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    Noon Class 9: Construct Sensing, EMR Introduction and Discussion

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 10/8/2002

    Session Start: Tue Oct 08 12:06:42 2002
    [12:07] WingedWolf> Ok, last time, you learned how to make constructs.
    [12:07] WingedWolf> The first thing we’ll to today, is learn how to sense them.
    [12:07] WingedWolf> Abilities all have an input and an output function–construct creation is the output function of the construct abilities.
    [12:07] WingedWolf> Using the input function, you should be able to determine the longevity, shape, programming, and abilities programming of constructs.
    [12:08] WingedWolf> So, the first thing to do, is make a construct. Do you remember all the steps in doing so?
    [12:08] _Recoil_> Yup :)
    [12:08] Lemmy> yes
    [12:08] _Recoil_> Can I ask a quick question?
    [12:09] WingedWolf> I was just about to ask for questions.
    [12:10] _Recoil_> I make my psi balls with one hand, can I keep doing it this way or do I need to use both for maximum effect
    [12:11] WingedWolf> You’re not going to make a psi ball, so how many hands you use, if any, is completely up to you…it’s easier to use your hands, usually, when first starting out, but so long as you put energy from your field into it, you don’t have to direct it through your hands.
    [12:11] Lemmy> Is it possible that our constructs can live their own life? ie multiply themself, make settlement, etc?
    [12:11] WingedWolf> A lot of that may depend on the size of the construct you make.
    [12:11] WingedWolf> Lem–if you program them with the capability of doing so, yes…please don’t. G>
    [12:12] Lemmy> ok :)
    [12:12] _Recoil_> hehe
    [12:12] Lemmy> one more?
    [12:12] WingedWolf> There are more than enough of them out there already.
    [12:12] Lemmy> about programing
    [12:12] WingedWolf> Yes?
    [12:12] Lemmy> what exacly you do when you program construct?
    [12:13] WingedWolf> What type of programming? Behavioral?
    [12:13] Lemmy> yes
    [12:14] WingedWolf> You’re putting a pattern into the construct–giving it a mind, basically, and also telling it how to move and such.
    [12:14] Lemmy> is it just visualizing them doing something or?
    [12:14] Lemmy> I see
    [12:14] Lemmy> I have to repeat it or “tell” it once?
    [12:14] WingedWolf> You hold the total concept for all of the things they will do in your mind, and send them into the construct…either all at once, or going through one at a time.
    [12:14] WingedWolf> Your subconscious will probably take up most of the details, so long as you are sure what you want.
    [12:15] Lemmy> ok, no more quest
    [12:15] WingedWolf> You should only have to send the information once.
    [12:15] Lemmy> uh
    [12:15] WingedWolf> Any other questions?
    [12:15] Lemmy> with shield is it the same?
    [12:15] Lemmy> once only?
    [12:15] _Recoil_> None here
    [12:15] WingedWolf> You mean a construct shield?
    [12:15] Lemmy> yes
    [12:16] _Recoil_> Yes Lem
    [12:16] Lemmy> I repeated… few times always…
    [12:16] Lemmy> ok thanks
    [12:16] Lemmy> no more
    [12:16] WingedWolf> Yes, you only need to program it once…however, if your construct decays, you may need to recreate it…if you reinforce it before it degrades to the point where programming is lost, you shouldn’t really need to reprogram it.
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Of course if it takes damage, you’ll want to redo the programming, too.
    [12:17] WingedWolf> Any other questions?
    [12:17] Lemmy> no
    [12:17] _Recoil_> Non
    [12:18] WingedWolf> All right, then…this time, you don’t say what it is that you are creating…but, create a construct, which uses all of the abilities. Make the longevity between 1 and 3 hours, but of course do not say how long you made it last. Program in a shape, some behavior, and at least one psi ability.
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Let me know when you have it.
    [12:19] WingedWolf> Do not forget the self-destruct program.
    [12:20] Lemmy> hmm… does it need self-destruct program apart from length of life?
    [12:20] WingedWolf> Yes! Always.
    [12:20] Lemmy> you meant what will happened than?
    [12:20] WingedWolf> What?
    [12:20] Lemmy> sorry wrong sentence :)
    [12:20] _Recoil_> Ok done
    [12:21] Lemmy> You mean to tell it what to do when it will be about to die ?
    [12:21] WingedWolf> No.
    [12:21] Lemmy> so what is self destruct program?
    [12:21] WingedWolf> When you do behavioral programming, the first thing you put in is a self-destruct command…you program it to destroy itself when you give it a certain command.
    [12:22] * Lemmy understands now
    [12:22] WingedWolf> That way, if it goes rogue, or someone else tampers with it, you can destroy it immediately.
