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    Psion Guild Terms

    This is an overview of the terms used within the Guild to describe psi abilities.  These terms are simpler and more specific than most of the terms that have come out of psi research and the general community, and are used for that reason.  They also cover some abilities that did not previously have names.

    Psi Abilities Terms (used in many Guild training documents, particularly by Winged Wolf and ANKA)

    Ability Programming Ability:
    This term is used to refer to programming a construct in such a way that it can, itself, use psi abilities. The input function of this ability is to read the ability programming of an existing construct. (See also “Construct” under the term “Aspects”).

      Abilities Aspects are broad categories which classify specific abilities. The abilities in each aspect are all related to one another.

    Mental Aspect:
      These are abilities which deal with the mind and nervous system. (Thought, Emotion, Primal, Nervous System).

    Physical Aspect:
      These are abilities which deal with the known physical world. (Electromagnetic Energy, Kinetic Energy (Sound, Vibration, Heat), Electricity, Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma), Gravity, Magnetism, Time, Momentum).

    Psi-Energy Aspect:
      These are abilities which deal with psi-energy itself. (Direction, Velocity, Intensity, Type, Generation, Capacity, Resistance, Density, Flow).

    Construct Aspect:
      These are abilities which deal with shaping and programming psi-energy to take on a specific form and/or function. This can range from a simple shield, on up to creating artificial “spirit entities”. (Behavioral Programming, Abilities Programming, Shaping, Longevity).

    Behavioral Programming Ability:
      This is the ability to program a construct to behave in a certain fashion, (such as movement, or responding in a specific way under specific circumstances). The input function is to read the behavioral programming in an existing construct.

    Capacity Ability:
      This is a person’s ability to store psi energy in their body/field. The input function of this ability is to read the capacity of another person. (See also “field”).

    Density Ability:
      This ability involves controlling or reading the density of psi-energy either within yourself or outside of yourself.

    Direction Ability:
      This is the ability to control the direction of the movement of psi-energy.

    Electricity Ability:
      This is the ability to sense (input function) or manipulate (output function) electricity.

    Electromagnetic Radiation Ability:
      This is the ability to sense (input function) electromagnetic radiation, such as light, microwaves, etc. The output function is to manipulate electromagnetic radiation.

    Emotion Ability:
      This is the ability to sense emotions in others. The output function is to affect the emotions of others, or project your emotions to them.

    Flow Ability:
      (Projection, Resistance). This is the ability to project energy from one point to another, and to control the resistance/conduction of psi-energy energy moving between two points. The input function is to sense these things.

    Generation Ability:
      This is the ability to generate energy, or to read a person’s ability to generate psi energy.

    Gravity Ability:
      This is the ability to manipulate or sense gravity.

    Intensity Ability:
      This is the ability to control the effective level of psi abilities, in oneself or in others. If you increase the intensity, you increase the effective ability level (stronger effects are possible). The input function is to sense the ability intensity in another person.

    Kinetic Abilities:
      (Sound, Heat, Vibration). These are the ability to control kinetic energy or sense kinetic energy.

      This is the ability to control how long a construct will last without being given additional energy. The input function is to sense the longevity of an existing construct.

    Magnetism Ability:
      This is the ability to affect magnetism. The input function is to sense magnetism.

    Matter Abilities:
      (Solid, Liquid Gas, Plasma). These abilities allow the manipulation of physical matter. The input function is the sensing of physical matter.

    Momentum Ability:
      This is the ability to manipulate and sense momentum.

    Nervous System Ability:
      This is the ability to sense nervous system functions in others. This includes picking up impressions from the physical senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch <including pain, etc>), sensing when another is about to make a physical movement, and base metabolic activity. The output function of this ability is to affect a person’s nervous system activity.

    Primal Ability:
      This is the ability to sense instinctive reactions in others. The output function is to affect another’s instinctive responses.

    Resistance Ability:
      This is the ability to control your body’s conductivity of psi-energy. The input function is to sense another’s conductivity/resistance.

