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    Real Vampires

    Teacher: Winged Wolf
    Date: 4/28/2006

    [19:08] <WingedWolf> Ok, I’ll start off by clearing up some of the more popular misconceptions.
    [19:08] <G2_Wolf> i win, end of discussion
    [19:09] <Firestorm> G2: warning
    [19:09] <WingedWolf> And by moderating the room if people keep it up.
    [19:09] <WingedWolf> While no one here thinks that real vampires are undead creatures that have crawled out of their graves, the metaphysical community still doesn’t have a very good grasp of what they actually are.
    [19:11] <WingedWolf> The media recently has decided that the ‘crazy people who think they are vampires’ are all gothic serial killers, so most of what people have learned recently comes from the idea that people who play too many roleplaying games and dress in black clothes are dangerous.
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    [19:12] <Lumoure> hi people :-D
    [19:12] <Haibane> My sister is an airhead >.>
    [19:12] <Draco_Platina> Oh no, I’m dangerous!
    [19:12] <WingedWolf> This is disproportional, because obviously most crimes aren’t commited by goths, or by people who are associated with the vampire community.
    [19:12] <WingedWolf> It DOES happen, it’s just rare. Suffice to say that real vampires don’t make a habit of going around attacking people.
    [19:13] <WingedWolf> The other half of the misconception comes from metaphysical writers, who have had a few things to say about psychic vampires over the years.
    [19:14] <WingedWolf> The primary part of that is to confuse real psychic vampires with people who cause others to become exhausted emotionally due to their behavior.
    [19:15] Haibane has a question…
    [19:15] <WingedWolf> In short, what a vampire is, is someone who has a need to take energy from other people in order to maintain their healthy. The means they might use to do this varies.
    [19:15] <WingedWolf> Yes?
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    [19:15] <Haibane> Im not sure if this is true… but does the confusion arrise in part because some psi-vampires purposely use their behavior to rile up people and thus make more energy?
    [19:16] <WingedWolf> HOld on, baby problem.
    [19:16] <Haibane> Okey
    [19:17] <WingedWolf> Haibane–while some psy-vampires do engage in the behavior you’re talking about, the majority of people who do that aren’t vampires.
    [19:18] <Haibane> Okey, but could this contribute in part to the confusion?
    [19:18] <WingedWolf> I’m sure that it had something to do with it, particularly initially.
    [19:18] <Haibane> IE one bad apple makes the whole bunch seem a certain way etc etc
    [19:18] <Haibane> Ah okey, ty :)
    [19:20] <WingedWolf> There are two primary types of vampires. Sanguinarians are blood vamps…these people really do drink blood, but in small quantities (usually no more than a few tablespoons). They get this from willing donors. The most probable theory is that the blood enables a very strong link to their donor’s energy field, enabling them to draw core energy.
    [19:20] <WingedWolf> Core energy, or life energy, is much ‘heavier’ than psi energy, and therefore most people find it more difficult to handle.
    [19:21] <WingedWolf> There is a possibility that sanguinarians also have a greater dietary need for something in blood, and adding rare beef or animal blood to their diet appears to alleviate some of the negative symptoms they experience if they don’t have a donor.
    [19:23] <WingedWolf> Sanguinarians have some fairly distinctive traits on a physical level. Mild to moderate photosensitivity is virtually ubiquitous. Severe photosensitivity has been reported in a few cases. Sunlight allergies (breaking out in a rash) are also relatively common.
    [19:23] <WingedWolf> Most sanguinarians need to wear very dark sunglasses, or even welding glasses, to see comfortably in bright sunlight.
    [19:24] <WingedWolf> The other side of this is an apparent improvement in night vision, and most sanguinarians can see clearly in light levels that have the majority of people unable to make out detail.
    [19:25] G2_Wolf||SleepingOnDesk raises hand
    [19:25] <WingedWolf> Yes?