    [12:23] Lemmy> ok done
    [12:24] WingedWolf> All right. Now, each of you link to the other, but instead of scanning each other, scan the area AROUND the other person, until you find the construct. Let me know when you do so. It will most likely be the only other thing there.
    [12:25] _Recoil_> Jesus that sounds gard
    [12:25] _Recoil_> hard*
    [12:25] Lemmy> how I will know that this is construct?
    [12:25] Lemmy> _Recoil_ I think that too…
    [12:26] _Recoil_> Let’s go for it
    [12:26] WingedWolf> It’s not as hard as you think…you will do all right.
    [12:26] WingedWolf> Lemmy, if you can scan his shields, you can find the construct….
    [12:27] _Recoil_> Ok should I tell you what I found
    [12:28] Lemmy> hmm I should too?
    [12:28] WingedWolf> Yes…scan with all the abilities, so you’ll probably want to employ all of the nerve clusters.
    [12:28] WingedWolf> Don’t use too much force.
    [12:28] _Recoil_> His construct is roughly spheric shape and it’s rolling around to the left of him…
    [12:29] WingedWolf> See if you can tell the longevity, the shape, the programming, and the abilities it has.
    [12:29] Lemmy> I found something with wings.. maybe bird… but I think maybe bat… but it looks like letter V
    [12:30] _Recoil_> As for longivity seems kinda strong maybe an hour and a half
    [12:30] _Recoil_> I don’t think it’s got any abilities
    [12:30] Lemmy> I think about 2 hours
    [12:31] Lemmy> about abilities I don’t have any idea….
    [12:31] WingedWolf> Use solar plexus to scan for abilities.
    [12:32] _Recoil_> Is the self destruct function a movement of your right hand by any chance?
    [12:32] Lemmy> no :)
    [12:33] _Recoil_> All I can is some kind of energy related ability
    [12:33] Lemmy> about ability I had though about telepathy… but only guess
    [12:33] _Recoil_> find
    [12:33] WingedWolf> ?
    [12:34] _Recoil_> Not telepathy
    [12:34] Lemmy> so dunno
    [12:34] WingedWolf> Let me know when you feel you have gotten all you can.
    [12:34] Lemmy> I think I won’t know more
    [12:35] _Recoil_> I think i’ve got everything
    [12:35] WingedWolf> All right, now you can each tell the other what you intended to make.
    [12:36] Lemmy> fish, swimming , 1 hour, telepathy, self-destr== say “die”
    [12:36] _Recoil_> I made a square shape construct that was rolling around in a square direction
    [12:36] _Recoil_> 3 hrs
    [12:37] WingedWolf> What was its psi ability?
    [12:37] _Recoil_> Lol like I would ever know it was a fish shaped
    [12:37] _Recoil_> It didn’t really have one
    [12:38] Lemmy> I told telepathy because I gave it my construct :)
    [12:38] _Recoil_> How could you give it the ability to do telepathy Lem?
    [12:38] WingedWolf> You didn’t listen to my direction.
    [12:38] Lemmy> to communicate with fish
    [12:38] Lemmy> :)
    [12:38] _Recoil_> I did but I couldn’t get it in
    [12:38] WingedWolf> All right.
    [12:39] Lemmy> I think I am not the best in giving ability and especially to the construct anyway ;)
    [12:39] WingedWolf> That wasn’t too bad, in that you found Lemmy’s construct, anyhow.
    [12:39] _Recoil_> Me either
    [12:39] WingedWolf> Lemmy, you apparently did well with behavioral programming.
    [12:39] * WingedWolf is going to scan your constructs now.
    [12:40] WingedWolf> Recoil, you square is well shaped, however, it is not moving.
    [12:40] _Recoil_> heh shit
    [12:40] WingedWolf> I can pick up the intent to move, but it does not actually move.
    [12:41] Lemmy> mine is moving?
    [12:41] Lemmy> wow
    [12:41] WingedWolf> Yes, Lemmy, Recoil already noticed that. I’ll check yours next.
    [12:42] _Recoil_> I think mine was moving to begin with then stopped
    [12:42] WingedWolf> Lemmy, is it a fish with a fairly tall profile, like a goldfish?
    [12:43] Lemmy> yes it had to have tall profile
    [12:43] Lemmy> I visualized it so
    [12:43] WingedWolf> Are their little bubbles?
    [12:43] Lemmy> hmm… bubbles in fish?
    [12:43] WingedWolf> coming from it as it swims.
    [12:43] Lemmy> :) didn’t think about that
    [12:44] WingedWolf> Hmmm.
    [12:44] Lemmy> but it had to look like aquarium fish
    [12:44] Lemmy> and swimming
    [12:44] WingedWolf> I think there is ability programming there.
    [12:44] Lemmy> hmmm I give self destruct…
    [12:44] Lemmy> and yes I know
    [12:44] WingedWolf> So, not too bad.
