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i read the posts from a while ago about david blaine that cast him in a dubious light; but to be honest he was my first choice too. i find him compelling because of something i heard him say in an interview; that he had a lonely childhood and took solace in the library for most of his youth. connected with some of the bizarre stunts he pulls, i think it's possible that his natural inclination towards street magic (sleight of hand illusions) blended with other kinds of 'magics' (meditation, psionics, hypnotism, etc), of which there might have been books about in the aforementioned libaray. at least in my public library, there are lots of books on the fringe type sciences; i don't think it's out of the question that he could have found at least one book on the powers of the mind or subconscious, and put it to use.

that being said, i voted for edgar cayce because he's fantastic and i have no doubts about his legitimacy. :]
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