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    Telepathy Seminar

    Teacher: KMiller
    Date: 6/22/2002

    An old IRC seminar given by Elliptic in the PsiPog chat room in 2002.

    IRC log started 22 Jun 2002 05:00:36 PDT
    [22-Jun:05:00] *KMiller!* start log
    [22-Jun:05:00] * Quiksilver points and laughs at slob
    *** [22-Jun:05:00] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: +m
    [22-Jun:05:01 KMiller] Ok boys and girls, first I’d like to point out that it’s way, way too early for me to be awake. You all owe me hugishly.
    [22-Jun:05:02 KMiller] So, what’re we all here for? Can anyone tell me? Hehehehehhe, no, you can’t. *loves moderated chat*
    *** [22-Jun:05:02] Signoff: TIM_JI (Exit: )
    [22-Jun:05:02 KMiller] We’re here to work on telepathy.
    *** [22-Jun:05:02] Joined #psipog: TIM_JI (
    [22-Jun:05:03 KMiller] Not to learn it, as learning it is something we do in a classroom, and not just to practice it, as I will be covering some of the hows…
    [22-Jun:05:03 KMiller] We’re here to work on it.
    [22-Jun:05:03 KMiller] Now, let’s start with some basic wake up / cool down exercises.
    [22-Jun:05:04 KMiller] Everyone stand up.
    [22-Jun:05:04 KMiller] Fold your hands like you’re praying over your centerpoint.
    [22-Jun:05:05 KMiller] What you’re going to do is breathe in, then stretch your right arm straight out (cock the middle finger down), while breathing out.
    [22-Jun:05:05 KMiller] When you’re out of breathe, snap back to position. Then repeat with the left side.
    [22-Jun:05:06 KMiller] Alright, enough of that.
    [22-Jun:05:06 KMiller] We should all be at least a bit more awake now.
    [22-Jun:05:07 KMiller] Alright, so, Telepathy.
    [22-Jun:05:07 KMiller] Well, the first step to telepathy is making sure you have a clear mind. Unless your mind is clear, you’ll not be able to recieve worth crap.
    [22-Jun:05:08 KMiller] So the first thing you need is to clear your minds.
    [22-Jun:05:08 KMiller] Now, how do we do this? In the TP Manual, we wrote a few methods…
    [22-Jun:05:09 KMiller] One was coloring…but I’m assuming you all don’t have coloring paper or crayons…
    [22-Jun:05:09 KMiller] So we’lll move to the next one, which was some “Bob Peterson Lightning Method” or some crap. I don’t even know how _that_ works, so we’ll move on.
    [22-Jun:05:10 KMiller] The method I use is another very simple exercise.
    [22-Jun:05:10 KMiller] Breathe in deep, to the gut. Then breathe out, while counting to 27.
    [22-Jun:05:10 KMiller] I’ll explain why 27 once you’re done.
    [22-Jun:05:11 KMiller] Trusting everyone finished…
    [22-Jun:05:12 KMiller] The number 27 is there because it’s an odd number.
    [22-Jun:05:12 KMiller] If I gave you something nice and easy like “20″ or “30″, your mind would probably be able to think about something else while you counted…
    [22-Jun:05:12 KMiller] That would screw you up. You need distraction.
    [22-Jun:05:13 KMiller] Now, you people who have trance inducing or hypnotic music are ahead of the ballgame, don’t worry about it.
    *** [22-Jun:05:13] Joined #psipog: Michael3_ (
    [22-Jun:05:14 KMiller] So, moving right along…
    [22-Jun:05:15 KMiller] Telepathy is mind to mind communication, in the purest sense of the word. We perform this by several methods. None of which are Visualization, for now.
    [22-Jun:05:15] * KMiller curses because this is as choppy and fucked up as can be
    [22-Jun:05:16 KMiller] Ok, so telepathy…telepathy works along the same lines as remote viewing, theoretically.
    [22-Jun:05:16 KMiller] Some people suggest it’s picking up some kind of physical energy. Others suggest it’s a kind of probability hacking.
