitive emotions, and some innate traits.
    [12:53] WingedWolf> Examples of common human instincts include dominance, territoriality, parental, sex drive, and so on…
    [12:54] WingedWolf> You can also pick up some basic innate traits, like a person’s build, hair color and eye color, etc.
    [12:54] Michael3_> is it on tuesday?
    [12:54] WingedWolf> Yes, Michael.
    [12:54] Michael3_> dam
    [12:54] WingedWolf> The output function of this ability involves affecting instinctive responses.
    [12:54] * Michael3_ hits the table
    [12:54] WingedWolf> You could create, amplify, or dampen someone’s instincts.
    [12:55] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [12:55] DanielH> No
    [12:55] PsyFactor> nope
    [12:55] Michael3_> no
    [12:55] Lemmy> about today ability… it’s helpful to charge top of head I see?
    [12:55] WingedWolf> Yes.
    [12:55] Lemmy> ok
    [12:55] _Recoil_> Temporarily?
    [12:55] WingedWolf> Yes.
    [12:55] _Recoil_> no questions here
    [12:56] WingedWolf> Oh–with primal you can also pick up fear, rage/aggression, and fight/flight response.
    [12:56] Lemmy> heh I have one more?
    [12:56] WingedWolf> Go. :)
    [12:56] Lemmy> Will dreamwalking be included in classes ;) ?
    [12:56] WingedWolf> No, dreamwalking is a combination ability, as far as I know.
    [12:57] Lemmy> ah.. combination of?
    [12:57] WingedWolf> …thought don’t ask me which ones. Thought and something else, I think.
    [12:57] Lemmy> maybe telepathy and AP ?
    [12:57] PsyFactor> probably nervous and telepathy
    [12:57] WingedWolf> It could just be thought, I suppose.
    [12:57] WingedWolf> Or that, true, Psy.
    [12:57] Lemmy> ok thanks
    [12:57] Lemmy> no more quest…
    [12:57] WingedWolf> This isn’t one I’ve personally worked with at all, sorry to say.
    [12:57] WingedWolf> Ok.
    [12:58] WingedWolf> If there are no other questions, I think we are done for today. :)
    [12:58] Lemmy> thanks for class WingedWolf
    [12:58] PsyFactor> thanks much ww :)
    [12:58] DanielH> Yeah, thanks
    [12:58] _Recoil_> Thanks WW
    [12:59] * _Recoil_ has quit IRC (QUIT: )
    [12:59] * Lemmy has left #PsiPractice
    Session Close: Sun Sep 22 12:59:25 2002