    [12:45] WingedWolf> At least this one was not eaten. :D
    [12:45] Lemmy> I told her that if I say “come” it will come to me
    [12:45] _Recoil_> Good job Lem
    [12:45] Lemmy> thanks :))
    [12:45] WingedWolf> All right, the next thing we’re going to be doing is starting on the physical abilities.
    [12:46] WingedWolf> So, day after tomorrow, you will need a small glass of water that has been sitting out at least 3 or 4 hours, and an oral thermometer. Can you get these things?
    [12:46] Lemmy> maybe I programmed cat to taste good :)
    [12:46] Lemmy> I think I can… but my family will look strangly at me
    [12:46] * _Recoil_ has a that stuff sitting next to him alreafy :)
    [12:46] WingedWolf>
    [12:47] WingedWolf> Ok, the first thing I’ll discuss is EMR ability.
    [12:47] _Recoil_> Do you blame them ?
    [12:47] Lemmy> no :)
    [12:47] WingedWolf> Since this is not a practical ability to practice here in class, I’ll simply tell you about it, and how to practice it on your own.
    [12:47] WingedWolf> Shush, guys.
    [12:48] WingedWolf> The input function of EMR ability is sensing electromagnetic radiation. You can practice this ability by seeing if you can sense when things which emit EMR are operating, and where they are. A microwave oven, for example.
    [12:48] _Recoil_> cool
    [12:49] Lemmy> what about other electromagnetic stuff? do you mean everything with current inside?
    [12:49] WingedWolf> The output function is, of course, creating or manipulating electromagnetic radiation. That one may be a bit hazardous to play with, and I can’t really recommend it. If you want to, you may experiment with trying to manipulate visible light, but be careful.
    [12:49] WingedWolf> Electricity is a different ability.
    [12:50] WingedWolf> Any questions?
    [12:50] Lemmy> yes
    [12:50] Lemmy> how we shold influence light?
    [12:50] Lemmy> ;)
    [12:50] Lemmy> I tried it before ie to blow up bulb
    [12:51] Lemmy> but nothing had happened
    [12:51] WingedWolf> EMR ability is associated with the wave format of energy produced by the “third eye” area…so aim energy from that area at your target when you attempt it.
    [12:51] Lemmy> ok I see
    [12:51] WingedWolf> Please take note of Wilder Napalm’s account of trying to blow up a lightbulb.
    [12:51] WingedWolf> I do not recommend it.
    [12:51] * _Recoil_ screws up lights all the time
    [12:51] Lemmy> where is it?
    [12:52] Lemmy> why don’t you recommend it? It can be dangerous to life?
    [12:52] WingedWolf> He accidently burned out his microwave oven, complete with sparks.
    [12:52] Lemmy> huh…
    [12:52] WingedWolf> So, yes.
    [12:53] _Recoil_> Wicked
    [12:53] WingedWolf> When you are practicing physical abilities, always be aware that your AIM may not be good.
    [12:53] _Recoil_> I’m gonna start practicing this skill :)
    [12:53] Lemmy> I was shocked today… in train
    [12:53] WingedWolf> Do not practice EMR output ability near your computer, for example.
    [12:53] Lemmy> I get idea it would be funny if all lights will turn off
    [12:54] WingedWolf> Do not use it on living things.
    [12:54] Lemmy> and sudenly it turned off
    [12:54] Lemmy> I think it was some kind of intuition
    [12:54] WingedWolf> It’s possible.
    [12:54] _Recoil_> Ok so I send some energy from my 3rd eye whiles programming it as it hits?
    [12:54] Lemmy> but I was surprised…
    [12:55] WingedWolf> Send energy from your third eye to your target while concentrating on what you want to happen…if it doesn’t work, try gradually shifting the frequency, and narrowing the beam.
    [12:55] Lemmy> what you mean frequency?
    [12:55] Lemmy> we should “pack” a beam with “packets” ?
    [12:55] _Recoil_> How’d change frequency?
    [12:55] WingedWolf> You can picture it as a color, a tone, or something similar to that.
    [12:55] Lemmy> aaa :)
    [12:56] WingedWolf> Packets, Lemmy?
    [12:56] _Recoil_> :)
    [12:56] Lemmy> I though about it like some kind computer protocol :)
    [12:56] WingedWolf> You’re not programming it…you’re using an entirely different ability.
    [12:57] WingedWolf> For most of the physical abilities, the frequency range they will function in is extremely narrow, and the pattern has to be exactly right.
    [12:57] WingedWolf> Don’t become frustrated if you fail when you attempt it…if you’re really interested, simply keep trying, and try changing things very slightly each time.
    [12:58] WingedWolf> Any other questions?
    [12:58] Lemmy> none
    [12:58] _Recoil_> Nope
    [12:58] WingedWolf> All right, then…we’re done. :)