    [22-Jun:05:18 KMiller] I don’t accept either theory. I believe that human thoughts contaminate the Matrix. These thoughts are easily picked up, as they have massive signal lines. It’s a simple deal to find someone’s Psionic Signature (discuss that in a second), and pick up their thoughts.
    [22-Jun:05:18 KMiller] Now, Psionic Signature. The Psi Sig is the key to telepathy.
    [22-Jun:05:19 KMiller] The Psi Sig works as a kind of ID Tag for a person’s mind. No Psi Sig is the same as anothers, although they can be _very_ similar.
    [22-Jun:05:20 KMiller] A Psi Sig is a combination of psychoenergetic, psychological, and physiological data, all packaged into one pseudo-visual package.
    [22-Jun:05:20 KMiller] The Psi Sig of a person can be felt, it can be seen using synaethesia, and it can quite possibly be heard and tasted as well.
    [22-Jun:05:21 KMiller] To find a Psi Sig, all it takes is a good sample of text, a name, a callsign, basically anything. For some things it’s easier than others.
    [22-Jun:05:21 KMiller] Reading a book by George Orwell should give you more than enough of Orwell’s signature. Reading an article by Rainsong should give you hers.
    [22-Jun:05:22 KMiller] Some of us go by callsign alone. The point is, it doesn’t really matter.
    [22-Jun:05:22 KMiller] As long as you get the PsiSig, you can telepathize someone. Without it, your chances are, oh, say…a million billion times lower.
    [22-Jun:05:23 KMiller] It’s possible, it’s just extremely difficult for _me_….so I assume it’s even more difficult for nons and beginners…
    [22-Jun:05:24 KMiller] Now, let’s discuss what to expect…
    [22-Jun:05:24 KMiller] Telepathy, like RV, is not 100% accurate. It’s far more accurate, but not 100%
    [22-Jun:05:25 KMiller] Telepathy works in many ways…most people recieve information the same way they think…
    [22-Jun:05:25 KMiller] I recieve telepathic information in Purethought. Others may recieve it in Verbal, or Visual.
    [22-Jun:05:26 KMiller] This makes the transfer of sentences between two different thought types very difficult, due to translational errors.
    *** [22-Jun:05:26] Signoff: Michael3_ (Exit: )
    [22-Jun:05:26 KMiller] Not to say it’s impossible, it’s just much more difficult.
    [22-Jun:05:27 KMiller] As far as telepathic conversations…
    [22-Jun:05:27 KMiller] Possible, but impractical. I’ve held telepathic conversations, but only when there were no other options.
    [22-Jun:05:27 KMiller] So what is it better used for? Like almost anything I’ll teach: Espionage.
    [22-Jun:05:28 KMiller] Telepathy can be used to directly spy on an individual, as well as to influence that individuals thoughts.
    [22-Jun:05:29 KMiller] Speaking of which, what to expect from Sending ‘Pathy….
    [22-Jun:05:29 KMiller] Sending is not your ticket to girls. Nor will it get you alot of money, at least at the level we’re working with.
    [22-Jun:05:29 KMiller] In higher forms, Sending can mean total control over an individual.
    [22-Jun:05:30 KMiller] At our level, it means someone might think your name when you Send at them, unless they’re very Sensitive…
    [22-Jun:05:30 KMiller] So why work on it? Practice, mostly. And to help the Recievers.
    [22-Jun:05:30 KMiller] You can’t practice recieving until you’ve got someone Sending.
    [22-Jun:05:31 KMiller] So then, any questions? I don’t have any damn helpers here, let me fix that problem…
    *** [22-Jun:05:31] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: +v GreatSheepKing
    *** [22-Jun:05:32] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: +v |s0N|0f|r463|
    [22-Jun:05:32 KMiller] Are either of you two here and awake?
    [22-Jun:05:32 GreatSheepKing] NEgative ;)
    [22-Jun:05:32 KMiller] Ok, GSK at least. Send questions to him. GSK, state them here out loud one at a time.