    [19:26] Firestorm has both mild photosensitivity and great night vision, but is not a vamp, which means that having these traits does not necessarily make you a psivamp
    [19:26] <G2_Wolf> One reason most sanguinarians have better night vision might be because they tend to stay in darker areas and there eyes get used to the lack of light…
    [19:26] <G2_Wolf> and that could also make the photosensitivity worse because there eyes get used to the lack of light…
    [19:26] <Haibane> Not really… in fact if your night vision is not that good in the first place and you keep straining your eyes that could potentially worsen eye sight
    [19:27] <Firestorm> except that the eyes adjusting is almost always a temporary thing
    [19:27] <Haibane> IE why they tell people not to read in the dark etc etc
    [19:27] Daimon wuold like to point out that these are Sanguinarian traits.
    [19:28] <Lumoure> back
    [19:28] <WingedWolf> one moment, children
    [19:28] <Haibane> Shhh just read
    [19:29] <Haibane> kk
    [19:29] <WingedWolf> Yes, these traits only apply to sanguinarians.
    [19:30] <WingedWolf> While sanguinarians are nocturnal, the majority are forced to work days, and are awake during the day just like everyone else.
    [19:30] <WingedWolf> This means they’re usually exposed to the same light levels.
    [19:30] Firestorm must go to work now, but will continue logging
    [19:30] <WingedWolf> There is little to no adaptation.
    [19:30] <Haibane> KK, see ya FS
    [19:31] <WingedWolf> They also tend to dehydrate and suffer from sunstroke more quickly than most people.
    [19:32] Daimon has had that problem his whole life
    [19:32] <WingedWolf> My ex screwed up my timetable by leaving earlier than usual, so I apologize for the interruptions, the kids need to get ready to leave.
    [19:32] <Haibane> Np hehe… family always comes first :)
    [19:33] <Haibane> Family your care about anyways xD
    [19:33] <WingedWolf> lol
    [19:33] <WingedWolf> Ok.
    [19:34] <WingedWolf> In addition to the heightened night vision, a majority of sang vampires also report heightening of other senses, though not always all of them, or the same ones. Hearing and sense of smell are mentioned most often. It should be noted that many innate psis also report heightening of these senses, so this is not necessarily a strictly sanguinarian trait.
    [19:35] <WingedWolf> The majority of sang vampires are innate psis. It can also be noted that they also appear to be innate life-energy workers, perhaps the only ones known.
    [19:37] <WingedWolf> There are 3 causes I can point to for sanguinarian vampirism. The first is innate…a large portion of the sang vampire community were apparently born that way. Innate sanguinarian vampires can be identified by a barrier around the primary life-energy center, located just below the navel. This barrier is most visible when the vampire’s energy system is depleted of energy. Their energy system also appears to be arranged more around the
    [19:37] <WingedWolf> secondary life-energy center, up by the solar plexus, than around the primary center as it is in most people. The latter difference is more subtle.
    [19:38] <WingedWolf> The barrier prevents energy from being radiated by the primary life energy center in great quantities. It appears to be controlled from within the system, and its permeability is variable. Instead, life-energy taken into the system forms a cloud in the core, and then condenses around the outside of the barrier. Once this occurs, the vampire’s system looks and operates more normally, until the store runs out again.
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    [19:39] <Haibane> Intruiging hehe
    [19:40] <WingedWolf> Innate sang vampires apparently have the ability to create a construct overlay program that mimics vampiric traits and abilities, including the physical abilities. This can be placed over another person’s system, thus turning them into a sang vampire as well. I’m not certain how common this is, but I’ve encountered multiple reports of it being done.
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    [19:41] <Haibane> Now this construct… does it change their physiology or is it just a construct that is added? Similar to what is done in making people into generators?
    [19:41] <WingedWolf> This is not the most common way to ‘make’ a sang vampire, however. Vying for commonality with the innate sang vampires are those who are sanguinarian due to the influence of a symbiotic spirit entity which modifies their system.
    [19:42] <Elliptic> At about what age does an innate vampire recognize the characteristics of such?
    [19:42] <WingedWolf> Haibane–it may be similar in nature to the construct overlay that makes people into generators, but it is life-energy based. Thus, it tends to be integrated more thoroughly and quickly. It does appear to change their physiology, insofar as granting them the sensory differences, and sensitivities.
    [19:43] <Haibane> Ah
    [19:43] <Elliptic> A genetic basis would indicate that it would be present immediately, as there seems to be some kind of biological requirement for blood and such…
    [19:43] <WingedWolf> Elliptic: Many sanguinarians have vampiric traits from a young age, but they are usually reduced. The majority experience a heightening of these traits around puberty.