    Shaping Ability:
      This is the ability to shape a construct. The input function is to sense the shape of a construct.

    Thought Ability:
      This is the ability to sense the thoughts of another. The output function is to affect another’s thoughts, or project your own to them.

    Time Ability:
      This complex ability allows the perception of events occuring in time. This includes sensing events in the past, present and future. The output function is the ability to affect the time/work/energy equation so that a given task will take more or less time to accomplish than it normally would.

    Type Ability:
      This is the ability to control or alter the type of existant psi-energy. For example, you could alter the type of energy used to project a thought into the type of energy used to manipulate matter. The input function is to sense the type of existent psi-energy (You can tell if a person is using thought ability or kinetic ability, for example, simply by the type of energy that they are outputting).

    Velocity Ability:
      This is the ability to control the velocity of psi-energy (how fast it is moving). The input function is to sense the velocity of psi-energy.

    The following are other psi-related terms:

      A term used to describe specialty psis who have an unusual innate ability that causes them to emit a rising and falling psionic “scream” similar to a feedback squeal. This is apparently unconscious on their part.

      A tone carried in the field of an individual who has psi abilities without having first trained them.  This tone is present from early childhood.

      A type of birth-switch tone (stronger in intensity than the partial tone) which is associated with both ability, and some instinctive use of psi abilities, prior to training.

      A term used to describe persons who have psi abilities inborn, instead of simply having learned them. Being born-psi does not mean you do not need to develop your abilities, it simply means that you are not “starting from scratch” when you are learning them.

    Chosen Ones:
      A slang term, in some obscure circles, used to refer to the Specialty psis known as Haute`s.

      A type of Immune who has their psi-energy conductivity ability permanently set at its highest conductivity level. Psi-energy passes right through them without affecting them.

      A stable, programmed energy form that maintains its programming outside of a material matrix. Also known as a psi golem, thoughtform, servitor, artificial elemental, egregore, or tulpa.

      An alternative term for the Specialty psis known as Generators.

      A term used to describe Specialty psis who have a tremendous capacity and generation ability, as well as facility with other psi-energy abilities. Also known as “Phoenix Psychics”, “Phoenixes”, “Trex’ata”, or “Energizers”.

    Haute`(pronounced “HAW-tay”):
      A term used to describe Specialty psis who have ALL psi abilities prior to training, at a low level. Also known as “Chosen Ones”.

      A term used to refer to persons who have high level innate or highly developed psi abilities. (slang)

      An alternative name for the Specialty psis known as Switchers.

      A type of birth-switch psi who cannot be affected by, or learn, psionics (without considerable and unusual effort), due to the nature of their high-level active ability. Immunes are quite rare.

      A Net is a group of psis (or other energy workers) who have linked themselves together in order to act as one–permanent nets may even be able to use abilities of any net member and are aware of other net members on many levels at all times. The downside of this arrangement is that it is difficult for Nets to develop abilities or learn new skills without adding more members, and there is a total lack of privacy.

      A term for a person who does not have any psi abilities prior to training, and does not have a birth-switch tone. Nons can learn psionics. A Non who has developed psi abilities is referred to as a Developed Non. A Non who has not developed any psi abilities is referred to as “Non, Non-Active”. Some nons are sensitive to psi-energy, but sensitivity is not considered by itself to be use of an ability.

      A person with a birth-switch tone, who has low-level psi abilities, and a few instincts to use them, prior to training.

      Psi energy has the unique property (along with other psychic energy types) of being able to hold a stable pattern outside of a physical container or force. This pattern consists of the shape or shapes the energy takes, and the information it contains–just as information is stored in the human brain by the pattern of the synapses, or in a computer via magnetic coding on a disk. The difference is, the pattern is maintained in the energy itself, without a physical medium. When used in psionics, pattern usually refers to the unique pattern of information contained in a person, spirit, or construct, and sometimes to energy which is being projected to accomplish a certain thing. See also “Signature” for more information.