    *** [22-Jun:05:32] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: -v |s0N|0f|r463|
    [22-Jun:05:33 GreatSheepKing] … I think everyone is asleep…
    [22-Jun:05:33 KMiller] The UK Crowd isn’t…
    [22-Jun:05:33 GreatSheepKing] Will you get us to the point where we can continue our training/growth without aid?
    [22-Jun:05:34 KMiller] Yes, that’s the goal.
    [22-Jun:05:34 GreatSheepKing] I don’t understand how you would have someones psi sig just from reading an article of thiers or having their online name, etc
    [22-Jun:05:34 KMiller] Recoil, it’s a kind of psychometry. In fact, psychometry might help for you people.
    [22-Jun:05:35 GreatSheepKing] Usually, In what form are PsiSigs?
    [22-Jun:05:36 KMiller] I normally feel them, unless I’m _trying_ to See them.. By feel them I mean that mental “feeling” you get when you just know something.
    [22-Jun:05:36 GreatSheepKing] Is purethought exactly what it sounds like ( To me, at least, the combination of verbal and visual)?
    [22-Jun:05:36 KMiller] Kind of…it’s thought before it becomes either verbal or visual…
    [22-Jun:05:37 KMiller] Pure knowledge of a concept before it is confined by definition.
    [22-Jun:05:37 GreatSheepKing] When I get pinged or whatever I get a feeling in my neck, is this the persons Psi Sig ?
    [22-Jun:05:37 KMiller] No, that’s the ping.
    [22-Jun:05:38 KMiller] The Sig is what you’d get by tracing the ping back to him.
    [22-Jun:05:39 GreatSheepKing] (No question interval)
    [22-Jun:05:39 KMiller] Ok then.
    [22-Jun:05:39 KMiller] If there are no questions, I’ll go through our procedure, then we’ll take a brief break, and then we’ll start partner exercises.
    [22-Jun:05:40 KMiller] The first exercise we’re going to do is simple pinging.
    [22-Jun:05:40 KMiller] To ping someone, you can simply think at them. Or, you can send a glob of energy at them, whichever you prefer.
    [22-Jun:05:40 KMiller] Thinking at them is more “telepathy” and less “psychoenergetics”, but both methods work.
    [22-Jun:05:41 KMiller] To think _at_ somebody, and I spent alot of time last night figuring out how to do this…
    [22-Jun:05:41 KMiller] To think at someone, you think while directing your thoughts to them…as if you had a picture of them and you were writing your thoughts on it.
    [22-Jun:05:42 KMiller] You think while thinking of the person at the same time, and merging the thoughts…that’s the best I can describe it.
    [22-Jun:05:42 KMiller] So for pinging, we’re going to partner up and ping eachother.
    [22-Jun:05:43 KMiller] So now I’ll assign partners. These will be your partners for the rest of the time, unless someone has to leave, at which point I’ll mix it up.
    [22-Jun:05:43 KMiller] Anyone who’s still here, message me “here”
    *** [22-Jun:05:43] Joined #psipog: SpYdeRrR (SpYdeR@
    [22-Jun:05:44 GreatSheepKing] To message someone, double click there name, just in case you dont know.
    *** [22-Jun:05:44] Signoff: SpYdeRr (Ping timeout for SpYdeRr)
    [22-Jun:05:44 KMiller] Ok, HiYa, you and recoil.
    [22-Jun:05:44 KMiller] LakMeer, you and Slobo.
    [22-Jun:05:45 KMiller] Quik, you and Asmode
    *** [22-Jun:05:45] SpYdeRrR is now known as SpYdeRr
    [22-Jun:05:45 KMiller] Hex and TimJi
    [22-Jun:05:45 KMiller] Youseff, you’re with me.
    [22-Jun:05:45 GreatSheepKing] Alrighty
    [22-Jun:05:45 KMiller] Alright, I need to shower, and take a shit, so we’re going to take a break.
    [22-Jun:05:45 KMiller] We’ll resume when I get back.
    *** [22-Jun:05:45] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: -m
    [22-Jun:06:10 KMiller] Ok, hmm, NI showed up. Youseff, you’re with NI.