    [19:43] <Elliptic> I see.
    [19:44] <WingedWolf> In a majority of cases, if you have a sanguinarian who had NO vampiric traits as a child, that individual was probably turned.
    [19:44] Elliptic nods.
    [19:45] <WingedWolf> The symbiotic entities which can cause sanguinarian vampirism attach themselve to the center of the chest in the core of the field. Many are intelligent enough to disguise themselves, cloak, misdirect, or use other means to avoid detection, but they are also psi-sensitive. Prodding with psi energy will usually cause them to reveal themselves.
    [19:45] <WingedWolf> They’re quite strong, and appear to be comprised of a mixture of life-energy and Veil or Boundary energy.
    [19:45] <Haibane> I still say they sound like gu’auld >.>
    [19:45] <WingedWolf> lol
    [19:46] <WingedWolf> No, the host’s instincts and emotions may be influenced, but they’re not ‘possessed’ in that sense.
    [19:46] <Haibane> Well except for that :p
    [19:46] <WingedWolf> Any other questions about sanguinarians?
    [19:48] <Haibane> Youd mentioned the natural occuring tentacle like things before? Or is this for the Psi vampires?
    [19:48] <WingedWolf> Daimon has bravely volunteered to let you all scan him, if you want to look for the barrier around the primary life-energy center to see what it looks like. He is sanguinarian.
    [19:48] <WingedWolf> Haibane–psi-vamps.
    [19:48] <Haibane> ah
    [19:48] <FxChiP> Anyone need it spraypainted? Probably not, but…
    [19:48] <Daimon> lol
    [19:49] <Haibane> Is he naturally or does he have a sybiote?
    [19:49] <Haibane> *sybiot
    [19:50] <FxChiP> Natural
    [19:50] <Haibane> Ah
    [19:50] <Daimon> so your the one who poked me?
    [19:50] <WingedWolf> Some sanguinarians, generally the innate or construct-overlay turned vamps, are capable of drawing life-energy directly, and may do so instinctively when their system is depleted. When uncontrolled, this is usually a single deep link thrust into the other person’s core, and then a small amount of energy is pulled, and the link is released.
    [19:50] <FxChiP> He did have a symbiote; in that case, I am told, the symbiote just sort of parasites
    [19:50] <WingedWolf> No he didn’t.
    [19:50] <Daimon> uhm, I never had a symbiont
    [19:50] <FxChiP> He didn’t? Okay
    [19:50] <Daimon> Innate
    [19:50] <FxChiP> My fault, then :)
    [19:50] <WingedWolf> You’re thinking of someone else, I think.
    [19:51] <FxChiP> I thought you mentioned *some* innate sang contracting one
    [19:51] <WingedWolf> Yes, someone else.
    [19:51] <FxChiP> ah
    [19:51] <FxChiP> my fault
    [19:51] <Daimon> no prob
    [19:51] <WingedWolf> It’s possible for an innate sang to have a symbiont as well, so if you spot a critter, don’t assume the person isn’t also an innate.
    [19:51] <Haibane> Im going to just try look at a distance as I have a bad habit of “tasting” things around me inadvertantly >.<
    [19:51] <Haibane> And dont want to muck with the energy >.>
    [19:52] <FxChiP> gawd, certain things ‘taste’ bad. :P
    [19:52] <WingedWolf> lol
    [19:52] <Daimon> haha
    [19:52] <WingedWolf> All right, if there are no more questions?
    [19:52] <Haibane> nupe non from me :p
    [19:53] <WingedWolf> The other primary type of real vampire is the psychic vampire.
    [19:53] <WingedWolf> Psychic vampires do not have the distinctive sensory abilities or traits of sang vampires–the generally have the same traits as other innate psis, as the majority of them are innate psi.
    [19:53] <G2_Wolf> lol Haibane
    [19:54] <WingedWolf> Psychic vampires may require psi energy, life energy, or both from others. There are many causes for this.
    [19:54] <WingedWolf> Perhaps the most common is damage or blockages in the psy-vamp’s energy system.