      Phoenix, or phoenix psychic, is a term used to refer to the Specialty psis known as Generators. This is at present the oldest known term for Generators.

      When not used to refer to a construct (see construct programming), this term refers to mentally programming yourself to take a certain series of actions on cue. For example, combining several abilities into a single action by training yourself to use them together in that way through repetition and reinforcement.

    Psi Ability:
      Use of the mind, and the subtle energy termed ‘psi energy’, to perceive or influence the world around you in a fashion that is not associated with any of the known 5 senses, or presently accepted physics.

    Psi Ball:
      A very simple construct–a ball of energy formed in the hand, usually about the size of a baseball.

      This refers to emitting a burst of psi energy with fairly high density and velocity toward a target. The effects occur on a purely psychic level, sometimes with some nervous system involvement. This is generally an attack.

    Psi Drunk:
      This refers to a state in which a person has had very large quantities of psi energy moved through their system at a high rate of speed, resulting in symptoms of drunkeness, including severe discoordination, impaired mental function, and dis-inhibited behavior. The effect is temporary, but may result in a hangover-like aftereffect. (slang)

    Psi Energy:
      The type of energy that is carried in the human outer aura, and which makes up the bulk of the human energy field.  This term may be applied more broadly outside of the Guild, to refer to all subtle energies.

    Psi High:
      This refers to the feeling of euphoria and minor discoordination associated with high-speed movement of quantities of psi energy through the body. The effect is temporary, and has no apparent aftereffects. (slang)

      An individual who actively uses psi abilities, whether consciously or otherwise.

      A term used to describe a type of Specialty psi who does not have a functional generation ability, but does have facility with energy working. Psi-vamps take psi-energy from other sources in order to use their abilities. They do not generate their own energy on a level beyond that of a non who is non-active, and sometimes even less. (See “Non”). This term used more loosely outside of the guild, as an alternative term for psychic vampires. However, the Guild makes a distinction between true Psi-Vamps, and psychic vampires (who may take any energy for any number of reasons, and who do not neccessarily have inborn psi abilities).

      A type of Immune who has their conductivity ability permanently set at its highest resistance level. Psi-energy which they did not generate will not enter their body, it simply bounces off, without affecting them.

      This is using your psi abilities to perceive something. This term can be used to refer either to active or passive scanning. Passive scanning is when the person/place/thing (target) you are scanning is within the normal range of your field, or when the target is projecting something to you, and you are reading it. Active scanning is when you deliberately send your energy to the target in order to “read” the target. In most cases when scanning is used as a casual term, it is used to refer to active scanning. This term does not refer to making peoples’ heads explode, as in the movie, “Scanners”.

      This refers to the unique basic pattern of a person or entity, which does not normally change over time or with additional information. Like a fingerprint, it identifies certain innate characteristics, and can be used to pick out an individual, as no two are exactly alike.

      The spectrum is an innate pattern of abilities found in born-psis. Spectrums may run diagonally or horizontally through the psi abilities chart, following one nerve cluster, or one ability in each nerve cluster across the aspects. Abilities high on the spectrum are likely to be innately active, whereas those low on the spectrum usually are not. As well, abilities high on the spectrum will be much easier to learn and develop than those low on the spectrum.

      A term used to describe a type of Specialty psi who has the ability to alter the way their field is percieved by other psis or sensitives. They may make themselves appear to be of another birth-switch, a non-living spirit, or even disappear altogether, becoming “invisible” to psi senses. They cannot physically disappear, these effects occur only on a psychic level. Also known as “Imago”.

      A person who, although not born a Generator, has been given a mental/construct program which causes them to take on the energy abilities, mindset, and instincts of a Generator.   This term can also be applied to a Specialty of another type conferring their abilities on a person who did not originally have them.  At this point, Psi-Vamps and Phase-Shifters have both shown some ability to perform transmutations, but Switchers have not.