    [22-Jun:06:10 GreatSheepKing] Noooooo!, alright
    [22-Jun:06:10 _NI_] omg
    [22-Jun:06:11 KMiller] Hehe
    [22-Jun:06:11 _NI_] with me for what? :P
    [22-Jun:06:11 KMiller] Partner pinging.
    [22-Jun:06:11 LakMeerKravid] practise, hehe
    [22-Jun:06:11 GreatSheepKing] I think you know… *nudge nudge*
    [22-Jun:06:11 LakMeerKravid] oooh dont go there gsk
    [22-Jun:06:11 KMiller] Youseff, you can destroy his skepticalness.
    [22-Jun:06:11 _NI_] oh that…
    *** [22-Jun:06:11] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: +m
    [22-Jun:06:11 KMiller] Ok, here’s what you’re going to do.
    [22-Jun:06:12 KMiller] Hmm, does spawn have a partner?
    [22-Jun:06:12 KMiller] Spawn, you’re with NI, Youseff with me.
    [22-Jun:06:12 GreatSheepKing] Woogle
    [22-Jun:06:12 KMiller] In private message between you and your partner…
    *** [22-Jun:06:12] Joined #Psipog: bbbb (
    [22-Jun:06:12 KMiller] You’re going to practice basic telepathic exercises.
    [22-Jun:06:13 KMiller] We’re going to start with Pinging.
    [22-Jun:06:13 KMiller] Alright, so, PM your partner, let me know when you’ve made contact.
    [22-Jun:06:13 KMiller] ONE person from each group message me the name of their partner that I assigned, _after_ you’ve PMed.
    *** [22-Jun:06:14] Signoff: slobofendor (Killed (NickOP (Kill requested by bbbb)))
    *** [22-Jun:06:14] bbbb is now known as slobofendor
    [22-Jun:06:15 KMiller] I have 5 people have checked in…
    [22-Jun:06:15 KMiller] Message me if you _don’t_ have a partner.
    *** [22-Jun:06:15] Joined #psipog: Psibot23 (bot@
    [22-Jun:06:15 KMiller] Spawn, message me if you’re awake?
    [22-Jun:06:16 KMiller] Hmm
    [22-Jun:06:17 KMiller] Hrmm
    [22-Jun:06:17 GreatSheepKing] Spawn = Dead?
    [22-Jun:06:17 KMiller] Nakatul, wait until someone else comes, I guess…
    [22-Jun:06:17 KMiller] Or work in with another group.
    [22-Jun:06:17 KMiller] `access *
    [22-Jun:06:18 KMiller] Anyways…
    [22-Jun:06:18 KMiller] Ok, choose a person in your group to be #1,
    [22-Jun:06:18 KMiller] The other person is…#3
    *** [22-Jun:06:18] Left #PSIPOG: Nakatul (
    [22-Jun:06:19 KMiller] Now…
    [22-Jun:06:19 KMiller] 2 is going to ping 1.
    [22-Jun:06:19 KMiller] Like I said, to ping, simply think at the person.
    [22-Jun:06:19 KMiller] Number 1 then tells me what they felt, if anything, before they tell 2.
    [22-Jun:06:20 KMiller] If I don’t like it, I’ll figure out what’s wrong.
    [22-Jun:06:23 KMiller] Ok, a few I’ve not liked so far…
    [22-Jun:06:23 KMiller] When pinging, it sometimes helps if you put some force behind it.
    [22-Jun:06:25 KMiller] Once I’ve told you there is success, 2 is going to aim somewhere else.
    [22-Jun:06:26 KMiller] If you’re having trouble, try a different method.
    [22-Jun:06:28 KMiller] For the record, I’ve been ‘geisting all morning, so if I disconnect, just wait.
    [22-Jun:06:31 KMiller] Ok, groups that have been successful, here’s some examples…
    [22-Jun:06:31 KMiller] Im feeling a light pressure on my skull.. Feels similar to someone trying to break my shield.
    [22-Jun:06:31 KMiller] Alright, good. Tell him to aim somewhere else.