    [19:55] <WingedWolf> The damage may prevent them from generating energy in high enough quantity to maintain, or block the energy from reaching all areas of their system as it should. In some cases, the damage causes energy to leak from their system at a greater rate than they can replace it through generation.
    [19:56] <WingedWolf> This cause for psychic vampirism is repairable, but it should be noted that not all psy-vampires want repairs. Some prefer being the way they are due to karma, or other beliefs along that line.
    [19:57] <WingedWolf> Second most common, a young psi will experience ‘draining and dumping’ as their abilities awaken, where they will draw energy from those around them and project or dump it to ground, randomly.
    [19:58] <WingedWolf> In some cases these individuals will discover that drawing energy deliberately after dumping it makes them feel better, so it becomes a habit, and then an addiction.
    [19:58] <WingedWolf> brb (any questions thus far?)
    [19:59] <Haibane> That happened to me… thank goodness I kept trying to find out what was going on :p
    [20:00] <FxChiP> Is there an overlay for this as wel?
    [20:00] <G2_Wolf> That might be happening to me… the dumping stuff
    [20:00] <FxChiP> well*
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    [20:00] <Haibane> I dont do so, any more but I sometimes when stressed I build up energy and then it dumps … not purposely and it doesnt feel good >.>
    [20:01] Draco_Platina has been known to cycle heavy energies through an external rig…
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    [20:02] <Daimon> allo Lucianus
    [20:03] <Haibane> Hello
    [20:03] Lucianus shakes
    [20:03] <Lucianus> hallo
    [20:03] <WingedWolf> back, sorry about that, ex came for the kids…he was wearing red sunglasses, and my daughter freaked out, rofl.
    [20:03] <Haibane> o.O
    [20:03] <WingedWolf> (she’s 2)
    [20:04] <Haibane> Ah xD
    [20:04] <Haibane> Still red sunglasses, scary? >.>
    [20:04] <WingedWolf> lol, they’re mirrored, too.
    [20:04] Draco_Platina thefts the glasses
    [20:04] <Haibane> lol
    [20:05] <WingedWolf> So, anyhow–Yes, Fx, though it’s rare to encounter, there are some psy-vamps who are that way due to an overlay.
    [20:05] FxChiP also thefts the glasses
    [20:05] <WingedWolf> A spirit entity, generally parasitical, can also cause a person to become vampiric to maintain their energy levels.
    [20:05] Lucianus then thefts the glasses and breaks them into bits, then gets to reading.
    [20:05] <Haibane> I would not mind mirrored sun glasses… people seem to get angry if one makes eye contact… I dont know what >.<
    [20:05] <Haibane> *why
    [20:06] <WingedWolf> Least common, psychic vampirism can be innate.
    [20:07] <WingedWolf> This can be a genetic characteristic, or developmental difference. Genetic psi-vamps have no psi-energy generation ability, and produce less energy than a non-active person. They have, however, instinctive use of other psi abilities, so spend energy and thus must pull energy from other sources to maintain their energy levels.
    [20:07] G2_Wolf had red sunglasses, lost them
    [20:08] <WingedWolf> They tend to be excellent energy manipulators, and have hypercapacity ability, so are difficult to overload, though they don’t have the speed that generators have, usually.
    [20:08] <WingedWolf> They can also crop up in the Switcher/Phase-Switcher lines, with a somewhat lower capacity.
    [20:10] <Draco_Platina> Question: Would a Sink switch be considered an order of vampiric, or is it even possible for the two to be combined?
    [20:10] <WingedWolf> One identifying characteristic of psy-vamps is their tendency to instinctively use a network of links that look like tentancles to pull energy from individuals, or from groups of people. This is NOT exclusive to psi-vamps, some other psis do this as well. Nor do ALL psi-vamps use this method of drawing energy–but it IS very, very common.
    [20:11] <WingedWolf> Draco–Sinks don’t pull energy from others, they just make anything thrown at them or given to them disappear. Nor can they manipulate energy, apparently. They aren’t aware of it.
    [20:11] <Draco_Platina> So a sink does not pull on energy of others in their locality?
    [20:11] <Haibane> Im thankful to God Im not a sink >.<life>.>
    [20:11] <WingedWolf> Correct.
    [20:12] <Draco_Platina> Hmm, and there’s been no encounters with something like I’ve described?
