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Originally Posted by ShadowRain View Post
brantcoyle, you're still making no sense.

IronUr: it's possible to use telepathy without meaning to, or without even realizing you're doing it. Other people may pick up on those thoughts without realizing it and either think they were their own ideas (in the case of your mother) or think that you had spoken outloud and then respond (possibly the case of your friend, though I don't know how that would work with typing). In the case of the project with your mother, your frustration and mental rehearsal of what you would have liked to tell her may have "boosted" your mental projection of it.

I read that in the book "art and science of personal magnetim" it was in 'magnetic currents chapter' how you can influnce a person even though they area outside your 'aura' even long distances away.

so I think your right about that.

@brantcoyle: my spelling/typing is nothing i pride myself on, I often don't talk much and only my closest freinds understand what I mean. so it's understandable

btw anyoen who wants to read the book I'm reading its at art and science of personal megnetim, its a free read.

@ShadowRain: do you know of anyway that can prevent unconcious projections like that? I often see more people being influcned indirectly then directly

I need more practice...
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