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] ok
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] this time im getting the same thing, cept on my back
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] Excellent.
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] <_NI_> Lol, now someone is knocking on the door,… the sound I mean :P
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] Go answer it?
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] _NI_ goes to open the door in his mind, lol
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] <_NI_> I hear a clear “knock, knock”, Naz… And some pain in the neck,… :P
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] <_NI_> should I tell spawn?
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] Go for it.
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] <_NI_> I pretty much screamed your name at the computer screen in my mind
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] <_NI_> <_NI_> haha
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] It works.
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] <_NI_> we are proud :)
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] I feel some pressure in the head. A light headed feeling, too. Not sure if its the ping or not since I was moving slightly.
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] Has moving slightly ever caused you a pressure and lightheadedness?
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] Eh, not that I’ve noticed.
    [22-Jun:06:32 KMiller] Then it’s probably working.
    [22-Jun:06:33 KMiller] Alright, this time, same thing, just 1 is the pinger, 2 is the reciever.
    [22-Jun:06:41 KMiller] Alright, good.
    [22-Jun:06:42 KMiller] Report any feelings or questions on that to GSK, who will put them here.
    *** [22-Jun:06:42] Signoff: Recoil (Exit: )
    *** [22-Jun:06:42] Joined #psipog: Myriad (Myriad@
    [22-Jun:06:43 KMiller] ‘ello Adam
    [22-Jun:06:43 GreatSheepKing] Howdy
    *** [22-Jun:06:43] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: +o Psibot23
    *** [22-Jun:06:43] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: +o Myriad
    [22-Jun:06:43 Myriad] Hi Brother
    [22-Jun:06:43 GreatSheepKing] I felt a pressure inside my head, and tingling on the outside
    [22-Jun:06:43 GreatSheepKing] NI told me he was hitting me with a hammer (new way to ping? who knows?)
    [22-Jun:06:44 KMiller] That’s pretty normal, so long as you weren’t doing anything else that would cause those sensations, like hanging upside down or standing up really fast.
    [22-Jun:06:44 GreatSheepKing] What kind of feelings are generally related to pings, is it just lightness/heaviness/pressure sort of feelings?
    [22-Jun:06:44 KMiller] There are a variety of them.
    [22-Jun:06:44 KMiller] Normally, those two.
    [22-Jun:06:45 Myriad] One feeling is “Wake your ass up”
    [22-Jun:06:45] * Myriad glares about the room
    [22-Jun:06:45 KMiller] But I’ve pinged people to tickle them, and pinged them to wake their ass up
    [22-Jun:06:45 KMiller] But not today, as that would’ve been rude. Hehe
    [22-Jun:06:45 GreatSheepKing] There was a distict pressure in my head and now I feel like I stood up too fast
    [22-Jun:06:45] * Myriad will beat his ass later believe that :)
    [22-Jun:06:45 GreatSheepKing] hehe “Rude”
    *** [22-Jun:06:45] Joined #PSIPOG: Recoil (
    [22-Jun:06:46 KMiller] LakMeer, that’s a remarkable response, as it means either he really bashed you, or you’re quite sensitive.
    *** [22-Jun:06:46] Joined #psipog: CEO (
    [22-Jun:06:46 GreatSheepKing] Is the pressure feeling common when sending also?
    [22-Jun:06:46 KMiller] Yes, but the kind of pressure is different.
    [22-Jun:06:47 GreatSheepKing] Does sending feel like a bubbling coming from your neck to the top of your head?
    [22-Jun:06:47 GreatSheepKing] correct sending, I mean
    [22-Jun:06:47 KMiller] That’s one sensation, yes.
    [22-Jun:06:48 KMiller] Which is, actually, what we’re moving on to.
    [22-Jun:06:48 KMiller] In this exercise, we’re going to use ye olde rhine cards…
    [22-Jun:06:49 KMiller] But since I don’t think anyone has Rhine cards…
    [22-Jun:06:49 GreatSheepKing] My computer is getting all weird and my mirc screen is no longer normal looking, I need to restart…
    [22-Jun:06:49 KMiller] You’re going to try and Send a symbol. The Symbol you’ll be Sending is one of the first 8 on your numbers on your keyboard.