    [20:12] <WingedWolf> In any case, find me another sink, I know only one. He may or may not be that way naturally, as he has a piece of shrapnel in his head.
    [20:12] <Haibane> Ouch :(
    [20:12] <Draco_Platina> :S
    [20:12] <Haibane> Poor man
    [20:12] <WingedWolf> He’s ok…but it can’t be removed.
    [20:12] <WingedWolf> lol
    [20:13] <Lucianus> where in the head? if it is known.
    [20:13] <WingedWolf> I don’t know, Luc, sorry.
    [20:13] <FxChiP> Physical shrapnel?
    [20:13] <WingedWolf> Yes, Fx.
    [20:14] <Lucianus> k. no biggy
    [20:14] <WingedWolf> Any other questions thus far?
    [20:16] <WingedWolf> All right. Most psychic vampires are able to pull energy from those in their immediate vicinity, but some require physical contact. A few feed sexually, either out of preference, or due to requiring the spike in energy production and shed energy that results…they can either be participants, or observers. These folk tend to call themselves succubi or incubi, after the demons that in mythology accosted people sexually in their sleep.
    [20:16] <WingedWolf> Some psy-vamps are able to pull energy from individual via long-distance links as well.
    [20:18] <WingedWolf> Young/newly awakened psy-vamps may be unaware of what they are doing, pulling energy instinctively. It’s not known what sort of numbers these unconscious vampires occur in. Control needs to be learned, and can take a while, after they gain an awareness of what’s happening.
    [20:19] <WingedWolf> The vampire community has actually been around for decades now. Prior to the popularity of the internet, it consisted mostly of small local groups which had limited contact with outsiders.
    [20:19] <WingedWolf> There was also contact via pen-pal networks.
    [20:20] <WingedWolf> Once Prodigy network came up, the numbers of vampires interacting online increased, and they began to organize into online communities. At this stage, while the community is FAR from unified, it is very extensive, with a great many small groups and “houses” all exchanging information. Offline groups, interactions and meetings are extremely common.
    [20:22] <WingedWolf> The result of this increasingly integrated community has been improvements in education for younger vampires–safety in terms of the advocation of blood-testing and safe bloodletting practices for sanguinarians, standards of ethical behavior for all types of vamps, and it has also been helpful for them in terms of attracting and finding willing donors.
    [20:24] <WingedWolf> While psychic vampires do not have the legal incentive to behave ethically, the vampire community’s advocation of ethical and nonaggressive behavior is resulting in greater and greater numbers of psi-vamps who will take energy only from willing donors. Taking energy from individuals who are not consenting is openly frowned on. There are still many grey areas in the psy-vamp community. Pulling energy from non-actives is not universally
    [20:24] <WingedWolf> considered unethical, for example–though doing so to the point of causing harm is. Pulling shed energy from crowds, called ‘ambient feeding’ is generally accepted.
    [20:27] <WingedWolf> It should be noted that vampires in general have made an effort to take pride in being what they are. The result of this has been that ethical standards and behavior continue to improve, and many vamps care about the community they have formed, and about its image. This is a fairly positive thing.
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    [20:28] <Haibane> hmmm… her loss
    [20:28] <Haibane> (referring to my sister)
    [20:28] <WingedWolf> While it may be possible to ‘cure’ any type of vampire through fixing a problem that causes the condition, or making outright alterations or additions to change how their system functions, a very large number of vampires will not want that done. I encourage that choice to be accepted, as there is still a lot of things we do NOT know about the types of skills vampires have.
    [20:28] <WingedWolf> In truth a great many vampires make excellent healers.
    [20:29] <WingedWolf> The man with the highest ressucitation rate among paramedics in the U.S. for a while was a sanguinarian vampire.
    [20:29] <Turbo> is that proven?
    [20:29] <Haibane> Well considering they can work with life energy directly is it a surprise?
    [20:29] <WingedWolf> I knew him.
    [20:30] <WingedWolf> Precisely…he once got a pulse on a braindead guy…it didn’t last, but that doesn’t usually happen. He was using life-energy like shock paddles.
    [20:31] <Haibane> This may be an interesting skill to learn in case of emergencies in the field of work I hope to go into
    [20:31] <WingedWolf> I know of several sanguinarians working in rescue services and firefighting.