      An alternative name for Generators.

      A term used to describe a type of psychic attack which drains energy, interferes with abilities useage, and sets off physical and mental weaknesses. This is a program, a pre-constructed action which uses several abilities. This is a very old term, and the program is, thankfully, losing popularity. This term has been used more recently to simply refer to draining energy from a person.

    Weion:  (way-ahn):
    Desire for the sensation of energy moving through your nervous system/energy systems.

    General Psionics Terms

    This is an overview of some of the terms used in the general energy-worker community to describe psi abilities and other related terms.

      Relaying information from a spirit entity, or allowing a spirit to “possess” oneself in order to facilitate communication. Alternatively, refers to moving energy from one place to another either in or out of the body.

      Refers to energy perception translated into sound by the brain (“hearing” psychic energy, spirit communications, etc).

      Refers to energy perception translated into tactile sensation by the brain (“feeling” psychic energy).

      Refers to energy perception translated by the brain into visual images (“seeing” psychic energy, auras, spirits, etc). Also used to refer to “seeing” visions of future events or events occurring at a distance.

      Using a physical focus (such as a crystal ball, or tea leaves) to trigger future-sensing ability.

      Using a rod, pendulum, or similar tool to access subconscious psychic perception in order to locate something (such as water, an object, or internal injury, etc). Can be done either at the site, or using a map.

      Using telepathy to enter another person’s dreams and interact with them.

      Using psi to sense others’ emotions. Also used to describe sensing others’ physical sensations and nervous system activity, and primal reactions. Can also refer to projecting these things (projective empathy).

      Extra-sensory perception. Used to refer to any receptive psi ability.

      A person who has ESP.

      A remote-viewing term, meaning to give a person information on something they are trying to detect psychically, before they try to detect it. This can cause them to imagine they see what they think they should, rather than seeing what is actually there.

      Roughly, a born-psi.

      A type of remote viewing done by psychically connecting with a person who is at the site you wish to view.

      A term used to describe a short burst of energy to get someone’s attention, or a short, forceful telepathic message or suggestion to get on the phone or internet for further conversation.

      See Psychokinesis.

      Refers to the ability to perceive future events before they occur.

      Outside of the Guild, this is often used as an alternative term for any sort of psychic vampire.

      Using psi to move physical matter–moving objects with the mind.  Also sometimes applied broadly to influencing both physical matter and known energies (as in the Matter abilities Aspect).

      Gaining information from energy patterns left on an object, allowing a person to determine things about those who handled it, and where it has been. Can also allow a person to gain a pattern lock on another person from the object, thus determining where they currently are and what they are doing. Utilizing a variety of abilities, what a person who held the object has done, or will do, can also be determined.

    Remote Viewing:
      Refers to the ability to perceive places, people, and events at a distance or beyond the range of the other 5 senses.  See Clairvoyance.  Also more specifically used to refer to using Clairvoyance under a set of protocols developed by various governments during the Cold War.

      Refers to the ability to perceive past events.

      This refers to a person who is input-oriented. This means that they are better at using the input functions of abilities, which deal with sensing things rather than affecting them, than they are at using the output functions of abilities.

      Energy sensing ability that a person interprets as visual images–ie, the ability to ‘see’ psychic energy, auras, spirits, etc. Always capitalized.

      This seems to refer to simply a very strong linking. Origin unknown.

    Subtle Energies:
      A term referring to all ‘psychic’ energies’; energies used in psionics, magick, and other energy-working practices.

      A person who has psychokinetic ability.

      A person who has telepathic ability.

      Outdated term for psychokinesis.

      Receiving thoughts from another person or animal, or sending thoughts to them.

      A person who is output-oriented. This means that they are better at using the output functions of abilities, which involve affecting things, than they are at using input-functions.

      See Telekinesis.

    Telepathic Suggestion, a use of output thought ability which involves implanting thoughts in another person’s mind, in order to attempt to cause them to take a desired action, or hold a desired opinion.