    [22-Jun:06:49 KMiller] Ok Sheep.
    [22-Jun:06:50] * GreatSheepKing nods
    [22-Jun:06:50 KMiller] That would be… !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, and *
    [22-Jun:06:50 KMiller] The goal is to send the character as forcefully as possible to the CLEAR MINDED reciever.
    [22-Jun:06:50 KMiller] It’s imperative that the reciever has a clear mind…
    [22-Jun:06:51 KMiller] So let’s all do the 27 count breathing exercise…
    [22-Jun:06:52 KMiller] Getting !, #, and ^, counts as one set. If you get dead on, 10/10. If you get one of the other 2 in that set, 5/10
    [22-Jun:06:52 KMiller] @ and * are a set, because they’re both circular-ish. 10/10 for correct, 5/10 for the other one.
    *** [22-Jun:06:53] Signoff: GreatSheepKing (Ping timeout for GreatSheepKing)
    [22-Jun:06:53 KMiller] And $, %, and & are a set, because they’re all squiggly things, same rules apply.
    [22-Jun:06:53 KMiller] This is because I don’t expect a clear transmission.
    [22-Jun:06:53 KMiller] An alternative is Sending the numbers, and then they can look to see the symbols easily enough.
    *** [22-Jun:06:54] Joined #psipog: Youseff (
    *** [22-Jun:06:54] Youseff is now known as GreatShe
    *** [22-Jun:06:55] Left #psipog: GreatShe (
    [22-Jun:06:55 KMiller] Remember to send ye olde results to me.
    [22-Jun:06:55 KMiller] 2 is Sending, 1 is Recieving
    *** [22-Jun:06:55] Joined #psipog: GreatSheepKing (
    *** [22-Jun:06:59] Joined #psipog: Mista_McDude (
    *** [22-Jun:06:59] Left #psipog: Mista_McDude (
    [22-Jun:07:03 KMiller] * and # are also related, I’ve decided.
    [22-Jun:07:03 KMiller] So if you get * and it’s #, 5/10
    [22-Jun:07:03 KMiller] And vice versa.
    *** [22-Jun:07:04] Left #psipog: Myriad (Myriad@
    *** [22-Jun:07:04] Left #psipog: Psibot23 (bot@
    [22-Jun:07:06 KMiller] Ok, we’ll give the other group a chance now…
    [22-Jun:07:08 KMiller] See, i’d try hax00ring you, but I’ve already done it once today, hehe
    [22-Jun:07:08 KMiller] *shakes fist*
    *** [22-Jun:07:17] Signoff: LakMeerKravid (Exit: )
    [22-Jun:07:18 KMiller] If we want to make this more difficult, you can Send an object that’s not one of the 8 symbols now.
    *** [22-Jun:07:23] Signoff: TIM_JI (Exit: )
    [22-Jun:07:25 KMiller] Ok.
    [22-Jun:07:25 KMiller] Slobo and TIm’s partner, work together until they come back.
    [22-Jun:07:28 KMiller] You’ll notice that this is both Sending and Recieving practice…
    [22-Jun:07:28 KMiller] Recieving you should be making sure your mind is clear.
    [22-Jun:07:28 KMiller] Sending you should be making sure the only thing you’re thinking is what you’re Sending.
    [22-Jun:07:32 KMiller] I’m going to unmoderate the chat.
    [22-Jun:07:33 KMiller] Keep working, though.
    *** [22-Jun:07:33] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: -m
    [22-Jun:07:34 _NI_] I gtg guys bbl, cya all :)
    *** [22-Jun:07:34] Signoff: _NI_ (Exit: Leaving)
    [22-Jun:07:34 KMiller] Keep working, just now you can ask stuff out here. Need something besides empty space for the logs.
    *** [22-Jun:07:34] Joined #psipog: Michael3_ (
    [22-Jun:07:34 Michael3_] hi all
    [22-Jun:07:35 KMiller] ‘ello Michael. You’re Spawn’s partner now.