    [20:31] <Haibane> I by no means expect to be as good, but if there where to be complications this would be a good thing
    [20:32] <WingedWolf> I know I’d rather have a sang with that sort of skill in the ambulance to look after my family than anyone else I can think of.
    [20:33] <Lucianus> noting vampire skills some psi vampires have an easy skill of some ambient feed techniques while others do not as good.
    [20:34] <WingedWolf> So, there are many capabilities possessed by both sang and psi vamps that haven’t been fully explored, and some of them may well derive from their vampiric condition. I should note that willing donors are exactly that–they generally enjoy donating energy, or blood. Due to the increasing ethical standards in the community, donors tend to be very well treated, and are not harmed. So this cannot really be considered more objectionable than,
    [20:34] <Lucianus> this being expanding there field/ or aura as terms go. to create a pulling function to pull energy into self.
    [20:34] <WingedWolf> say, the S&M community.
    [20:35] <Elliptic> Actually, technically it falls under the category of edgeplay. :)
    [20:36] <WingedWolf> At worst, it’s an interaction between consenting adults that causes no permanent harm, thus is no one else’s business. At best, it appears to be mutually beneficial.
    [20:36] <WingedWolf> I believe I’ve covered everything…any questions?
    [20:38] <G2_Wolf> Where’d you get all your information from?
    [20:38] <WingedWolf> Over a decade’s worth of interaction in the vampire community, polls conducted by myself and others in the community, and direct observation.
    [20:38] <Haibane> Shes dont a lot of research aka xD
    [20:39] <Lucianus> has it occur that some newly awakened vampires develop or feel almost immediate need to sheild at earlier times than say someone above a non energy levels?
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    [21:27] <WingedWolf> Sunlight sensitivity, nocturnal tendencies, heightened senses, and lowgrade blood craving.
    [21:28] <Elliptic> “low grade blood craving?”
    [21:28] <WingedWolf> There are quite a few stories of angered vamps in childhood biting to draw blood from other children, or drinking the blood of friends who got a cut.
    [21:29] <G2_Wolf> probably also an obsession with rare steak?
    [21:29] <WingedWolf> Yep.
    [21:29] <Morgania> Aye, sometimes.
    [21:30] G2_Wolf||LowOnResources is obsessed with steak… but usually medium rare or medium…. can’t stand a cold steak
    [21:30] <G2_Wolf> it’s fun to go in to a vampire chat and say you had a nice juicy steak earlier for dinner :)
    [21:30] <WingedWolf> So, any other questions?
    [21:30] <Haibane> Asshole
    [21:30] <Elliptic> That ruling is almost a year old, and I virtually guarantee it will be overturned.
    [21:31] <Elliptic> Yeah, more questions here. Are these tendencies all obtained by self-report?
    [21:31] <Haibane> G2 you should be more considerate of people, because the tables can always be turned…
    [21:31] <WingedWolf> The fact is hasn’t been yet over a year later is alarming enough.
    [21:31] <WingedWolf> But it’s not really relevent to this.
    [21:31] <WingedWolf> Elliptic–No, parents have also reported the behavior of their children.
    [21:32] <Elliptic> Ok.
    [21:32] <Elliptic> Can you give me an approximate estimate about the number of vampires? And please not a “1 in 10″ thing, because that kind of stat will make me incredulous.
    [21:32] <WingedWolf> I couldn’t, really.
    [21:33] <G2_Wolf> Haibane, i was kidding
    [21:33] <Draco_Platina> So there’s been no ‘scientific’ testing of the traits, amatuer or otherwise?
    [21:33] <WingedWolf> I can say ‘tens of thousands in the US’. That would be the best I can do right now.
    [21:33] <Elliptic> Ok, fair enough. I just wanted to know what likelihood I’m going to have of encountering this.
    [21:33] <Elliptic> Tens of thousands sounds like a decent estimate.
    [21:33] <WingedWolf> Draco–there have been amature tests aplenty.
    [21:33] <Haibane> G2, that was not funny
    [21:33] <WingedWolf> Elliptic–a rather high liklihood. I know of one sang vamp in my city, just through friends, though I don’t know him personally.
