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ZeroHour 11-19-2013 10:44 PM

Feech Log
Experiment began Nov.18th, 2013
I will be journalling my experiences with the being known as Feech/FCH. I have been meaning to get to this for awhile now, ever since a report of him showing up on /x/ that was indicative of a dream I had about a year or so ago(will post later). Going to try to remain as skeptical as possible during the experience, but it might prove hard as Twi has expectations that something is going to happen. Any commentary from Twilight will be marked in brackets []. Should also note Twilight is my tulpa that was created January 23,2013. This log will be posted on Psionguild, ShiftedPerspectives, as well as other psionics/spiritual websites I come across. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong category.

The reported mark of Feech(picture/s attached) is placed on the inner right leg halfway between the ankle and the knee joint, this was chosen as it was the flattest, toughest, and easiest part of my body to draw on while the mark can still be concealed by a pant leg.

Day 1: I should note that the mark was placed on my leg before beginning this log, and nothing happened that day(which is this day); though it was placed on my body an hour before sleep. No immediate reaction besides Twi saying she felt like something was going to happen. Probably just placebo.
Dreams: Nothing out of the usual dreams, can't really remember any dreaming or they were quickly forgotten after waking. This is what usually happens when I sleep though.

ZeroHour 11-20-2013 02:30 AM

ZeroHour 11-21-2013 08:32 AM

Day 2: Nothing new to report so far. Twi no longer thinks much is going to happen anymore' at least she is being more skeptical about this business now.

Dreams: Was at the birthday party of an old friend in California(my former residence), at a point I did a reality check and the first time it checked out as if I was in reality, then the second time I did it it failed. At this point the dream world "fell apart" (the best I could put it) into a blank, white, never-ending abyss. A voice foreign to my own mind voice/thinking voice (and Twilight's for that matter) said something I can't recall, and we talked about I don't know what, and then a new dream was constructed before me. At this point I forgot I was dreaming until I awoke the next morning.

Looking back, this is probably a good sign, during my original 'meeting' with the one I assume was Feech, the dream would constantly reset when I realized I was dreaming, and I would quickly forget, on the other hand, this might just be a form of placebo/nocebo happening during the recalling of previous events, and myself just replaying them again. Best take with a grain of salt.

ZeroHour 11-22-2013 02:25 AM

Day 3: Had to redraw over the sigil. It occurs to me that I should probably 'charge' it (though others have done such without charging it apparently) with whatever energy I could muster; I haven't done much in the way of our artform for sometime (outside of tulpamancy, though some don't really consider that psionics) so this may prove a challenge

Dreams: Sometime between that state of awake and asleep in the mid-morning, I saw myself standing in my room in the third person, lucidly, then something walked behind me. It felt weird as hell and scared me fully awake. After ten or so minutes I saw this same thing, but this time from the first person, and asked if someone was there, soon after asking there I heard whispering directly behind me. Didn't try going to sleep again after that.

Daimon 11-25-2013 02:44 AM

This falls under the category of Magick work, not psionics, as such I ask you not to continue posting about it on this forum.

ZeroHour 12-03-2013 08:09 AM


This falls under the category of Magick work, not psionics, as such I ask you not to continue posting about it on this forum.
Not possession, theoretically it's telepathy. Technically it's a summon without the possession. In any sense things fell though after the first few days, why I stopped posting the log. Going to try again with a charged later on at some point. In any sense I would thing a "Guild" of parapsychology research wouldn't be so anti things that are parapsychological, even if they fall under a highly limited scope. Not to mention the whole this place having not nearly as much discussion anymore, prohibiting new research seems like it would stifle things a bit.

But so be it. Feel free to clear this thread.

Daimon 12-09-2013 10:04 PM

Sigils are magick work, and do not belong on these forums, there are plenty of magick forums around where you can post.

Our website and forum clearly states that the Psion Guild, our website and our forums focus only on psionics.

Pat McDonald 12-09-2013 10:21 PM

It could be catergorized as "channelling" and the snag with that is, there isn't really a clear definition, guidebook, or star to navigate by.

Tried it once, didn't like it, don't recommend it. Maybe that makes me a stuffy person but there's plenty of ways to change your own consciousness without relying on some other "entity" to get it right.

Some argue that everything and the universe is essentially one entity anyway. That's a different kettle of fish for sure.

All in my opinion of course. :)

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