    [22-Jun:07:35 spawn968] Actually, I gots ta get goin’ as well
    *** [22-Jun:07:35] Signoff: CEO (Exit: )
    [22-Jun:07:35 Michael3_] naz, i won’t be here long
    [22-Jun:07:35 spawn968] sorry
    [22-Jun:07:35 spawn968] bye all
    [22-Jun:07:35 spawn968] happy sending
    [22-Jun:07:35 Michael3_] i wanna know was this seminar recorded bye anyone?
    [22-Jun:07:36 Michael3_] by anyone
    [22-Jun:07:36 Michael3_] sorry
    [22-Jun:07:36 GreatSheepKing] All of them are…
    [22-Jun:07:36 Asmode1] Yes; I logged it
    *** [22-Jun:07:36] Signoff: spawn968 (Exit: dbz me!)
    [22-Jun:07:36 Michael3_] ok
    [22-Jun:07:36 KMiller] Hmmm, ok.
    [22-Jun:07:36 Michael3_] :)
    [22-Jun:07:36 KMiller] Yes, the Seminar is being recorded…
    [22-Jun:07:36 KMiller] And it’s not over yet, dammit.
    [22-Jun:07:36 Michael3_] i’ve gtg into town to get some protein powder
    [22-Jun:07:36 Michael3_] i’ll be back in about 30 to 45 mins
    [22-Jun:07:37 GreatSheepKing] ouch…
    *** [22-Jun:07:37] Hex` is now known as Hex[DEAD]
    *** [22-Jun:07:37] Joined #psipog: _NI_ (
    [22-Jun:07:38 _NI_] ok I got 4 hours extra time :)
    [22-Jun:07:38] * slobofendor weeps at the loss of his partner yet again
    [22-Jun:07:38 GreatSheepKing] WB
    [22-Jun:07:38 Michael3_] hehe NI
    [22-Jun:07:38 _NI_] :)
    [22-Jun:07:38 KMiller] Is anyone in here still alive?
    [22-Jun:07:38 _NI_] heya
    [22-Jun:07:38 Quiksilver] I am
    [22-Jun:07:38 Asmode1] Me!
    [22-Jun:07:38 KMiller] NI, you’re Slobo’s partner.
    [22-Jun:07:38 GreatSheepKing] I died for a minute.
    [22-Jun:07:38 _NI_] where the hell is spawn?
    [22-Jun:07:38 Michael3_] gtg all, brb in about 30 mins
    *** [22-Jun:07:38] Signoff: Michael3_ (Exit: )
    [22-Jun:07:38 Quiksilver] We’re not doing too well with the objects…we have gotten probably 2 or three out of about 10
    [22-Jun:07:38 KMiller] Spawn hauled out.
    [22-Jun:07:38 _NI_] hmmm
    [22-Jun:07:39 KMiller] Quik, try Sending with more vivid details.
    [22-Jun:07:39 _NI_] we got good results with spawn: 4/7
    [22-Jun:07:39 _NI_] :)
    [22-Jun:07:40 KMiller] Which is not bad. Slobo’s been doing well too, though..
    [22-Jun:07:40 Quiksilver] WOOHOO! 4/11 (that’s both of our scores combined I think)
    [22-Jun:07:40 slobofendor] I have?
    [22-Jun:07:40] * GreatSheepKing remembers hearing slobo’s skill was in Telepathy
    [22-Jun:07:41 slobofendor] :-P
    [22-Jun:07:41 slobofendor] Telepathic Suggestion
    [22-Jun:07:41 KMiller] Which will be our next topic, actually, hehe
    [22-Jun:07:41] * GreatSheepKing thinks Naz is going to make him pick up a knife and…
    [22-Jun:07:41 slobofendor] :)
    [22-Jun:07:41 _NI_] oh no…
    [22-Jun:07:42 slobofendor] Hey. Wanna buy some deathsticks?
    [22-Jun:07:42 HiYa] 3/5 and 2/4 :)
    [22-Jun:07:42 slobofendor] Bah. Didnt anyone pick up my obscure episode2 reference?!