    [21:34] <G2_Wolf> old people have friends?
    [21:34] <Draco_Platina> Amatuer like little kid amatuer or like Draco’s mPK research amatuer?
    [21:34] G2_Wolf||LowOnResources hides
    [21:34] <Elliptic> I have a high one in my position, I mean. I guess I’m indirectly hinting at wondering how many more vampires you’re going to bring by here?
    [21:34] <WingedWolf> Because sang vampires are generally innate psis, running into them in the psi and metaphysical communities is most likely.
    [21:34] <Elliptic> Fair enough.
    [21:35] <WingedWolf> Psi-vampires, obviously likewise.
    [21:35] Lucianus nod
    [21:35] <WingedWolf> They find their way to the Guild community on their own, too, the Guild is known of in the vamp communities as a psi information resource.
    [21:35] <WingedWolf> So is Psi-Pog.
    [21:35] <WingedWolf> They also know to keep their mouths shut in Psi-Pog.
    [21:36] <WingedWolf> lol
    [21:36] <Elliptic> hehe
    [21:36] <G2_Wolf> lol
    [21:36] <Lucianus> yep.
    [21:36] <Haibane> Psi pog >_>
    [21:36] Haibane hides
    [21:36] <Elliptic> How often do the pagan communities overlap? I assume most are either atheist or polytheist or of some other “alternative religion?”
    [21:36] <WingedWolf> In reality, vamps are present in most of the psi and magick communities, they simply don’t advertise what they are in places where there’s a hint they may not be accepted for it.
    [21:37] <G2_Wolf> The Guild is mentioned almost everywhere that involves psi
    [21:37] <WingedWolf> There is a lot of overlap, most vamps I think are pagan, though not by any means ALL of them.
    [21:37] <Elliptic> Of course not.
    [21:37] <G2_Wolf> where’d daimon go?
    [21:38] <WingedWolf> To bed, G2
    [21:38] <Elliptic> Probably to bed.
    [21:38] <WingedWolf> lol
    [21:38] <Felidae> is the distinction between sang and psi vampires the only possible one?I have rather severe vampiric traits myself,of the energetic variety,but I can produce and store energy just fine,but my own energy won’t keep my ‘system’running,and long-term it becomes almost poisonous to me,neccesitating that I cut off most of my own energy production and go into what I can suppose be best termed dwindling physical and metaphysical metabolism with
    [21:38] <WingedWolf> It’s 3:30 AM where he is now.
    [21:38] <G2_Wolf> ah
    [21:38] <Felidae> the usual tendencies towards sickness and such
    [21:38] <Elliptic> That just sounds like you’re processing wrong, and have some stagnation.
    [21:38] <WingedWolf> Felidae–I’m sure there are a LOT of things out there that haven’t been documented by anyone.
    [21:39] <WingedWolf> There may be a known explanation for what you’re experiencing, or it might be something new. But I would not call anyone a vampire who did not have a need to take energy from others.
    [21:41] <WingedWolf> Any other questions I might have missed? :)
    [21:41] Sephiroth [~nckhalo@*] has joined #Guild_Meetings
    [21:41] WingedWolf sets mode: +v Sephiroth
    [21:41] Lucianus thinks
    [21:41] <Felidae> I’v tried all the processing and getting rid of stagnation tricks I can think of,the need to drain doesn’t abate though it does help somewhat…at best i’d say 15%(and 89% of statistics are made up on the spot,including this one,but as a general estimate)
    [21:41] <Felidae> hi Sephiroth
    [21:42] Sephiroth sighs
    [21:42] <Sephiroth> Greetings Fel
    [21:42] <G2_Wolf> grounding occasionally might help i guess?
    [21:42] <G2_Wolf> not 89%
    [21:42] WingedWolf glares at G2.
    [21:42] <Elliptic> I’m sure I’ll have more questions later, but there’s no need to stay “in session” for that.
    [21:42] <Elliptic> Fel, I’ll take a look later if you’d like?
    [21:42] <G2_Wolf> what?
    [21:42] <G2_Wolf> did i do something wrong?
    [21:42] <WingedWolf> You’re not going to start arguing about statistics.
    [21:43] <Felidae> sure,I would apreciate that
    [21:43] <G2_Wolf> no..