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AnnaM 09-28-2017 10:50 AM

Water pooling on the bathroom floor
Water pooling on the bathroom floor is a serious issue if left untreated. It can cause damage to the walls, flooring and blistering paint. If you find water leaking from your shower, try to trace the source as soon as possible. There are many reasons a shower faucet could begin leaking. Listed below are a few: 1. Loose nuts 2. Poor quality washers 3. Worn out washers 4. Improperly installed washers 5. Cartridge faucet leak etc... Once you find the shower leaking, try to get it repaired soon because when water leaks from a shower or bathtub, it can cause damage to the framing and to the ceiling in the room. The bathrooms in my house are quite small. So we had no option of separating the bath area from the toilet. Therefore, we installed showers in the bathroom. After few years, it started to leak. I immediately approached a residential plumbing service providers from Toronto for getting it repaired, after which I had no issues of shower leak.

noodlebin 11-01-2017 03:50 PM

can ye fuck off?

Pat McDonald 11-03-2017 02:05 PM

Another possible source of water pooling on the floor is some bastard is pissing through your letterbox.

Electrifying your letterbox removes the source of pollution, and also leaves the offender with a damp trouser leg. :)


Originally Posted by noodlebin (Post 76916)
can ye fuck off?


Although I suspect it's an automated spambot rather than a real human being, trying to spread their offensive malware and identify / pinpoint new members.

Drones cannot be reasoned with, they have to be destroyed or at least damaged enough to be neutralized... unlike humans, who just seem to get stronger the harder they get hit. ;)

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