    [22-Jun:07:42 Recoil] is that for star wars
    [22-Jun:07:43 Recoil] yeah :)
    [22-Jun:07:43 Recoil] from not for *
    [22-Jun:07:43 _NI_] Telepathic Suggestion, KMiller, don’t you think we go too far for the first time? :P
    [22-Jun:07:44 Recoil] nah
    [22-Jun:07:44 KMiller] I’m not going to teach it to you dammit, I’m just going to discuss it.
    [22-Jun:07:44] * slobofendor wonders how we will do TS in this environment
    *** [22-Jun:07:44] Mode on #psipog by KMiller: +m
    [22-Jun:07:44 KMiller] Telepathic Suggestion is the use of Telepathic Sending to manipulate another individual.
    [22-Jun:07:45 KMiller] Alot of people will say things like “ooh, manipulating people is evil!” Alot of those people don’t realize that by that logic, TV Commercials are Evil.
    [22-Jun:07:46 KMiller] The fact is, Privacy is an illusion, and humans function solely by manipulation by outside sources, or manipulation by other people.
    [22-Jun:07:46 KMiller] Now…why am I even discussing this?
    [22-Jun:07:46 KMiller] Once you develop some skill in Sending, you’ll be able to Suggest. It’s not a difficult procedure…
    [22-Jun:07:47 KMiller] The Russians used telepathic suggestion simply by Sending a visualization of the target performing the action…
    [22-Jun:07:47 KMiller] The Americans use a method that involves hijacking the subconscious mind and telling it what it wants to do.
    [22-Jun:07:48 KMiller] What method should you use? Whichever one you please.
    [22-Jun:07:48 KMiller] Now, as long as we’re in discussion, let’s discuss Pulse-Sending…
    [22-Jun:07:48 KMiller] Pulse-Sending is a Russian concoction. It’s primarily a method of Sending that even Nons can do without much proble…
    [22-Jun:07:49 KMiller] The method is simple. Think at your target while projecting your object in pulses, normally correlating to the heart beat.
    [22-Jun:07:49 KMiller] This establishes a steady, constant signal line.
    [22-Jun:07:51 KMiller] So you can all take a few minutes now to try this with your partners, then we’ll move on to Mindlinks, and then wrap it up so I can go back to bed.
    [22-Jun:07:52 KMiller] Of course, Send results to me, if you can.
    [22-Jun:07:57 KMiller] Ok, mindlinks then…
    [22-Jun:07:58 KMiller] A mindlink is a rather more advanced telepathic system…
    [22-Jun:07:58 KMiller] Generally, mindlinks simply make Sending far easier.
    [22-Jun:07:58 KMiller] What is a Mindlink? It’s a psychic link between 2 people.
    [22-Jun:07:58 KMiller] 2 or _more_ people, rather.
    [22-Jun:07:59 KMiller] Some groups have big links incorporating large numbers.
    [22-Jun:07:59 KMiller] The Mindlink is not permanent, although they get stronger with use, and the stronger the more difficult to break.
    [22-Jun:08:00 KMiller] More advanced mindlinks can allow flawless communication of things both wanted and not wanted to be said…
    [22-Jun:08:00 KMiller] Rainsong and I have an example of this stronger mindlink.
    [22-Jun:08:01 KMiller] A mindlink is normally established by setting a fixed signal line, or building an energetic link between the individuals involved.
    [22-Jun:08:01 KMiller] Now, I don’t think most of us trust eachother enough to practice these, but next time, for the BIG TP seminar, you’ll have to, hehe.
    [22-Jun:08:02 KMiller] ALright, basically, this was a flop. It had no flow and I was too tired to put much into it, as were alot of us…
    [22-Jun:08:02 KMiller] So…I dunno if a log will be made available or not….
    [22-Jun:08:02 KMiller] But either way, I’m going back to bed.
    [22-Jun:08:02 KMiller] You can all practice this stuff on your own, though, like I said.
    *** MSG activated by “KMiller stop log”
    IRC log ended 22 Jun 2002 08:02:53 PDT